2 short runs

Today I had to split up my run into 2 runs. Lunch, I did 3 miles of my scheduled 5 miles, because I needed to be back for a 1:00 meeting. After work, we had errands to run, and then our church small group, so after getting home tonight at 9ish, I headed out to complete my run. It was only 1.9 miles, but at 9:30 at night and as cool as it was at 32 degrees, I was glad to complete it. I just didn't feel right cutting a run so short so early in my program. So, I'm up in bed now surfing the web with a couple of tight legs. The legs felt very heavy on the run tonight, and didn't really have enough distance to warm up.

Unfortunately, I'm still having shin pain during the first part of my runs and afterwards, but it does seem to subside a little bit into the run.

3.1 miles
31:27 (10:15/mi)

1.92 miles
19:13 (10:00/mi)

Tomorrow, cycling is on the schedule for 30 min. Probably will do it on the trainer.

Nothing else going on in my noggin' tonight. I'm just tired and ready to retire for the evening.

Sleep well, everyone!


Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

hmmm my post went MIA?? get that book out for ur leg pain, I bet it has something to do with a trigger point.

Way to get ur double session workouts in today

Sleep well!

J~Mom said...

Way to go getting those miles in!! I can't wait to try out my trainer tomorrow!! WOOT WOOT!

Michelle said...

Great job, girl!

I know if I was to split my run into two sessions, I would never get back out to do the second one. Especially if it's dark and cold out! LOL!

Wes said...

That's a real bummer that your shin is still giving ya trouble. I admire you for getting the miles in though. I like that kind of perseverance!!

Marcy said...

LMAO Bob!! Keep on pluggin that book! It's actually a pretty good book. I thought he was nuts when he recommended it, but it works (although painfully sometimes LOL)

David said...

you da man

My Life said...

Ummm... hardcore Mendy getting two runs in a day! Yay you!

Nancy said...

Oh wow, two in one day, my legs would be tight too. Take care of those shins, my dear. I have no expertise but I worry that they might progress... Bob is cracking me up with the book.

Great job finding a way to get your miles in. :D

Jess said...

Good for you! I don't know if I'd be motivated to return for those last few miles at 9 pm. That's when I wanna sit in the sweats and zone out.

About the shin pain: does it hurt if you touch the skin/muscle along the top of your shin? Senstive to touch or massage? If so, could be a shin splint. Or the beginning of one. If it's not sensitive to touch but aches when you run, my guess would be that the trigger is actually your knee cap. Typical of runner's knee that people feel the pain in their shin first before it hurts later right below the knee cap.

You may need to see an orthopedist if it worsens, but you may try using one of those small braces that look like an arm band and that go right below your knee cap. You can buy one at Walgreens, Target, any place like that for probably less than $10, and it helps to keep the platella stable while you run.

But despite my superior brain power and wily skillz, I am not a doctor, so you should probably consult one before acting on any of my advice.