Back to training

...and it feels good, so far. Hopefully, some consistency is ahead.

Well, I've take a nice relaxing week this past week, since the Half. It felt great to get back at it. Although I had planned a 8 miler this weekend, it just didn't happen. I had drill on Saturday and Sunday, we were busy, and it was very cold, so I wimped out. I had thought about doing it today, but I had swimming scheduled too. So, I chose to start Tri training and continue Half training.

My Tri training I chose was based on time, not distance, which is fine for me and my Half (last 4 wks of program) is on mileage, so I'm meshing the 2 schedules to make a challenging few weeks. It's just a plan, nothing concrete.

Friday I jumped on the elliptical for a quick 30 min workout. I like the elliptical, and it was especially nice being inside with the cold weather outside.

3 miles
280 cal

The weekend, I was a workout slacker. nuff said.

Today for lunch, I finally got back in the pool. I think it was around 12 Nov the last time I entered the water at the Y. I gotta say, I miss swimming. I am not fast, nor efficient, and have a lot of improvement ahead of me, but I was glad to be back in.

Note, I didn't say it was enjoyable. I felt awkward and out of breathe most of the time. I suppose I didn't look too good getting out either, because the lifeguard asked me If I was okay, in a medical sort of way.

750 yds - 20:36

After work, my tri training log said 25 minute run. I can't complain about that. So, in the frigid temps (to me, that is) of low 30's, I headed outside.

Run 2.41 miles 25:04, 10:25/mi

During my very busy day at work, I found about 10 min to search for a Garmin 205. I have the 201, and it has decided to retire from tracking me. He probably said he wasn't wasting his precious time on my slowness. I was 1 click away from "Buy it". I haven't yet... We'll see. I've been meaning to send mine in to see if I can get it working again, so I don't have to drop that money on one. But, for now - I'm using David's Garmin, and I just really want my own.

Couple of pics from the race:
My running partner, Marcy and I finishing!

I was so glad to be done.


Pat said...

those are great pics. I really like the group one.

Wes said...

Seeing your calendar of training events at the bottom has my geekiness all fired up :-)

Have you seen the new Garmin 405? Its sweet. I talked little sis into getting one of those. Garmin also has a watch based on the same technology used by the Nike footpod. Its a lot cheaper... I'm not sure I'd use one, but it does have me intrigued!!

Marcy said...

I got mine for only $149 with free shipping at Amazon with the Super Saver Shipping dealy. I don't know if they sell them cheaper on ebay, but so far that's the cheapest I've seen.

I'm with Wes, did you finally get a chance to see the 405? After Taryn talked about it, when I got home I looked :P Ummmmmm it's very nice but PLEASE they did they not take into account the geriatric/Marcy population. The screen on that baby is small. I have a hard enough time seeing the readouts on the 205 :-X :-X

I LOVE the second pic!! You can't tell you were in any pain there ;-)

Nancy said...

An 8 miler might have been a bit much this soon anyway. Glad you bagged it! Looks like having a schedule is agreeing with you. That is fantastic. I really need to figure out pool access. Does it bug you that the elliptical is so many less calories for the amount of time? I've been incorporating it because my body needs cross and rest from running, but it bugs me a little that it isn't as high of intensity.

Anyway, the pictures are sweet and you look awesome!!

Gotta Run..... said...

There was a time where I could not run outdoors without my Garmin. If it was not charged than I would sit around waiting... and waiting then finally would go out and run. Now our two Garmins sit in a basket in our bathroom. Maybe I will dust it off soon.

the temps are cold but i will be the first to say it is way better than the heat that the summer will bring us!!

Glad you were able to relax a bit this past weekend. Sometimes that is just what our bodies need.

My Life said...

I love that last pic of you all!!

I hear you on wanting your own Garmin. I'm glad Clay's more interested in running, but I'm dreading the day when I have to start sharing my Garmin ;) If you think you'd use it on every run, I'd say it's worth the investment. I'm all for anything that gets me to go workout!

Hope you had a good weekend and your Reserves duty went well!

Jess said...

You're second pic really undermines your story about feeling ill :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos!! I feel your pain in the pool - I'm trying to get more pool time in so I suck less at swimming...

RunnerGirl said...

Love the pictures!

J~Mom said...

Oh my heck, I want that training calender!! That rocks! You techies have all the fun!

I love your finishers photo! You look so happy! That is a keeper for sure!