A "Nice" run & a little strength focus

Yesterday afternoon, I went out for a 4-5 mile run. I just set out to run, with no specific pace or distance in mind, which was more relaxing. Of course, when training starts again 6/1, it will be different. For now, this is working and I am enjoying it. I feel that this way, I won't get burned out. In fact, I'm starting to really enjoy the runs again, like I did a few months ago. I did a 4.2 mile loop near my house, with winds around 13-15 (I'm guessing) and I just closed my eyes while it was hitting me or looked down - "No big deal - afterall, I'm doing my marathon in the windy city" and got through it. I picked my pace up a bit on the back side of the run, which is a nice stretch of 1.5 on a great running road several of us use a lot. After I returned home to look at my pace - I was smiling because of an improvement of pace, with a small increase in distance. 9:31 pace.

Today - Lunch --
I headed to the gym for a quick full body strength session. I've read and researched so much lately on strength training for runners to get a good schedule down, that I can alter every now and then depending on the day/burnout. I've been sporadically doing free weights at home when I have extra time. But, now I want it in a regular schedule once a week, maybe 2. So, doing a full body routine is what I read as best for runners, that are focused on a specific running plan. So, here is what I did today... It will be changed up a little soon though.

To warmup, I hopped on the treadmill to do 5 min at a 8:58 pace.
dumbbell curls - 3 x 15 (8lb)
1-arm dumbbell rows - 3 x 15 (8lb)
dumbbell bench press - 3 x 15 (8lb)
side raises - 2 x 15 (8lb)
squats - 3 x 15 (10lb)
lunges - 3 x 15 (10lb)
Hopped on the bike to do 5 min, all out - 1.19 miles. Just pushing my legs fast after those squats and lunges - Loved the burn!

To top it all off - 100 curl-ups/30 push-ups

It felt good to get back in the gym, and lucky for me, I can do this workout at lunch as well. David and I used to eat out 2/3 times a week at lunch, now it is rare for us to eat out once a week. It's all working out!!! and I enjoy it much better. I do have to hurry though, don't want to take too advantage of the flexibility I have. So, I don't stop by the house anymore, and I bring in lunch from home in the AM.

Today I have a DR appt at 3:30, for my blood pressure. In March, at the YMCA, It was tested and Christine told me it was on the high side - to "monitor it", which I haven't until the other day, then again today - it is high. So, I'm getting it checked out today. Wish me luck...


David said...

You'll be fine at the doctor, I'm sure of it. I'll have to call ahead and get him to prescribe you a little "sumthin-sumthin" 3-5 times a week. ;-)

Unknown said...

Great job with the workouts! It sounds like you are getting some really good instruction for your swimming. It really is all about technique...more like a golf swing than running or cycling. Good luck with the doctor...nothing but good news I hope.

Marcy said...

You sound like me with the sporadic free weights. Uggghhhh I just can't get into it. I'm sure it would help me a good deal though. Good for you getting in a plan with them!

Good luck with the Dr!!

Wes said...

Hey David! I hear sex is a great way to lower blood pressure. I'll call Mendy and prescribe her THAT l'il sumthin sumthin! LOL. Hope you can handle 3-5 times a week without ruining your tri-career :-)