Warmup - What's that?

Am I ready for the Triathlon in 2 wks - YOU BETCHA. Well, sorta - I know I'm ready for the pool event portion. Today, at lunch, David and I met at the pool. He tells me he's going to do a warm-up, then do a timed race pace for 450yds. We will be swimming in a 50m pool, so 450yds is a tad longer than the 400m pool we'll be swimming the tri in. Anyhoo - David asks "Do you warmup?".. of course I don't. I don't ever warm-up for anything. But, decided I'd do that today. So, did a 50yd warm-up and took off for my timed 450yds. I felt SMOOTH and FANTASTIC in the pool today. It just seemed to be a great swim for me. I felt like I worked out harder in it than I usually do. I watched form, closed my fingers more (per David's suggestion), and tried to rotate my breathing from every 2, to every 4, then 2, 4, 2, and so forth. Worked okay. I've always got to make things more difficult, I know :-). So, I made sure I was rotating my hips more and I took the advice from our tri clinic last night on streamlining more. Because we are able to push off the wall during the Tri, streamlining can take off 2 strokes, and boy did it work. Who knew? Amazing what you'll learn from real swimmers. So, I was streamlining like a fool and loving every second of it.

New PR (big smiles):
50yd warmup (1:03)
450yd freestyle (10:56)
Total (timed): 500yds (11:59) - Old PR was 12:23
250yd drills

This was my first swim this week, and I need 2 per wk, so I'll be swimming again either tomorrow or sunday. Then next week, I'll go to the pool we'll be doing the Triathlon in, and swim in it to see what it's like.

I had 4 miles scheduled yesterday, but this cold Grace gave me has made me feel like poo lately, so I was going to do it today, but not back to normal yet. If I run today 4, then get up and run 14 first thing in the morning - I think it'll be too much, so I may do 4 on Sunday as a recovery run.

Tomorrow, I'm crushing 14-16 miles of pavement running like it's nobody's business. (Starting to sound like David - scary) and Sunday the Tri-clinic group will be riding the course at 0630, and I plan on being there, one way or another (still need to sell my car). Have to hitch a ride, I suppose.

I'm now officially signed up for the Triathlon - Guess I have to participate now.

Woohoo... Happy friday everyone!


David said...

Yes, lunch was spectacular indeed. Quite spectacular.

Good job on the swim! You'll have no problem in the tri for either swim or run portions. (hint, hint: time to go riding)


Wes said...

Nice job on the swim! It's fun to watch your continued improvement. You are so ready for your tri. Just keep getting better! That's the only question now. How low will you set your PR :-)

teacherwoman said...

Awesome job on the swim! I can't wait to get back into the pool!

Demolish that pavement tomorrow... if I can't run, someone can take it out on the road for me! hehehe :)

Tiffany said...

DO THE KIAWAH HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to sign up immediately before the half closes out.

J~Mom said...

Awesome swimming!!!! You rock!! I wish I could swim with you so you could give me pointers!!

Go 14 miles go!!

Unknown said...

Amazing what a warmup will do for you...huh? Great job with the swim. Good idea to swim in the 50m pool before the race. It really does feel much different than a 25 does. It takes so much longer to get to the wall.

Gotta Run..... said...

Girl.. I LOVE YOUR ATITUDE!!! You are more than ready. Scott and I will be there to cheer you one.

Crush those miles and feel better soon.

Thanks for the comments on the problem I am having right now. It helps!!

Marcy said...

Dannnggggg!! Awesome Awesome job on the swim!!! LOL at the "Warmup, what's that?" I have little patience for stuff like that too.

Sorry about the kiddie and then having you catch it. It's so gross sometimes with kids. Actually I should scratch that and say DH since HE's the one that always brings in the nasty germs from other people but the kids are always the ones to get sick :-/ Anyway, it's like this one big sickness cycle. Gross!

Bumma!! I'm 3.5 hrs away from the big city. I would've LOVED to have some cocktails . . .excuse me . . .a nice run with you :P Don't worry we'll all meet up for a marathon or something one day!

Marcy said...

Oops forgot to add . . .cute new pic of the kiddo!! ;D

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job on your swim! You will do great in the tri!

Jess said...

Good luck with the long run -- let us know how it goes!

Tiffany said...

BTW- what the hell were we thinking signing up for Chicago and training in summer?

More importantly, when are yall coming down to my neck of the woods? We have a couple halfs, 10Ks, and a 10 miler this fall. I know you are busy with tris and stuff. Maybe we could even meet up for a race in Columbia!!!!

Ouch I am sore.

Tiffany said...

Oh yeah, and the sweet guy sending me roses that I had great weekends with. He won't be coming round no more... ha hahaa. Another one bites the dust!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Reading through your last few posts, I could just feel the energy about your training. Good luck on your TRI.