Rest day, please?

As the weekend comes to an end, I'm dead tired. I feel like I should apply for a painter with home builders. Seriously, I feel as if I painted ALL weekend, and I'm not even done with that painting project. Anyway, we had dinner with my brother and friend tonight, and talked about our weekends. He was happy to come over today and watch Grace while I ran my scheduled 10 mile run and it went smoothly. I wish I could say David's weekend was without issues at the reserve center in Atlanta, but it was challenging for him. The good news is is that he met up with Wes for dinner and chit-chat. Oh, I meant - man talk.

I did get in a few more workouts. After my unwelcome swimming excursion Friday, I even went back to the gym Saturday morning with Grace in tow (she went into the nursery) for some bike riding. I ride the upright bike when I do it there. Not the same as my bike, but I'm moving my legs just the same.

45 min
10.7 miles

Today, after Church and a bagel outing with the little lady, we went back home for her nap, and shortly afterwards, I was out in the nice temps of about 55 degrees and decent wind for my 10 mile run. I did 2 loops of 4.2, and added on a 2.4 loop, so I ended up passing my street 3 times. Mentally, it can be tough. It went okay. I stopped at 2.6, 5.2, and 7.5 for water and shot blocks. Shot blocks are good, but I gotta tell ya, the Pina Colado. Not good. At least for me. I was gagging.

10 miles
1:46:03 (10:36 pace)

I've had a terrific week with working out. I just hope I can hold on to the momentum. Although, I think I got it mentally this time. I have a thirst to do better on my 2nd tri in 7 wks. With that said, I've worked out (swimming, biking, running, pilates)for 7 days in a row. It's time for a rest day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to just relaxing, well after work that is.

I apologize for not reading up on blogs this weekend. We're working a lot on our home, and I was not only doing that, but had Grace all by myself all weekend, which she was a little angel for me. So, I didn't get online much. I plan on reading to see what you all been up to tomorrow morning!! With that, my legs feel like wood and my left leg has that crazy feeling in it it gets after long runs. So, after my small glass of Lemonchillo David poured for me, I'm turning in for some shut-eye.



Marcy said...

Could you be anymore cuter? You're soooo dang polite, I love it!

Don't sweat being around chica, you've got a lot of stuff going on! Take er easy! You deserve that rest!

Ohhh Lordy I can only imagine what shenanigans Wes and David were up too :P

Eric said...

Enjoy your rest day! You're going to love Parris Island! This is a really fun course and a great setting! Every time I go there I end up wanting to enlist in the Marine Corps!


Jess said...

Home remodeling/chores take up a lot of time, I know, so don't sweat it about the blogs. We know you'll return to us :)

My Life said...

You had such an awesome week you definitely deserve that rest day! ;)

Wes said...

Yeeeaaa! Man-talk... That's exactly what I was going to say :-) I hope to get to see you sometime soon as well! If David does Langley Pond, you and Grace have got to come :-)

Neese said...

Mendy you have really been workin it all around!, have a great week :)

Lori said...

Holy heck! 7 days in a row! You are the motivational master! My new week's resolution (:P) is to get my arse in gear and find my mojo once and for all :)

J~Mom said...

Whew, you are rocking!! Look at how you smoked that 10 miles! You are going to do great with the half!!

Sounds like a productive but exhausting weekend! Glad you got a day to rest!

Have a great Monday!

RunnerGirl said...

Enjoy your rest day!

P.O.M. said...

You're the 2nd person this week who I heard mention Lemonchillo. What is that? I must research :)

Bob - said...

Remodeling the home, Getting ur workouts in, taking care of the family....Ho hum just another day in Mendy's world :-)

Geesh u have been busy... make sure u get some rest OK

Nancy said...

Hey great job, Girlie. Like Bob said, you are getting lots done there. I would probably never try painting while having the boys by myself. It's all I can do to watch them and keep up with laundry! Ha ha. Maybe you can give me some tips.

Great job on the training. You are an inspiration.

sunshine said...

Just think how great your arms are going to look after a weekend of painting! Remember the Karate Kid? ;)

Great job on your workouts and I'm jealous of the warm weather!