been a busy bee

I'm back in a college class (Microeconomics) and that's what's been taking up my time lately. So, I haven't been in blogworld in a while. I have a lot of catching up to do with all of you! I haven't abandoned ya'll's blogs!! I'm responding as I type...

Hope all you Daddy's out there had a good Daddy day!

Workouts have been going okay! Sunday was a planned hill repeat run, but only got 1.5 into it, before I had to quit. It was around 8pm, I went to my route and before getting out of my car, I put biofreeze (I'm still having shin pains) on my shins. I accidentally dropped some on the front part of my shorts. I just took it off with my fingers, so there was still the greasy part of it remaining on my shorts. I started running and about .6 into my run, I felt this horrible burning sensation in my "region". My shorts had got caught up between my legs (as they usually do when running), therefore burning the crap out of me, so needless to say, my run got cut short and I headed home for a HOT shower. I felt better yesterday morning.

Saturday night we spent the evening with Scott and Robin. It was supposed to be just dinner at Wild Wings, but we ended up having a few beers then went to our home to hang out. We had more beers and ventured to what David refers to as the "Man Layer", our basement. Let's just say that Scott is more smitten with David now, more than ever. Hehehe.... :-) It was a fun time, we plan on repeating this weekend!

Yesterday, David and I decided to play hooky from work and get some stuff done, but we ended up just doing some errands, and such. I got up and went for a very short run. I made it short because it wasn't in my plan and I needed to get a nice swim in.
David and I went to the pool yesterday, and because of all the swimming lessons, it was a quick swim (while Scott waiting for my lane) for me and no swim at all for David. He gave up on waiting, and ran back to the house.
500yds - 13:31 - New PR. Felt fantastic in the pool!

Today, it was back to the track regardless of the high humidity and heat. I was the only crazy person on the track, and it shows no school is in too, with all that high grass. Anyhoo... I had to do 8x400's cause that's what that crazy plan Robin gave me told me to do. Oh MY!!!! I almost quit after 4 of the 400's. See, I haven't done more than 4 of them at a time, so 8 of them really made me feel like I was literally dying out there. I HATED track work today - But, I'll go back next week. It was definately mind over matter today for sure. I was thinking about Marcy and her recent blog entry, and how she just kept going and even if it meant for her "to jog". I thought the same thing, and you can actually see how my fatigue affected my pace. Neese also had a similar experience, and by reading their thoughts - I knew I had to keep going with them. (Thanks for encouraging me) After all, they're over so quick. So, I'm at work, between meetings, making my shin feel better. Ahhh... Love the ice packs.

Yes, Jason, that is your chair over here at where you USED to work, traitor. :-)
Slow stats:
800 w/u
400's 1:46 (7:06/mi)
1:43 (6:55/mi)
1:46 (7:09/mi)
1:47 (7:15/mi)
1:59 (8:01/mi) I had to tie my shoe.
1:49 (7:19/mi)
1:56 (7:55/mi)
1:50 (7:25/mi)

I was so off today... I will improve next week. I have 5x800.... and will definately do it in the morning or evening, when it's not blistering hot.

Here's some pics of Grace from the weekend, I'd thought I'd share!

I can't actually tell who's sitting in her car seat, Dora or Grace! Really - that Dora is as big as she is.

Here she is at a visit to my aunt's home.

Grace with my Dad on Father's Day. We had a delicious meal at Mellow Mushroom! Unfortunately, we're going tonight too for a Marathon training plan meeting. Hehe :-)

Speaking of! I'm OFFICIALLY in MARATHON TRAINING for CHICAGO!!! So are fellow blogging buddies, Tiffany and Jess. We've got a lot of training ahead of us Gals!!!!

Tonight is a REST and icing my shins. I will do some core, and knock out about 30+ push-ups.


Neese said...

nice work on the intervals, I gotta hand it to you getting out there in this heat! Grace is absolutely adorable, congrats on marathon training starting and another hats off to ya for Microeconomics!

Marcy said...

Sounds like you've been BUSY!!

