Heavy Legs

Yesterday was an unplanned "rest" day for me. David and I went to the gym on Wednesday, which I hope becomes our strength training day, to do legs. We got there a bit too early to drop off the little one, so he hung with her while I warmed up on the elliptical. I haven't done leg workouts in quite a while and it showed as I had the wimpiest weight on the machines while David had triple what I had. Oh well. So, yesterday I could feel the workout while walking around, but especially up the stairs at work/home. Today they feel much better and hopefully ready for a 4 mile run this afternoon. Boring workout as follows:

Elliptical - 30 min / 2.73 miles

Smithsquat - 4x10 (135lbs)
Seated single leg curl - 4x10 (15lbs)
single leg ext - 4x10 (15lbs)
DB Deadlift - 4x10 (20lbs)
seated calf ext - 4x10 (100lbs)
legpress - 4x10 (100lbs)

In better news! We booked flights/hotel last night for PF Changs RnR in Phoenix and are extremely excited to go run this race with so many blogger friends!


David said...

I was just glad not to be working out with a dude, or I would have looked like Mr Wimpy McWimperton.

It was fun, though, and I hope we can keep it up!

Marcy said...

Oooooohh no Mendy, you have yet to see ME do any kind of weights LOL. Now that is WIMPY. 5lb free weight? Oh no too heavy! Let's stick with the 2's :P

I'm super excited too!! YeeeeHaawwwwww. We'll all have so much fun ;D ;D

Lori said...

It has been so long since I have weight trained. I would hate to see how pathetic I am now :X

January cannot come soon enough!!!

Eric said...

Your wimpy is my heavy! I'll NOT EVEN compare my leg press or squat with yours!

Jess said...

Well, I think you could still crush me with your legs -- that's pretty heavy lifting.

You guys will have a lot of fun in Phoenix!

P.O.M. said...

Lots to comment on, since I was gone:

1. Yippy for joining the challenge. We'll totally kick butt.

2. PF Changs. Sooo fun. I might have to consider that one. Hmmmmm. I already signed up for Surf City Half in Feb and I'm worried about that. Dang it.

Jess said...

Oh! New look! Very nice.

teacherwoman said...

Lifting.... love it!

J~Mom said...

Love your new blog look!! Cant' wait until Jan!!!!!! Great job on your workout! Will David make us do weights while he is here?