Thinking of returning...

Well, I've been gone way too long, and probably have lost all my favorite readers. But, I think I am going to come back. I need to have some accountability on my fitness again and I like Ya'll.

a new nose, please

Honestly, I can't get over how often I've been "sick" lately. As soon as I get better, someone around me leaves their germs out for me to catch and I'm sick again. I started feeling like poo on Tuesday and it's gone downhill. It didn't help that I had started a fasting and wasn't in a great mood to begin with. Well, I was so congested, had a headache and felt like snot, that I had start taking meds to clear it up. So, it doesn't help to be trying to cleanse your system, and take drugs. Doesn't really work that way. Last night, I decided to stop the fast. I think that today, I'm finally starting to feel better even though I'm still congested. I keep popping my cold medicine every 4 hrs. My poor nose is red and very sore.

I've had a few small runs since the fall. It was no big deal, but had to take a few days off of running because I had pain in my knees. Since my last run (last tuesday), I have been quite the lazy lady. Seriously, it's been really hard to get/stay motivated. I can't put my finger on it. I was all set Monday to start a consistent routine, whatever it may be. I got up early, got to the gym on a MONDAY morning (not typical of me) and did some time on the elliptical. I thought "this feels good and I'm going to do this everyday". Well, that was short-lived. Cause, I got sick.

Speaking of sick - monday night, we were out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and Grace kept telling us her sweatshirt was choking her (even though it wasn't). It was too late when I caught on to what was really happening - her throat was tight. She blew chunks on the carpeted restaurant floor. Luckily, we were waiting on the check. Once we got home, 2 more times and she's been fine ever since. Ahhh... the joys of having a child in daycare.

Last week, I mentioned that we went to sign up for Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon and it was sold out. We waited too long. Well, I had lost hope in doing the half, and that was part of my lack-of-motivational issues as well as other things. Well, I shouldn't have stopped running because we are registered! I guess it helps to work for one of the sponsors. We both thought we were registered for the full, until we opened the email and looked further at it and saw it was the Half. Anyhoo... we'll be there running. Which means, I've GOT to get my behind in gear.

We have NO major plans for the weekend but to finish up our small projects in the house, & nail down our house plans. Monday we have someone stretching the carpet in our place (yeah, it was installed lazily), and then we'll list our place for sale. Very exciting about our next "home" steps!

Our temps are hitting the teens tonight, which for this area, doesn't happen that often. So, it's supah cold for the upstate. With that said, it's not nearly as bad as some of you.
So, my hat's off to you for running in that crazy cold weather. Try to stay warm, ya'll.


Clumsy Mendy

Grace's Birthday was awesome! Ringing in the 2009 was great as well. We went to a good friend's house and just hung out. Grace will always have a celebration on her Birthday. This scares David for when she is a teenager. Oh well!

New Year's Day, we spent the day at a friend's house to watch Clemson give away the game in the 3rd quarter (as almost always). There were 6 couples there and a lot of kids. Very relaxing. So relaxing, after we left and got home I headed out for a 4 mile run.

I run all the time on a specific road, and am used to it so much so that I know where the holes, the dips in the sidewalk, the large cracks and such. You know what I'm talking about... We live right off this road, and so I'm used to running on it at night (when I like to run), so I'm really careful. I did this Thurs night, and turned off the road onto a lighted road, and must have just zoned out. About 200 feet down the hill, my left foot went into a hole and I fell HARD and rolled. I moved off the road onto the curb, and sat for a minute to make sure my ankle wasn't twisted or whatnot. I had on tights and gloves and I knew my knees were bleeding because they were burning, and my right hand. When I realized my ankle was okay, and that I could walk - I got up and continued my run. I could have either run the 1.2 miles back home or just keep going. Either way, I had to keep running. I finished the 4 miles in not a good time at all. Ya'll, I'm so clumsy. Poor Grace - she's just like me. That evening, I just iced the knees. But, over the last few days they have been very sore. Yesterday, I could start to feel them getting better. So, tonight I'm heading out for a short run to see how it goes.

Friday we took the day off, got carpets cleaned, took another trip to the storage unit, got the house ready to either sell privately or put on the market. I am SO ready, and I bet you guys are too, so I'd shut it about this house crap I keep talking about. I can't help it as it is consuming us right now. I'm not stressed that much because we don't have a solid committment on the building of our new home yet. I'd realistically like to sell this one first, but we at least want it on the market.

