Friday, I posted about crushing pavement on Saturdays run. That didn't quite happen. I set out for 14-16 miles, and accomplished it, but not without the same familiar pain in my left leg. See, I've continuously had a pain run up and down my leg, and even had it during HM training, but just ran through it. I did, at the time see a Dr, and had a nerve test done on my leg. Luckily, it came out negative for nerve damage. But, now I'm creeping up into higher mileage, and it's back, and really has been back for about 2-3 wks. So, I did my run, and walked and while doing both - I could feel this. Saturday, was miserable in a long line of miserable runs, and so, to not make things worse by adding more and more mileage each week, with possibly more and more pain - I have decided not to do the Chicago Marathon. My body wasn't ready to go from the Half directly into a Full training schedule. I really should have gotten my legs/body used to the middle distance runs more. I'm not saying I will never do one, but it's not worth what I am feeling right now, emotionally and physically. I will continue to run, but, after a short break of about a week.

What sucks the most about the run is that I was mentally prepared for, positive attitude and all. I was ready, and mentally I could have done it the way I wanted to, if it weren't without the physical aspect of it. My 12 mile run was a great one, this was just 2 miles more... That is the hardest part of this.

Focus has shifted: I am now ready to mentally prepare myself to loose this excess weight I'm carrying around. I've said this before, but I feel this time is it. I want to tone up, do some more cycling (David is smiling), still swimming (I'm loving the swimming right now), elliptical, strength train, and even some tennis and golf. I will run too.

I have the Greenville Triathlon in 2 wks, and am thrilled about it! Yesterday David and I were at the Tri site at 0630 and rode the course with a group. It was a great ride, even after the 3 times my chain got off it's ring, because I have no clue of shifting still, and the one time I dropped my bottle on the road (near the loose dogs) and had to get it before they got me. I looked like a grease monkey once David (who was riding with the FAST group) came back to get me and some others. Once David caught up with me, I realized that I'd been riding the previous 11 miles using my gears all wrong. I won't go into too much detail about it, but when he rode with me, we started averaging 23mph on a flat road, which is high for me. My confidence in the swim and now, bike portion of the Tri is finally here. The run will be okay too.

I'm going to be getting a plan together this week, for my workouts. I won't become a lazy bum like I was after Grace was born. I am still keeping my eyes on our local HM in Oct. David may even do that one too.

We had a great weekend. Grace stayed with my Mother Sat night for us to do the group ride yesterday and we actually went to see a movie yesterday (first time in like a yr). We saw Bourne Ultimatum. Great movie, imo! To top off my weekend, David and I had a nice juicy steak, some grilled corn, and a very tasty California Cab. Oh, and I bought myself some Golf clubs... :-)

Here's Grace's "funny face"

...and her sweet innocent one... (Riiighhht)

I feel mixed emotion right now about stopping my training, but better as time passes, and David has been a huge help in supporting my decision. I have to do what I need to for me!

Today, at lunch, I'm swimming and tonight I'm doing some form of cardio, probably elliptical, and some core.


David said...

There's nothing wrong with realizing your body isn't ready (in this case due to reinjury, not endurance) for an effort like a marathon training plan. I fully believe you could, at this moment, complete a marathon. But the training plan required to complete it well is just too much stress on whatever issue is causing the pain. I'm proud of you for trying, and even more proud for knowing when to say enough is enough. People who don't get paid to do these activities have no reason to force themselves to do them with a complete absence of enjoyment.

(hooray triathlon!)

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job beating the loose dogs to the punch!:)

Your health is more important then any marathon. You have to do what you feel is best for you. You are doing such a great job with your workouts and I have no doubt you will be successful with your weight loss goals. You should feel good about your decsion and move forward...which I'm sure you already have:)

Wes said...

I whole heartedly agree with David! Look at my own trials and tribulations regarding the half iron distance. Sometimes, waiting is the right decision, and we have a lifetime to achieve our goals.

If you decide to get into tris a little more, I would say that an Olympic distance is easily comparable to a HM run. Tri training would be a little gentler on your leg and you could easily switch gears when you want to focus solely on running again.

Now, tell the truth. There's a little she-devil behind the cute innocent smile, isn't there? :-)

Marcy said...

Don't sweat it chica ;D I think it's definitely a smart decision and it shows you've got experience ;-) Better to stop then to push on and risk even more injury. Marathons are a dime a dozen, it's not like you've missing your one and only opportunity. You'll do one when your body ready :-) Nothing wrong with that!

I can't wait for this tri!! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully ;D ;D

Cute pics of the little one! What a little devil LOL

J~Mom said...

First of all Grace is so stinking cute!! I think she might make a good match with my little man. :>)

I think you made the right decision!! I ran through my leg pain for about 4 months and it just weighs you down and you can never perform how you need to. The decision is made so tak e a big sigh and let it go. :>)

Ok, now about to me.....I know I only use about three of them at all. LOL

Jess said...

It's a brave decision to bow out in favor of your physical well-being. Too many runners press forth when they shouldn't and they emerge from the marathon hurt and exasperated with the experience. I believe you have to decide what's best for you, and I think you've done that, so you shouldn't have mixed emotions over it. In fact, I bet a huge part of you is relieved.

I can totally understand.

And re-shifting your focus is probably exacting what you need, so I hope that goes well.

Unknown said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. Running fitness isn't just about muscles and lungs. It's all that connective tissue as well and it takes many years for that to strengthen up to your potential. Most research says that it takes an adult athlete 10-years of continuous training to reach their full potential. I think you have plenty of time to work up to doing a marathon. Enjoy the journey. I wish I had waited longer before I did my first. It might not have been the death-march it turned into.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Your health has to come first...and to get your mind to realize that is a huge step...I hope you can figure it out soon and be out again....

Grace is such a doll...and a ham...adorable...

Tiffany said...

You must take care of yourself... first and foremost. I am sad we will not be able to kill ourselves with pain together in Chicago :) but I look forward to seeing you all in Charleston!