Tis the Season....

To be stressed. Why did I wait until the last minute to find a shoe shine kit? I can't find a decent with within my price range. Anyway, since my last post on friday, it's just been hectic, both day and evening and to top this season off, I've been congested/sick/coughing nonstop, well - until like yesterday. I think I'm finally over this 2 wk cold I had.

Before leaving work on Friday, I took some snapshots of our tacky "Roseanne" Christmas decorated office.

And once you got behind our hippie curtains, this is what was awaiting.

So, I went out with my cuz Friday night. We had drinks at California dreaming. It was a fun time, that reminded me of when we were younger. We grew up closely together.

This past weekend seemed to go by so fast. We had the 5K David and Neese did, some Christmas shopping, house project shopping, eating out with my brother and his girlfriend, etc. None of us felt well enough to go to Church so we skipped it Sunday. We topped the weekend off with a nice spur-of-the-moment dinner at Mellow Mushroom, which was a fun time. With all the shopping, it tuckered Grace out.

As far as running, I had a 4 mile run and a 6 mile run scheduled last week that I didn't do. I'm not much of a fan running when my body is aching from trying to heal itself from a cold/cough. So, I decided to skip them altogether. So I did run once so far this week and plan to do another 3 tomorrow.

Tuesday Run 3 miles - and it was not good. I was coughing the entire time.

All week, I've been in an IT class, and then busy in the evenings. Thus, the lack of blogging/commenting this week. Today after class was over, I picked Grace up and we headed to the dreaded Mall (1st trip this season), to see Santa. I was thinking the lines wouldn't be long, but was wrong. David met us there later on and I tried to find that shoe shine kit, with no luck, of course. This Santa seemed so nice and Grace finally enjoyed him this year. He's the same Santa every year and is so good with the kids. She spent quite a while talking to him.

Me and my sweetie!

I have MORE shopping to do, Chocolate balls to make, presents to wrap... Ahhh.... but it's all worth it. Hope you all are more ready than I am.


Wes said...

Decorations, Santa, and angels :-) Great post :-P I think I will get started/wrap up my Christmas shopping this weekend. I need to go spit shine my toe stompin rude people kickin boots :-)

Jess said...

Lots of great pics, and as always, you sound very busy. I think it'best to skip runs when you're sick, especially if you're still running any kind of fever.

And what did you need a shoe shie it for? I on't think I've ever shined a shoe in my life! Are you secretly Oliver Twist?

Jess said...

Okay, my typing came out all wonky on that last comment, sorry. Our computer is still f@'d up, and it can't seem to keep up with my typing speed! I think we're gonna have to break down and pay someone to fix it, because I'm all out of fixes.

Marcy said...

OMG where did you get those jammies for Grace? Keira would poke someone's eyes out for those LOL She has pink ones that are sort of similar but her favorite color (this month *rolls eyes*) is yellow.

Awwhhhh girl, I'm glad you got to go out and have a couple drinkys (don't tell me you didn't, your face is a little flushed :P) It IS a nutty time of the year with all the holiday festivities and such. Hang in there chica we're in the home stretch!

Gotta Run..... said...

Hope your holidays are relaxing now!! So much to do but now it is time to enjoy!!
Grace looks like a sweetie sleeping. Funny how are kids like that way while they are sleeping... then they wake up :)

Merry Christmas!!

Neese said...

Mendy we love pizza maybe we should all go to Mellow Mushroom sometime, I don't think I've ever been there.
Hope your shoe shining kit hunting has been successful by now. Happy Holidays :)

teacherwoman said...

Chocolate balls? They sound yummy!

Great pics, sounds like you have been quite busy...

Happy holidays! :)

J~Mom said...

I hear you on the stress!! You look fantastic and I am really liking your hair straight. You have to help me with mine when you get here. :>) I can't ever get all of the curl out or by the time half of the curl is out the other half springs back. LOL!!

Hope you all have a great Christmas with the family!!