Everyone in running/triathlon blog land is talking about race calendars and upcoming races. I don't have a calendar of events yet. David and I went online last week to sign up for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on Valentine's weekend and it's SOLD OUT. We were shocked. Bummed we waited too long to sign up. This would have been our 3rd year doing it. So, I still would like to do a Half in late Feb or early Mar in the South. Any suggestions?

Shortly after I saw that, I got an email from a friend (the one we've done MB with the last 2 years). She is planning an all girls getaway to Disney to do the Princess Half marathon in March. I'm considering it if David wouldn't mind me doing that. It's 75% full, so we have to decide soon.

I have a few other races I'm considering, but other than that - I think I'm going to have a light racing year. We'll see.

I'm going to get my 2009 goals together soon. I want to put some thought into them, and they don't just list running/tri goals either. We have a huge year planned for us!

Happy New Year everyone!

It's a GREAT day!

for 2 reasons:

Grace was born 4 years ago today and blessed my life more than words can ever say. Her due date was late Jan, but God had other plans.

Happy Birthday Baby Grace!

Grace - 5 days old

Today at Red Robin. The crown is beautiful as is a gift from my good friend, Alice.

We took Grace and her friend, Maddi to Build a Bear workshop.

Happy New Year everyone!!! Looking forward to starting clean with some new goals for 2009! Ready to put 2008 to rest.

Have a great time bringing in the New Year. We are going to our good friends' Chris and Jennifer's house to celebrate!

Be safe, and have a great evening!

The tree is down...

... and on the porch ready to be taken away. Although, I’m not a scrooge, I am glad it’s gone. The decorations are put away and ready to go in our temporary storage unit. That’s the thing about selling your place, so I’ve heard (read) – you’ve got to get rid of much of your clutter, furniture, life – so that people can see that as their place when shopping for a new home.

We have been talking about putting it on the market for, oh, about 8 months – well too long if you ask me. We have plans to meet with a realtor this weekend, so I think we’re finally there! I couldn’t be happier about it. We are meeting with some banks in the next week, met with our builder, and a possible developer, and getting our carpets cleaned on Friday. Woo Hoo!

We had a house plan picked out and priced for us, and now we’ve decided to possibly take a different approach (different location), and the lot we like can’t accommodate our house plan, so it’s back to the drawing board. We have looked at a TON of house plans over the last week, and since we couldn’t find the exact one (or one close so we can get it modified), we hit up Best Buy for software so we can do our own plan. David has spent a LOT of time on it.

Our Christmas was great! Christmas Eve is when my side of the family does the get-togethers. David took Grace to work with him for the morning, while I went out for a very pleasant weather 6 mile run. I loved it – the weather, the fact it was Christmas Eve, and to top it all off – running 6 miles again. I think that’s my favorite run – not too short, and not too long. I’m still stopping for whatever reason. I know it’s mental and just need to crush through that. We went to my Dad’s side of the family for lunch then to my Aunt’s house for supper. We had a nice time, and one of the best parts of Christmas to me is seeing people open what you got them. I love giving more than receiving, and especially seeing Grace open her gifts. She is in toy heaven right now. And the week isn’t over for her – her Birthday is tomorrow. Whew……

No Christmas goes without David buying me some cycling accessory. I think he’s still trying to “convert” me to a cyclist. Should I tell him that I actually enjoy it now? And, he loves buying me Hincapie clothes. Hey, I’m not going to complain, even though I know how expensive those items are. He also hooked me up with a rolling briefcase. Yes, I’ve become one of “those” people. But, not for everyday. This one isn’t for my day-to-day job. It’s for my drill weekends. The more responsibility you gain, the more crap you carry to a 2 day a month job. So, this way – I can roll my briefcase, with laptop, binders, and other crap in it. Ta-Da.

For the first Christmas eva, David didn’t guess what I got him. I wrapped the small nano in a box, in a box, in a box – you know that old trick. He had no clue – thought I got him a bike computer.

The rest of Christmas day was preparing for my Mom, Butch, my brother and his new girlfriend to come over. We had Caribbean Christmas (Christie – I’ll get you the list of stuff we had – I haven’t forgotten). It was delish! We opened more gifts, enjoyed each other’s company, and ended the evening by watching Elf. Fun times!

Grace in one of her presents from Santa

Yesterday, we woke to Grace having a high temp, so I stayed home with her, and ended up getting a lot done in the house. Lots of organization and packing stuff up got completed. I had hoped to make it to the gym, but didn’t have the opportunity. I hope to get a short run in today, before we go to our Church small group tonight.

