Time for a rest...whether I want to or not.

Run - 3 Miles
Today's lunch, I decided to do a challenged 3 mile run. I headed out planning to push it more than usual. Don't know what silly reason brought me to this, considering I have an hr of swim lessons tonight. Can I say "stupid". Oh well... I'll live. So, onto the run.

Outside our home, is a nice incline for about .3 miles, out to the main road, so every time I'm on it, I feel like I'm at the end of the run instead of the beginning. It's tough almost every time I'm leaving our neighborhood. Anyway, I run down the road about a mile, then enter an undeveloped loop that's exactly .5 mile, once you get down to the road. It does have a steakhouse and a corporate building, but, mostly land only. I do that loop twice, which is hilly. It has a tough small hill, that doesn't look bad -until you're running it. Then there's the incline to go back up to the main road. When I enter the loop is when Garmin beeps for 1 mile - I look down and see 8:49 for 1st mile. Holy Crap! My garmin must be broken.... Well, I've always said I'm not a fast runner, so to me - this was fast! I was ecstatic. I kept going, but the 2nd mile is the loop twice and hilly as mentioned. So, 2nd mile=9:26, then on back to the main road for the last mile. Mile 3 ended up being 9:05, for an average pace of 9:07. I'm not going to say that it didn't hurt, it did a little-but I felt wonderful out there and pushing myself felt terrific. On the way back, I pass by 5 restaurants, and it sucks smelling all that "bad fur ya" food. But, that's okay!

Swim lessons, 1 hr - lost count of how many 100's
Tonight was swim lessons. It was enjoyable, in the beginning - had a nice warmup, doing 4 count breathing wonderfully. About 10 min into doing whatever drills our coach had us doing, I felt a cramp in my left calf. I stopped, it seemed to have went away - and I was back at it. We were doing drills of 50yds each, changing things up every 50. A lot of it was kicking drills. About 10 min before our session ended, I was on a return lap from a kicking drill and felt the worst feeling in my leg, I really have never felt before. My muscle somehow felt like it came completely out of place, and was actually sticking out on my leg. My swim instructor, Reuben, felt it and was alarmed. He said "uh.. that's bad". It wouldn't stop hurting and I was almost in tears. I started moving towards the end of the pool, and it started to feel better, but not good. I did a few more laps with no kicking. When I got out of the pool, I couldn't walk that well at all, got ready, filled out a report and had a quick massage to get it massaged out, some, with instructions to call a sports medicine therapists tomorrow. After driving home, with a clutch (yay..), I'm laying here on the couch with my leg propped up. It really feels aweful, and very tight. Maybe my hubby will help me out by massaging it. I'll make the call tomorrow, and see how it goes. Good thing, tomorrow is a scheduled rest day. This really sucks...



Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about the leg. I've never understood why some swim instructors do so much with kicking drills. It provides only a tiny percentage of the power and...at least for a triathlete...the last thing you want to do is tire your legs out in the swim.

Sounds like seeing a doctor is a good idea. I hope you get good news.

Gotta Run..... said...

Before I leave town tomorrow I will call you with a name and number of who I use along with most of the Y. He is a miracle working I promise.

Hang in there you SPEEDY RUNNER!!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Your run was very good, and by my standards you are fast. A moving target to try and catch. It sounds like you have a great time running, it is something I can get so lost in so easily.

Marcy said...

AWESOME RUN!!!! You ARE fast :) Totally stinky about the leg, sounds bad :( Hopefully Robin can hook you up with the miracle worker ;)

Wes said...

I agree with Chad. The only thing I use my legs for when I swim is to keep the back half of my body on the surface. However, at the end of my long swims, I still sometimes get cramps too. I hear S-tabs are good for those.

There were many times leading up to my first race where I needed to see where I was "at" by doing a run at near race pace. They are hard work, but well worth the effort. Take today for example, 3.9 miles at sub 9:20. That's good for me too :-) and you are speedy!!

David said...

You likey massage with happy ending?

Awesome run, by the way! I guess "never" is here, because that's when you said you'd get fast. ;-)