P.T. for the day

Lunch - Swimming 600 yds, aprox. 18 min. I focused on form, so much so, that I think I'm loosing some. If I focus on breathing, my kicks and arm stroke suffer, and vice versa. Drills is what I need to be doing, concentrating on one thing per 100. I did that on monday, but thought I'd just lap swim today. When I got there, and got settled in the water - plans changed. But, I do feel better in the pool - I even felt like I was actually "smoothe" for a couple of laps. My hubby was there to give me some suggestions on when I come out of water to breathe. Overall, I'm just happy to be investing in the time to improve. I actually am enjoying it. Weird... Didn't think that'd happen.

Core Work - 32 min
I've always enjoyed crunches, as long as I was in the military - I thoroughly enjoyed working my core to the point of feeling really uncomfortable. Well, years later - had a baby (C-section), my core region isn't so strong anymore. Until now.... I'm determined to get that strength back. So, David gave me the core training workout he found in a bicycle magazine he did a while back, and I have an excellent book I bought sometime ago (The complete book of abs by Kurt Brungardt) that has pictures of the exercises, with a breakdown of either upper abs, lower, obliques or combination abs. I used both to get my workout down and now I'm beat.. Plus, as you can see, Grace had to do them with me. She always does. We even having her doing push-ups already. What choice does she have with 2 sailor parents. :-)

Core training was:
2x15 Twisting Crunches - 1 clockwise, 1 counter (on stability ball)
2x10 Twisting Crunches (same)
2x20 Elbow Bridge
2x20 Hip Raises (lifts)
2x60 sec each Prone Planks
2x15 Side planks (Each side)
2x50 Flutter kicks (aka alternating leg raises) EOD communities love these, so I'm used to these.
2x20 Crunches
2x20 Side crunches

My tail is whooped and my abs hurt... I LOVE it.

David is out riding right now for a Silent ride to honor all the people killed on their bicycles, and to bring awareness of the amount of cyclists in the upstate. It's a 12 mile ride, single file, max 12mph, about 200 people expected. My friends and fellow bloggers Scott, & Robin and Jason are with David. I wish I could have went, but, I'm home with munchkin. I really didn't feel comfortable with Grace being in the trailor behind David's bike on an highway. We're having fun though!


Marcy said...

Totally OT but I read your comment over on teacherwoman's blog and I checked out that link, it looks pretty good. I think I'm going to pick up the book. Thanks!

Ohhh I hear ya on the abs bit. Mine separated while I was pregnant (ie: Big Momma gained so much weight it was going to be a miracle if they didn't LOL ) and ever since then I've been weird about doing crunches (ok . . . that's a lie, I'm just a lazy POS :P )

After reading your blog, I always feel so lazy in comparison LOL. GREAT WORKOUT!!!

Awwwhhh the little munchkin looks so cute!! They're hilarious at this age. It's so funny to watch them try and copy you.

David said...

It's funny, Grace says "I wanna get corn" when she's trying to do some exercise ball core stuff.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Your routine for the abs sounds good...have you been doing it long? Where did you find the workout?

Marcy said...

That's a girl!!! I don't know how anyone can keep at the recommended 25-30 pounds. I did 75 pounds with both kids :-X :-X Totally sucks because I've been a "diet" for the past 2 out of 3 years and now I'm finally done (unless I get pg again and I'd have to jab my eyes out. 2 is enough for me LOL)

Wes said...

I so need to work my core and upper body. I was looking at Wendy's PT test (wendyspace413.blogspot.com) and remembering I had to do 1.5 miles in 12 minutes back in the day. I think I would die trying to do that now :-)

I noticed last night that while I was swimming, the first 4-6 laps, I am on top of the water, gliding effortlessly with great form and comfort. Then it degenerates into monotonous struggling. Our goal is to extend that period of fishiness longer everytime we swim.

Gotta Run..... said...

Way to hit the ad work!! Having Grace beside you should be fun.

We regrets for not making the ride last night. With all the rain towards our house we decided on cycle class at the last minute. Rats!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness- that pic of sweet Grace is too cute!!

Wait, she makes crunches look easy... and with a smile on her face!