So, between Christmas parties, cleaning, organizing, looking at house plans, and the like - I haven’t read any blogs since Christmas Eve, so I’m going to catch up today. Hope you all are doing fantastic!

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas!

I really enjoy reading your blogs, learning about your lives, and also learning from you all. You all are very special!

I haven't been on blogs in the last few days. It was pretty hectic with preparing for Christmas, but I plan on reading some today and tomorrow. We are actually home all day, and will celebrate with my Mom, and Brother and their significant others tonight with a Carribean Christmas meal. Yesterday, we had Christmas with my Dad's side of the family at lunch and my Mom's for supper. Too. Much. Food.

I'm up a little early waiting on Grace to see what she got from Santa. You all have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! and take the time to create some special memories for you and your families.


Back in the game (hopefully)

Happy Friday!!!!

I've been babying my shins like crazy lately. Icing them almost every night for around 30 min. I've also been trying to make sure I stretch well after running.

I really hope I'm back to running. We'll see within the next few days, for sure. Yesterday here in Greenville, our temps rised to about 70 degrees, probably record high for this time of the year. I had to quickly get out the door for 4 miles. Honestly, I can't tell you the last time I've ran 4 miles consistenly. Isn't that sad? The shins were fine during the run. Now, I just need to re-work on my aerobic engine. Even though I was slow (and this time my last mile was my slowest), I felt great to not have the pain. If all goes well in the next week and a half and I can successfully run, I'm going to sign up for the Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon, for the 3rd yr. :-)

This morning (early in the morning), Grace, the ninja, showed up in our bed in the middle of the night. She woke this morning after sleeping on David's arm all evening to a knot in her neck. After an hr of babying her, and massaging her neck, we thought she'd be okay. She was turning her head and seemed just stressed about the morning. Well, I got a call at 3:30pm saying she was still not feeling well. The Dr. said that other than the muscular issue, she seemed to be coming down with something, a small fever. So, she has been milking this ALL evening. Things like "can you walk me to the bathroom?", "help me sit up". Come on.... We're letting her milk it. After all, she had a rough day. Hopefully, she'll be better when she wakes up tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have a busy weekend. Hopefully, our lousy internet service gets fixed in the morning (for really reals this time). We need to finish shopping, and I want to do a 6 miler.

Have a great weekend, Ya'll!

Come on, Friday!

Hi Ya'll!

Let me get the complaints out of the way. AT&T interenet service is sucking bad at our house and has been going down for about a month, but here lately, it's all the freakin' time. We had someone come out and “fix” it. Well, it’s not fixed, jackhole. I'm gonna call tonight and give them a early holiday gift. I was reading blogs last night, and trying to update my own blog and boom - Out - Zipp. Both David and I (at opposite ends of the house) were trying to fix it. For those of you in our area, what do you use? I'm ready to switch.


* I was going to run last night a 4 miler and was looking forward to it. But, while at work yesterday morning, I started feeling a bit under the weather. Headache, back aching, very tired, just not good. So, I left work early to rest. And, before any of you ask - No, I'm not pregnant. That already came up on facebook. So, I'm going to try 4 miles tonight and see how I do. I did run Monday night around 9ish. Right after supper, I told David on the way home - "It's a nice night to go for a run". He basically dared me, so I laced up when I got home. Only 3 miles, and with the exception of a side stitch, I felt fine. I'm VERY slow these days, trying to ease back into it. But, my last mile (as always) was my fastest and by almost a minute. David calls me a "sandbagger".

* I NEED to get back in the pool soon. nuff said.

* I was going to ride my bike during lunch on Tuesday. I had everything I needed, plus my tri partner, Denine was going to ride with me. The weather was going to be nice.... Ahhh.... getting back on the bike sounded oh - so - good. Until... Bam - got to work and I have a vendor lunch meeting. Nice. Plus, friend called me at 7 something and said "I think it's going to rain today". Oh well, bike ride canceled. I would LOVE to get to ride this weekend.

* We went to our good friend's house Sat night for a cocktail party. Fun times! Daivd got to wear his "Cocktail pants" he bought back in the summer on our trip to Iron Girl. Some of you bloggers might remember these... I just had to post this picture, cause it shows his personality perfectly.

Love their lamp! It's a hit.

* Little Grace started dancing 2 wks ago. She LOVES it. This was ALL HER idea. I say this because I took dancing my entire childhood. It's something I didn't want to get her into unless she wanted it. Daycare takes the girls to dance on Wednesday mornings. She got started later than the other girls. We didn't know she wanted to until day after day for about 2 wks - she came home "I want to go dancing". So, we got her in the class. She's having a blast, and loves wearing her dance clothes around the house ALL the time. BTW, Grace is NOT graceful, so the recital will be interesting!

