Swimming Etiquette

It's just me and the little lady this weekend. David is out of town. After work, Grace and I drove to the gym so I could get my scheduled swim workout in. The pool was packed with lessons, with every lane taken up but 1 for lap swimmers. There were 2 men in the lane swimming, and swimming, and swimming - while I waited for 20+ minutes. I was not excited about going to the pool on a Friday afternoon anyway, and was especially tempted to just jet. But my "schedule" prevented me from doing so. It said "swim 35 min". After 1 guy left, I jumped in. After 15 min into my awkward, not feeling right swim, I was asked if 2 more people could jump in and we just circle swim. This was a first for me. I told her "I am slow and that might not work". The other gentleman I was sharing with, said no, he'd just get out, cause he is too slow, so he left. She basically ran him off. She said "there are others that want to swim too and all the lanes are taken up". I told her that I waited for 20 min for a lane, meaning I patiently waited. Anyway, I don't think it was a request, more like that's what they were doing.

So, here I am slow, finally getting into a zone during my laps, and I have 2 more people in the lane with me, which I think sort of threw me off. I gotta admit, I might have sped up a little as to not have them on my tail. I know that's what happens in the tri, but I am just training now. At first I was apprehensive about it, but, in the end, it all worked out. I wasn't lapped, that much anyway. When I finished and was getting out, she thanked me again. I apologized for being cautious in the beginning. I understand the need to do that sometimes, I just wasn't ready. I was doing a long swim (for me), and needed to just go with my own pace. But, I'm happy to oblige now if it happens again.

She said I wasn't "slow", and that I had nice smooth stroke. :-)

I think I lost count of laps so I'm not certain on the figures.

1500 yds

I had a very busy work day today, and am just dead tired now. Swimming does wear me out, so off to read ya'lls blogs and turn in. My mini-me is already out, right next to me. Sweet little thang!

Shout out goes to Jess for her Miami Half Mary this weekend! I bet that will be a fun one!


Marcy said...

I would've been a little peeved (especially after waiting) but since it worked out alright, I guess it's all good! ;D ;D

Eric said...

Good for you for sticking it out. I'm a bit surprised this is a first and would recommend swimming with others more often. It DOES get you more ready for a pool swim triathlon because you get used to the extra chop in the water. Keep up the good work!


My Life said...

Ohhh you are a nice girl to share your lane :) and nice job on not letting the lazy demons talk you out of that swim! Have fun with your girls' weekend!

My Life said...

Ohhh you are a nice girl to share your lane :) and nice job on not letting the lazy demons talk you out of that swim! Have fun with your girls' weekend!

P.O.M. said...

Reason No. 98 to not take up swimming. hee hee.

At least you got it in.
Have a great weekend.

Pokey said...

"Shares and plays well with other" - awesome Mendy!! :P

I agree with POM - like I need another reason to not try swimming ;)

teacherwoman said...

Nice job Mendy! I would have felt intimidated... way to keep going! :)

Jess said...

Thanks for the shout out! The race went well and I hope David's race went well for him too!

Enjoy what remains of the girls' weekend!

J~Mom said...

Ugh, the swim lane stuff is so frustrating sometimes. Especially since I am clueless on etiquette. I just recently learned there is a slow side and a fast side to the pool and you are supposed to line up accordingly. Oopsie poopsie. LOL

Hope you and Grace had a great weekend!

Gotta Run..... said...

The Y really needs to do something about the pool. Unreal that an area like ours has not realized how many Tri animals we have in the area. You and Davis being two ;)

You handles that better than I would have.

Congrats for not jetting!

Unknown said...

Way to keep your cool an it seems all turned out well. I would have been a bit irritated after waiting 20 minutes for a turn and then having people just barge in on my swim.


Laura said...

I'm impressed that you waited - I always just circle swim if all the lanes are taken.

Sarah said...

Man, I could have posted this! I am fairly new when it comes to swimming and have a hard time with circle swimming - I feel like I have to speed up and then it's weird if I am trying to pass. I hate it. I think we swim a similar pace. Keep at it!