I've been tagged by 2 super cool gals. Last week, Jess tagged everyone and yesterday I was tagged by POM, so I suppose I'll try to find some facts about myself: weird, or unknown. Sorry they are long and probably not THAT interesting.

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1) I have always since high school had a fascination with Pink Floyd. This isn't weird, I know, but knowing me and spending time with me, you wouldn't think that at all. I even went to a concert while I was on Active Duty at the San Diego Chargers stadium sitting around a bunch of potheads smoking, and was worried for weeks I'd get popped on our Military drug test JUST for sitting in that section. I'm also a fan of MOB movies, something else people wouldn't think either.

2) While living in San Diego, I was an extra in a "movie of the week" with Tiffany Amber Thiessen and some other celebrities. On my way to the set (in a hospital elevator), she got in the elevator with me. I was sort of star struck, and said of all things, "you play a really good bitch". I know there were other clever things I should have said. Anyway, in one of my scenes, I was a nurse and the outfit looked as if I should have been in a different type of movie, if you know what I mean. I have the picture somewhere...

3) I was on the colorguard/dance team throughout High School and even at Furman University the yr after I graduated (even though I didn't go to college there). Our colorguard won many competitions. I still twirl a broom every time I pick one up. Just ask David.

4) I failed my drivers license test 3 times before getting my license. Really, the parents were ready to give up and they really should have. After I got them, I got MANY speeding tickets in high school. Good thing my Dad knew the judge. I even got one on my 2 mile trip from home to Furman for band practice ON my Birthday. It didn't end there - got several in San Diego, and while I was crossing the country with 2 girlfriends, we drove all 24ish hrs straight from CO to New Orleans, splitting up driving times and each one of us got pulled over, and none of us got a ticket. :-) I guess that's why I am NOW a speed limit driver (or 5 over) and grateful I have a drivers license to begin with.

5) I am (what my uncle calls) wrong-handed, and have weird blood type. My left-handed'ness (not a word, I know) can't be traced back to anyone in my family. Supposedly, my Dad tried to write with his left hand as a toddler, and was smacked for doing so - he ended up right-handed. I also have 0- blood type and used to give blood ALL the time and really need to donate again soon because it's a blood type that anyone can receive. Grace is 0- too, but looks like she's going to be a right-hander. ((too bad)) David says she can't be 100% cloned by me. While being a low-ranking Sailor in one of the priciest cities in America, I used to sell my blood with my friend, Lisa, so we could go partying in Tijuana, Mexico.

I'm long-winded I know, but I had to explain.

I tag: (If I tagged you months ago for the same thing, apologies) But, it's fun!

Oh! Today, the weather was GORGEOUS here!! 70's and 4mph winds. Not bad at all. I took a stroll out the door around 5:30 in my new reflective hat with blinky, and actually had to turn the blinky on around 6. Overall - good run!

Today - Run 5 miles


J~Mom said...

You really want to know 5 weird or unknown facts about me? LOL Ok, let me think for a day or so...hmmm...what is weird or unknown.

I loved yours! That is so funny about selling your blood. I have thought about it back in my college days. There was a plasma place right on campus that gave you $40 or something. Way back then that was a ton of money. Hmm...that would buy me a coffee tomorrow.

Jess said...

I hate needles, so selling my blood was never soemthing I was remotely tempted to do. However, I did sell some precious CDs in college in order to earn a little extra beer money.

P.O.M. said...

You can actually get money for your blood? I wish I knew about that a few years ago.

Oh, the partying in TJ days. Seriously not good. Not good at all.

Marcy said...

I didn't realize you were left handed also. You know, I never thought about who else might be in the family. I know no one in my immediately fam is, hmmmmm wonder if any of my grandparents are.

Michelle said...

Hey, I went to a Pink Floyd concert in Oakland, CA waaaaaaay back in April 1994! I was 18 still, and had a great time!!! OF course, you're right about everyone around you smoking pot. I swear we were the only ones who weren't!

Oh, and I also have the Pink Floyd box set (CDs). I think I got it that year, too. Still listen to it now!

Jason The Running Man said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family! Eat lots of Turkey!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Mendy Said:I used to sell my blood with my friend, Lisa, so we could go partying in Tijuana, Mexico.
LOLOL I like how you oh by the way slipped this one weird thing in as well--haha

You are such a WEIRDOOOOOOOOO (I can call u that cause, I did this tagg about 8 months ago...and I am a WEIRDO tooo) welcome :-) to the land of things that are NORMAL to us for some reason are weird ...I love my weird tendencies:-)

David said...

Thank goodness Mendy didn't talk about her Thailand stories. Wow!