* David did a 5K one week after his Marathon and did really well. Especially, for someone who couldn't walk straight until like Wednesday. Congrats!

* Thanks for all the sweet comments and advice on the mole situation. I've decided not to worry about it. I could use that money on a couple of needed Dr's appointments. I just need to make the calls today.

* We've made some decisions about the house situation and selling. I'll let you know that shortly.

* This weekend is already becomine busy for us. We've got:
- party friday night to swing by
- packing and taking stuff to storage (as always)
- visit a development we're interested in, but realistically probably can't afford.
- finish Christmas shopping - nope - not done yet.
- get a package shipped off to England. Yes, I know it won't make it there before xmas.

I'm SOOOOO ready for the weekend to be here. Not feeling very motivated at work right now. Don't get me wrong, I've got a ton on my plate and glad to have a job especially with our current economy. This week has just dragged on.....

Check out our hippie! Her hair looked so cute the other night. Parted down the middle and just hanging. She did look like a hippie.

mole-y - mole-y -- mole

Ya'll, It seems we are so far behind in everything this year, including the Christmas spirit. We finally decorated the tree. Well, I use "we" loosely as Grace has to do everything by herself. I did wrap some gifts with the other kids decorated. It looks nice!

(doesn't everyone decorate their tree in their princess dress, with crown and magic wand?)

This is how Grace puts her ornaments on. -- All together on the same limb. Too cute.

Why has Christmas become so stinkin' stressful? I am going to try to not give in to it. I am no where near done shopping, not even close to done with my wrapping. We JUST got the tree decorated, and received the Christmas cards in the mail today. So, they are not even ready to go out yet. Oh well.

Like Jess, after getting home today, the rain was gone. It rained all freakin' day here. So, as I was pulling in to get Grace I thought for a second about going for a short run, then I see David running down the road. It was beautiful. Not like the sky was pretty or anything, but the after rain crisp was in the air and it was still wet, and getting dark - really, my favorite running scene. I decided against it, because we've put off decorating the tree for a few nights now.

I wasn't a complete waste today. I did get over the gym at lunch and hopped on the elliptical.

We are trying to eat more at home. We seem to eat out all the time, and unfortunately for me - it's put the weight on, which I'm quite embarrassed about. Until I get more comfortable, you won't be seeing any pictures of me. Anyhoo, we had chicken last night with veggies, and chicken tonight but with couscous. Now, I've had it one other time at a friends house, and really enjoyed it then. Tonight, we had the sundried tomato stuff. Yummy.... I've been living a bubble, I suppose.

I did have a Dr. appt yesterday, that I canceled. I was going to go for something, and at the same time get a referral to see someone about x-rays (for my shin). My original reason for going was to have my mole on my face (left cheek) removed. I rescheduled the appt to today, then canceled. I've been debating back and forth. See, I have about 100$ left in my FSA account (that would cover the mole removal) that I have to use or loose. I do have a few Dr's appts I could try to schedule between now and end of year, or I can just have my mole removed and make the appts in early Jan. I don't like it - never really have and of course, as I get older - I am more critical of everything. I don't know what to do. David seems to not care one way or another.
Here's a crappy up close picture to show you guys. It's winter, so that means my nose is breaking out again.... so disregard that crap. What do you guys think?

Kiawah Island

This past weekend, David and I traveled to Kiawah Island for a little running. I was registered to run it, but because of my issues with my shins, I bailed out of training several weeks ago. I had started running last week, completing 2 runs semi-successfully. However, after the Marathon festivities the others were in on Saturday, I went out for my run. It. Sucked. When I returned, and after discusstions with the others, it was suggested that I get x-rays. So, I have a Dr. appt tommorrow (to have my facial cheek mole removed), and will get a referrel.

David, however, had a great first Marathon!, at least by my account. Then again, I'm on the sidelines. I think he did terrific!

Kiawah Island is such a beautiful place. Being from SC and having spent a lot of time down in Charleston (living there as well), I had never made it to the Island. David and I stayed in a house with Chris and several others. We had a great time with lots of laughs.

Congrats to all those completing the Half and Full Marathon in Kiawah - David, Chris, Ashley, and Tiffany.

Since I've been gone for so long, you all haven't got to see my sweet little angel (riiighhht), so here are a few of my favorite over the last month. She's quite the little model - I don't ask her to pose these ways.

Ta-ta - off to read your blogs.