Might I inquire what is in that man layer? Do I want to know? :P LOL

Awesome, awesome job getting those intervals done. I can only imagine how uncomfy it was, especially with all that heat. You ripped out some GREAT times!! I hear you on HAVING to get it done. I knew that I would've felt like dog poo if I stopped early (and then the whole day it would've been internal whining about how I wimped out, Blah, blah, blah LOL), so I totally understand.

Just out of curiosity . . this question is for you and the other ladies . . but what is the draw to the Chicago Marathon? I know nothing about it so I'm not asking in a negative tone :-) it just seems like a lot of you are going so I'm wondering if it's some big thang :P

Excellent job in the pool too!!! CONGRATS on a new PR!!!

Marcy said...

Oops I forgot to add. Cutie cutie pics!!! Dang my 3 yo would love that Dora doll! Not to actually play with it but to body slam it :-X :-X ( I have no idea where she gets it from. I blame her father :P )

Jason The Running Man said...

Mendy, Great job getting out to do your track work in this heat. Congrats on the swim PR!:) Great pics of Grace, that's a huge Dora! Thanks for keeping my seat warm.:)

Jess said...

My husband has a "man room." And so do most of his friends. Really, it's the guest bedroom, but it has a TV, all his video games, all his books, and other "manly" stuff. Boys. what he doesn't know is that I secretly thing of the rest of house as the "woman" house -- I get WAY more space than he does!

Cute pics!

Have fun icing and doing push ups. I should probably do some of those. Nah. I think I'll watch a movie instead :)

Jess said...

To answer Marcy's question: On my part, I wanted to do Chicago for several reasons. Partially b/c other bloggers are going and I wanted to meet some of you! Partially b/c this year is the 30th anniversary and it's big doin's. And partially b/c Chicago is a big marathon and I wanted to be part of a large scale race. And lastly, b/c Chicago is generally known, in running circles, as the US's "running capitol"; don't know why, it just attracts lots of runners, so the marathon is a big deal for the city and there are TONS of spectators.

So, added all together those partial reasons made for one hefty desire to be a part of the action!

But that's just me. Others have their own reasons.

Gotta Run..... said...

Wow you did not tell me that you had a PR in the pool!!! Way to go you little fish!!

Still feel the beer from Saturday night.. it was worth it :). Yes I even remember Dora. Grace sure does love her.

Can't wait to hear the details on your marathon training plan. You know how I love this crazy stuff!!

J~Mom said...

Marcy, I asked my DH about meeting our Lori and doing the Chicago marathon and he said no freaking way. LOL But both Lori and I wanted to do it because it's supposed to have the best spectators and support along the course.

Mendy, I was wondering where you were. Glad all is well and that it's just been busy for you.

Awesome job on your swim!!! Sorry your shins are still bugging!

David said...

Marcy (and Mendy) it's actually a Man Lair, as in a dragon's lair, or the private retreat and recovery place. There are humidors, bottles of 140 proof strawberry liquor from Sicily, a pool table, dart board, bicycles, and very dim lighting. The walls are painted a dark green like a Brittish pub, and there is no girly crap. Describe it to your husband and see if he would approve. ;-)

Good job on the swim and run, Mendy. You keep playing your cards right, and all this can be YOURS! :-o

Marcy said...

Ohhhhh I'm SURE he'd approve. He keeps yakking about how he has NO space of his own and there is too much "estrogen in the house" *rolls eyes* I say "buy me a new house and you can have one of those" Smart ass comments get smart ass answers :P

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Great workout, great photos, great dialogue. I've missed blogging and running. I got captured into doing some serious work for about 14 days that caused me to work 12-14 hour days, I'm getting too old for that kind of thing. Anyway, I'm back...thanks for looking in on me...:)

Unknown said...

Good luck with the Chicago training! You can do it! Just make sure to leave the biofreeze at home, ok?

Tiffany said...

The draw to the Chicago Marathon for me?

One word.


My butt needs all the help it can get to cover 26.2 miles for the first time and I ain't wantin' no hills.