I'm back!!

Thanks a bunch!!! for all the congrats, and horay's for the PRT! You guys/gals are GREAT blogging buddies!! Ahhh.....
Don't know why but I always stress out over it, wanting to do my best. October, that 1.5 will be down to 11:30.

Seems like FOREVER since I've been online. After our drill on friday, I barely had enough time to post about my PRT, then we were off to dinner. Saturday was drill as well and what a LONG day. I had planned on running saturday afternoon, but I didn't take in enough water (probaly only 16 oz) by the time I needed to head out and it was 94 degrees, so I decided to not do it. But, after a few minutes sitting at the center in my running clothes, I felt that I couldn't not do anything at all. So, I hopped on the treadmill at the center.

Stats: 3 miles = 27:37
1 mile warmup 10:00
1.5 tempo 12:42 (8:28pace)
.5 cooldown 4:55

We took off right after drill for Greenwood, SC for hubby's Olympic distance triathlon, Festival of Flowers. Sunday morning was another EARLY morning for us. My hubby did a GREAT job on his triathlon. There were some problems with the swim like the current was very choppy, the sun was bright, and in clear path of where to swim, and over half of the swimmers in the 2nd wave cut the course quite a bit. David is pleased with the bike, and the run, just feels bad about his swim. He'll be giving a race report here here. Grace and I are very proud of him!

Instead of working and swimming today, I played Golf for work all day long. Yes, I'm a dog! Our company did a charity Golf tournament and I got myself on the sponsored list this year! It was a fun time! I may even have to buy a set of clubs, kinda liked it! There were 4 of us girls together, captain's choice and we played all day! I've been so tired and lazy since getting home.

Tomorrow, David and I will be back at it tomorrow with this exercise stuff!

So, Marcy tagged me. I need to tell you all 6 weird things about myself, then tag others. Since, we are all in the same circle, you may get tagged again by me. HA! sorry... here goes.

1) I eat Mashed potatoes and pork and beans mixed together, and have since I was about 5 yrs old. At holiday meals at my G'ma's, there's always this small bowl of pork and beans. Everyone in my fam knows it's for me! (Beleive it or not - David does this now.. )
2) I look at magazines by starting from the back cover.
3) I seperate candy such as M&M's into it's color group, see how many of each there is and eat 1 by 1 until it gets down to an even number, then I eliminate them by the boldest color first. David does this too and we didn't know that about each other until one day when we split a bag of candy. It was weird!
4) Since I was about 8, I've eaten Penrose Hot Sausages, and Yes - I know the ingredients. I still eat them. Weird thing is, that I can drink the vinegar afterwards. I haven't in a while... though.
5) I grew up clogging. If you don't know what it is... It has to be seen, not explained.
6) I sometimes think I have OCD. I check everything I do, like twice - mainly because I forget if I did it the first time. I'll check to see if the door is locked right after I locked it and even get in my car then go check the door again! I inherited this from my Grandmother.

Okay Ya'll, I tag David, Robin, Wes, Randy, Jason and Tiffany.

Now, it's time to stalk you all, to see what cha been up to over the weekend!


David said...

What better way to spend a monday than golfing on the job? I'm jealous!

Thanks so much for your support at the triathlon. It means more than you know to have a sincere fan there cheering me on...especially when I know I can give you a kiss after the race without being arrested.

Nikki said...

I'm so glad you were out doing something productive...cheering on David! You were gone a long time..and I was OCD checking your blog for a update :P ALL WEEKEND!!!

How fun to miss work for GOLF! BLAH....I suck at that sport and everyone seems into it..I just can't get into it at all! Cross training golf??? lol!

I do the magazine thing too...I guess I"m more wierd then I thought! :-X

I dont know what penmore weiners are..but who puts vinegar in weiners?

I do eat the black olive juice though ;)

J~Mom said...

Welcome home! We all missed you two! :>)

I am right there with you on the OCD! I only check certain things though...doors and the stove. Other things I could care less about. LOL

Sounds like fun golfing. I have never been and I am sure I would suck at it based on my miniature golf performances. HA!

Marcy said...

Welcome back!!!! We missed you guys!

Golf, huh? Oh dear I've only played it once in my whole life with my Dad. I have NO patience for it LOL. So frustrating. I'm glad you had fun!! ;D

I'll have to look up clogging LOL I *think* I know what it is . . . . but I'm not sure.

My husband does the SAME thing! (OCD) It's crazy. He'll check the locks for a good 5 minutes and then when it's time to go to bed it's like a 15 minute process setting the alarm, rechecking the time, etc . . . Def something that carries over from his work *rolls eyes*

Gotta Run..... said...

#4 is just plain NASTY!!!!

Now you have me thinking. :)

Jess said...

I tto separate M&Ms by color and I prefer to eat them in even numbers as well. We're all weird, aren't we?

Ashli said...

Ha! I actually did this blog tag on my other blog. I will have to post a copy of it on my blogger blog, too.

No worries, I am OCD, too. I eat my candy by color(and numbers like Jess above me!! lol)

But dude...the sausage thing? Eww. LOL Just eww. ;o)