without the bad runs, we wouldn't strive to improve...

For the good news - If you notice my ticker above, I've dropped a little more weight which I'm ecstatic about! I just hope I can keep on keeping on.. hehe

Mon - Swim 500 Yds
I went for my regular monday lunch swim of 500 yds and I was telling my husband the other night, that I seem to gasp for breath while coming out of the water, instead of just catching my breath. I would definitely do much butter if I could get my breathing under control. Well, hopefully that will change soon. I'm scheduled for a swim technique class for this month starting tomorrow, but right now there aren't enough people to take it. Boo hoo. Just my luck... especially while I need it.

Tues - Another bad run - 3.5 miles
Last night around 8pm, which btw, I think is an excellent time to run. I loved the air, it wasn't 90 like it was earlier - no it was maybe like 89. Oh well... But, anyway it was starting to get dark on my way back. I started out okay, but on my way back up to my house - I just can't seem to get my breathing under control somehow. I feel like a new runner these days, and it's sooo frustrating. I'll keep going though... It can't get worse.

I'm swimming at lunch again today to get 'er done and over with, cause we are going to Church to watch our very own worship music leader Chris Sligh (American Idol) put on a concert! I'm so happy for him and Sarah!

Anyway, on to do "some" work today. I'm such a blog lurker, love reading all the running blogs out there from the beginner runners to the elite - love it. It's inspiring... and not to forget, my hubby's blog. He's so determined in his training, and has a wit to add to the blog.


Jason The Running Man said...

Great job getting your workouts in and congrats on the additional weight loss!

rxervin said...

Heehee. I too, am a blog lurker!

Congrats on the weightloss!

My cousin and his soon to be wife are taking a swimming class to help out with their training and technique. I laughed when he told me they were taking "swimming lessons", but it makes sense now. Good for you! I hope more people sign up soon.