Hump Day workout(s)

I woke up at 5:00 this morning, and just could not go back to sleep. I tossed and turned just trying my best to snooze more, but it wasn't in the cards, I suppose. So, I got up and did a Pilates session with ms Ana. I have a hard enough time following her doing those poses and such when I'm awake, but this morning I was falling all over the place. I'm so uncoordinated when it comes to those things. Oh well. I do like that video though, and will probably buy a few of her others.

After Pilates, I did 15 min of stretching my legs, then 100 crunches.

Training today was "bike 30 min" and I did it on the trainer. Easy enough.

NOT - I did it, but it sucked.

I had a numb bum the entire time. I guess I just gotta get the oh derrière used to the saddle again. It's not like I don't have enough cushion back there. But, the good news is I got to watch the first season episode of Boston Legal. I love that show. The relationship between Denny and Alan cracks me up. Since I didn't watch it from the beginning, I received the 1st season for Christmas.

Amazon received a purchase from me yesterday. Yup! I cracked down and twisted my own arm, had that conversation with myself that ultimately lead me to think I NEEDED a new Garmin. The one Mendy on my shoulder said "look at all you can do with a new Garmin, the data you can download and analyze". The other side didn't have a leg to stand on. Screw sending the 201 in. I'm getting the 205, baby. Yes, I know Wes, you mentioned the 405... but I don't roll with that kind of cash in my pockets.

To answer your comment, Jess about my shin pain. Yes, it does hurt when I touch the shin. It's funny, because just this morning, I was telling my co-worker about my shin and that it hurt to touch it lightly or rub it a little. So, I do need to my due diligence research and get it fixed. We are heading to my favorite home-away-from-home tonight, Target, and I will be picking me up a brace you mentioned. Thanks! I would like to have a pain-free run sometime soon.

It feels good to already be done with training for the day. Now, we can go enjoy some Mexican food and a trip to Target.

Happy Hump Day buddies!


Eric said...

100 crunches? you're a frickin' machine! i haven't done 100 crunches since high school! you go girl!


Nancy said...

I love me some Target. Have fun!!

Nice job on the workout!!

Nikki said...

Ohhh that is early! Didja drink to much coffee the night before? Good for you for doing something at that hour.

I bought me a dvd of yoga and I'm going to do it at way I'm doing it at 5am. ;)

I hope your shins feel better soon!

Enjoy your Target trip.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the workout! Way to pull yourself out of bed and use the time wisely... especially if you can't sleep.

Marcy said...

WHOOO HOOOOOO!! It's hard living without Mista (GPS) G! I know it's not like you didn't have one, since David had one but it's not the SAME BABY! LOL It's like a bf. Totally not for sharing :P

Have fun at Target!! Gawwdd I can never leave that place without buying something LOL. But isn't that the case with everyone? ;-)

David said...

Way to go. You rock.

My Life said...

You are becoming a workout machine! How do you like Pilates? (I have a DVD I've yet to use...)

And yay for the Garmin! I hope you'll love it! ;)

Pokey said...

Target? I loooooooove Target ;)

Sorry your shins are giving you problems. You are being the workout goddess!!! Can you send some motivation my way?

Have fun with your new Garmie!!!

Jess said...

Hmmmm, if it hurts to touch, it's probably inflamed. And most definitely is shin splints. Ice, IB, doctor. You may need to take a, gulp, break too.

J~Mom said...

First, how come I did not know you like Boston Legal? I love that show!! Denny Crane!

I am sorry that your shin is bugging again! :<( I hope the brace helps.

WOOT WOOT for a new Garmin! That is awesome!