I still feel a bit awful with the congestion, snot thingy going on. Uckk... But, I think I'm getting better. I'll be happy when I'm not drinking Nyquil at night. That stuff tastes horrible!

Yesterday David and I received our confirmation letters for PFChangs. My race # is lucky number 34207. That's a lot of freakin' people. Anyhoo, I'm in corral 14, predicted finish time is 2:20:00 - NOT. I guess I put that down when registering. My predicted finish time is actually when Lisa, Marcy, Lori and I finish! Anyway, haven't went through all the other paperwork yet.

So, I'm at work for the last time this year and it's been a very busy day, trying to think of anything that needs to be completed before I'm absent. I will be in a CISSP next week and my brain will be in overdrive. I expect to have no brain cells left in the evenings while attending this class.

While thinking about Half-Marathons (after receiving my confirmation), I decided today would be the day to sign up for Myrtle Beach Half and did so just minutes ago. So, that's official now! The Half always fills up fast, so I'm glad we made the 3000 deadline cutoff. So far, there are 8-10 of us going, and I just found out my Brother and his new girlfriend will be going to. He won't be running it, she will.

Thursday - Cross-training - Elliptical
Last night was a scheduled non-running evening, so instead of going home and sitting around, I decided to put my butt on the elliptical at the Y. Boring stats.
5.48 miles
500 cal burned

This weekend is full of Christmas shopping, house projects, and a little bit o' wine! My crazy cousin and I are hitting the town tonight. Although, definitely not the way we used to hit the town. :-) We're married with munckins now. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, or used to (since she's moved to VA), so it will be nice to catchup with each other's lives and relax with an adult beverage.

Oh BTW - David and Neese are doing our local 5K at Furman tomorrow. Wish them luck on it! I'll be the cheering squad again.

Have a great weekend folks!!


J~Mom said...

They didn't have corrals at the first half I did...can I sneak up..way up to start with you guys? Have a greeeaaatt weekend!

Neese said...

aw thanks. have a great time tonight! you will have to tell me tomorrow what ya'll did :) I'm hoping Rhett will be up to going in the am, you'll get to meet him :)

Marcy said...

I can't even remember what I put in?!? I think I also did 2:30 too but when ever we finish, we finish! ;D ;D

Whooooo Hooooo sounds like a most excellent night chica! You have yourself some fun!

Jess said...

I think you could finish in 2:20. And yeah, I didn't know RnR was at big -- that's a lot of runners!

Gotta Run..... said...

Now that is the way to do it!! Sign up for another HM before PF Changs. WAY TO GO!!!

Hope you are feeling better!! We are almost there. Tomorrow we should be perfect.

Michelle said...

Sounds like fun!! I wish I could do PFChangs with you guys. Guess I will have to be content with our Avenue of the Giants HM in May (which is a beautiful course, BTW). Hey, maybe you, Lisa, Marcy and everyone else could come here for that one!! LOL!!! ;-)

Bob - said...

I hope ur feeling better & wow that PF Changs race is going to be such a blast...cant wait to see the pics & Race report of that day!

Merry X-Mas!