Last Week's workouts & a great weekend!

Workouts were: Mon - Swim 500 yds / Track 3x800's Hard...
Wed - Run 3 miles
Thur - Swim 500 yds / weights circuit at home
Sun - Run 8 miles

Considering, I've been in a slump lately, I'm pleased with the week. I'm back, and enjoying it...again. I ran Wed and today, which brought my total running days back up to 3, which is what I want to stay at - even with my Marathon plan, that my friend Robin was so gracious to share with me.

I'm still swimming twice a week as I need for an August triathlon. I'm VERY slow right now, and just hope that I can improve over the next few months.

Yesterday, before Church I ventured out for a "long" run of 8 miles. I put it in quotes because, right now this is my long run. I will keep building off of it until training starts but probably won't exceed beyond 10 or 11, before Jun. I was s-l-o-w, but felt good to be back out there, and it sucked to have to pass my house to add mileage. I HATE that....

Weight loss: I had got down to a certain # (I won't embarrass myself mentioning) on the scale, but crept up about 8 lbs. So, in the last 13 days, I've dropped 4.8 lbs and am very happy about that. Baby steps, right? I will post my goals for May tomorrow.

Now, to the interesting fun stuff. David, Grace and I went to David's 2nd triathlon, Langley Pond, SC, and he did very well, considering a lot of unforeseen circumstances, like a Train stop on the bike ride??? crazy, I know.... You can check out the race report at David's blog.
David always beats himself up over the end results, but considering it was his 2nd tri, I think he's doing great. I am biased too.. :-)


David said...

I think I may have to be satisfied with looking good over actual race performance.

It was a great weekend, and I'm glad you and Grace were there to cheer me on. I'm doubly glad you drove most of the way home while Grace and I took naps.

Gotta Run..... said...

What a great long run Mendy. Awesome job! Making sure you got the total 8 in rather than stopping always feels good. Keep the swimming up. It will pay off.

New week means new workouts. Keep recording the cals and you will hit your target goal weight in no time.

Jason The Running Man said...

Wow, 5 pounds is great! Awesome job with all the workouts Mendy!

Scott said...

Sounds like you also had a busy weekend. Keep up the hard work with your training and weightloss...If you need ANYTHING...don't hesitate to..."ask David". Glad to hear you had a great time at the "David-thon" - what a machine he is.

rxervin said...

I don't think you should be so hard on yourself about your workouts... You're getting out there and doing it! That's a lot more than most people can say!
I love that you have a blog and being able to see what's going on in your lives these days.
We miss you and love you!