I redeemed myself

I have been so distracted by Jess's latest blog entries and between that and my hubby's "Butt soap" entry - mine can be nothing but boring. But, I'll tell ya' anyways...

I am not on any plan yet, so it's been hard to try to figure out what to do, so I went to the Y at lunch yesterday. Boy, is it crowded lately - Geesh.... - Go back to school already! or give up the idea of a bikini look in 4 wks! It's NOT going to happen.

Okay enough griping - stats (Wed)

Upright bike - 9.59 miles (40:00)
32 push-ups
150 various crunches

See, last week I wrote a blog entry about how Horrible my run was on a very challenging hilly course. It was! I was given some crap by David and by Robin about being Soooo negative...

Today I Had to redeem myself and try again. See the route is part of the upcoming Candlelight Run 5K, I've signed up for, so thought I'd try it out. I did the same course, just attacked an uphill to the left first instead of on my way back to the car, like I did last time. This course is actually pretty nice, because it's a new business development that's still being developed. It has bike lanes too. But if you do almost the entire thing, you can get a little over 3 miles out of it and ALL of it is hills.

6/5 - 3.0 (29:22) 9:47/mi
today - 3.31 (31:26) 9:30/mi Much better!

David and Robin - I am much pleased with that, considering that course. I like running it, cause I know it will pay off in the long run (no pun intended). I will use ICAR to run many more times.


David said...

It was a good pace last week, and a better pace this week, and I won't stand for anything else! :-)

Jess said...

Excellent job on the hills. Here in FL, nothing is higher than a speedbump, so I never get any hill work.

Glad I could be of distraction: I aim to amuse!

J~Mom said...

Great job on the run!! What do you mean I won't be bikini ready in 4 wks. Dang, I better return that bikini!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO You and me too, Lisa!! I think it's pretty safe to assume that my bikini days are OVER. Unless Dr 90210 wants to get his hot ass over here and do a house call. (actually, he's not even hot, but I'll take his PS skills hehe)

Wow that run is coming up pretty darn quick!!! Awesome job on the run!! You don't give yourself enough credit sometimes!! Not only is the thing hilly but it's probably hotter than hell down there. Great job getting it done!! ;D

Gotta Run..... said...

I am proud of you Mendy!! Go and stand in front of the mirror and say the following words..... I ROCK!!!!!

Wish I could do Candleight with you. All out of race money for the rest of the year :(. Sure would be great to find someone to sponsor us and foot the cost.

Gotta Run..... said...

I forgive you Mendy... GOOFBALL!!!!