Some swimming and getting back to the track!

Swim 500 Yds; about 16:00min
Yesterday, was my usual Wednesday Lunch swim in the (still COLD) pool... My goal was watching and focusing on my technique. I felt great swimming, however I still knew there wasn't something right. After I completed my swim, the lifeguard came over and asked if she could give me some advice. I welcomed it, especially since she's a swimmer and I'm open to learning to become better, more efficient. Even though, I'm coming out of the water on my right side, and entering the same way, I'm bringing my head out of the water at an angle instead of keeping my head (left ear) in the water, which is pushing my body down in the water too. So, I'm still not level with the water. She said "I know you have the endurance, because you're working so hard to come out of the water, when you just need to barely bring your head out of the water" - She was right!!! of course... I did another lap taking her advice. But, then I started taking in more water, but, I could feel that if I get that down to a science, then I wouldn't be working so hard in the pool, therefore, becoming efficient then ... faster!

Like Chad said in my blog the other day, it's all about technique, more so than running and cycling. The lifeguard said something similar, "If you go out for a run, using wrong form, you can still improve on time. It's not like that with swimming". It's all science. David sent me this link the other day about swimming. It has some great videos.

Today - Lunch - Track Speedwork
800m Warm-up time unknown
400m - time unk
800m - 3:54
400m - 1:54 - The last 400m I did was 1/16 (1:50) - Just 4 seconds off.
800m - 3:53
800m cool-down - 4:43
Today for lunch, was a healthy entree of Track. I left work and got half way home (which is about a mile), and realized I didn't have my Garmin. Usually, I wouldn't mind, however - it is track work and we do it to improve our speed. I NEED my Garmin. So, I headed back really quick. After changing, I headed over to the track. It was a beautiful day to be out. Wind was about 5-6 mph, and around 76 degrees. NICE....I hit start on my Garmin, for my warmup (Yes, I record it too) and when I got back around the 2nd lap, went to hit stop ---- and ---- Garmin was dead... ahhh crap. Well, after my 1st 400, I realized duhhh... my nano has a stopwatch. So, I used it for the remaining laps.

I did trackwork last on 23 Apr, then the last time before that was during Half training, back in Jan. The last time I did an 800 on 4/23, I did 3 of them (4:05, 4:13, 4:22) and back in Jan, my 800m was 4:01, So WOW!!!! :-) Today was under 4 minutes (TWICE!). I'm a little excited.

So, overall I don't think I lost any of the speed work, just maybe some pace on the long runs, which I'll build back up in the coming weeks. My fatigue had gotten the best of me, and like, my friend, Robin talked about in her blog the other, about loving the feeling of fatigue. I know what she means. I love track work, but, I hate it too. At the end of the last 800, I had heavy fatigue then I had to start my cool-down. This fatigue felt fantastic, even though I didn't think I could keep going!

Tonight, I have swim lessons and am looking forward to more constructive criticism. I'd like to get there a little early to do a few good laps before we start. And, the pool - Yea, still VERY cold.

BTW, my blood Pressure was fine when I went to the DR. It seems that this machine at work may be a ~little~ off.

Thanks for listening!


Gotta Run..... said...

Great track workout!! Sounds like you left all you had out there. Perfect!!

I hate when you seem to spend more getting set for the run to only find that your battery is dead!! Rats.

Enjoy swim tonight. You are a learning machine.

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job on the track work Mendy very impressive times. Thanks for the great swimming link!

Wes said...

Here's a useful pointer for you or two :-)

1. When you swim, look straight down at the bottom of the pool. Your head is like a spear. Keep the point pointed at the wall.

2. Keep your chin tucked against your chest. When it comes time to breath, don't turn your head, rotate your body on your side and keep your chin tucked. You should almost be looking down the side of your body when you open your mouth to breath in. You should have exhaled under the water.

When you go to breath you should be at the beginning of your glide. This will help you "not sink".

Keep workin it! It is SO much fun and we only get better!!!

Marcy said...

GREAT JOB!!!! Kickin some butt in that track work! I'd definitely be thrilled with those times! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who records their warm ups too! I was just thinking this morning "Seriously, who does this? I should stop" :P Now I feel better hehe