Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday was just a blast! We had the pleasure of meeting Neese and if you all think she's super sweet and encouraging in blog world (which I do too), she is one of the friendliest person I've ever met. Like David mentioned, Grace loved her and even talked about her after we left. We had a GREAT time meeting up with Neese and spending some time with her, and despite what her and David say - they both did a fantastic job on their races!!!

After they received their pies, I went for my 4 mile run around Furman University lake which is just beautiful and peaceful. It reminded me of when I was young (I used to live about 2 miles from campus), and my Grandmother, Mom, Aunt and myself used to take long walks around the lake. That place is just full of fond memories from my younger days. Despite how nice it is to run around FU, I am still having shin pain.

Sat - Run 4 miles

Today (Sun) was supposed to be 5 miles, but I just blew it off to spend time with my family. No excuses about it. I'll do it tomorrow then move each run 1 day out.

I took some pictures of Grace this weekend (of course, as I always do) and uploaded them here. But here's one of my favorite ones of her waiting on David to get to the finish line. Her feet were cold so I told her to put her feet in David's shoes.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Time to catch up on all your blogs. 3 Day workweek ahead! Woo Hooooo!!!!!


P.O.M. said...

3 day work week!! And lots of yummy food!
Can't wait.

PS - you're tagged!

David said...

Well, more like 2.5 days, since Wed afternoon is pretty much shot.

It was a great weekend, and I'm glad you had a nice run Saturday. Today was just too great to sit inside, so it's good we had a family day.

Neese said...

Mendy I am lauging so hard. Those shoes lololol. sweet, sweet Grace. Mendy you take the funniest photos, I thought the Tom the Turkey one I just posted was a hoot, this tops it. funny funny. Thanks for the laughs!

And way to go on the 4 miles, sorry about the shins tho. (I'd love to run with you, btw I think trying to pace with you would help my speed).

And as I mentioned to David in my reply to the photos he sent, when RB is past this surgery and feeling better and back to himself I'd like to have you both over for dinner. We aren't cigar people but we do love the wine! :)

Have a great week. Thanks so much for your support...


Neese said...

If Grace is still awake tell her I say Hi! :) I'm about to send her something (on FB) lol

night :)

J~Mom said...

OH NO! I didn't know your shins were bugging again!! Darn darn darn!!!

I love the pic of Grace!! That would so cute to frame!!

I am glad you got to meet Neese! Can you talk her into coming to PF Changs? :>)

J~Mom said...

Oh and BTW Beth Moore was totally amazing!! That girl knows more about the bible then anyone I have ever heard! The rest of the conference was hilarious! I laughed so hard at the different speakers. And cried too..there were sad stories (like this one lady who has a son in prison for life). But it was a fantastic weekend.

Marcy said...

LOOOVVVEEEE the new layout chica!! ;D ;D Looks good!!

How cute is Grace!!! I love her little jacket. How sweet is that!

You're so silly!! 27 is NOT slow!!! The only reason I have to roll with a reverse PR is because I'm super paranoid about busting myself up again. And it's just not going to happen over a race I didn't even want to do in the first place LMAO!

I'm just going with the flow as far as the HM goes. Whatever you ladies (David I would include you but I'm sure you will blow us all way :P) all want to do I'll do. I can adjust accordingly ;-) Running with you guys will be awesome!!! ;D ;D ;D I'm excited!!

Jess said...

It really does sound like you guys had a good time Saturday morning, and that pic of Grace in David's shoes is the cutest! You should make that into a card or something.

BTW, we have a fake tree, so putting it up just means pulling it out of the box. We don't have to visit a tree lot or anything. I can't imagine having a real tree here in FL -- I bet they are dry and crispy by the time they get here.

Wes said...

Love the new blog layout! So cool you watched David run the race then got in a beautiful four miler! To heck with that last mile :-)

Gotta Run..... said...

I love running around the trails at Furman!! You should try the trails...come on!!

Love the shoes on Grace!!!! Priceless stuff!

Jason The Running Man said...

Love the new layout! Grace is too cute in that pic. Great job on the 4 and sorry about the shin pain, hope it gets better.