Back running!

Finally... it seems like forever since I've hit the pavement, when it's only been since last thurs. So, had to take it easy on today's run.

BUT FIRST...during lunch, I went swimming, but, without kicking any to let my calf still heal. I used the pull buoy again the entire time. This swim was one of the best times I've had in the pool, doing laps. I felt entirely comfortable, focusing on breathing and arm technique, and pushing my hips forward with every stroke. I even got a compliment from Pam, the lifeguard and a great triathlete (who gave me constructive criticism about a week ago). She said I was still lifting my head in the beginning, but after a few laps - I got it right, and looked level in the water. I could tell that I wasn't struggling either. I did a 4 count stroke before breathing, then 2 ct, and did that the entire 21 laps. David was there in the lane beside me, flying by me, and made me look like I was sitting still in the water. Doesn't do much for my ego!

I'm still swimming 500yds first and clocking it, then continuing on until I feel too tired or my time runs out before I need to head back to work. Comparing Monday to today:
Monday - 500yds - 16:17 (3:15/100yds) 19 laps = 950yds = 30:18 (3:11/100yds)
Today - 500yds - 14:06 (2:49/100yds) 21 laps = 1050yds = 29:52 (2:50/100yds)

Yes, still slow, but it's a nice feeling to know I'm improving, and to be enjoying it as well!

Run 4 miles
After work, I went out for a short, easy (recovery) run. I needed a recovery, since I hurt my calf, and I haven't ran since last Thursday. It was right at 5:15pm, when I went out - so all jerks were on the road, and like David mentioned there are those lazy, "I don't care about anyone on the road but me" people, who while I'm running opposite traffic, are pulling out right, but only look left - I am coming up on the right. So, they don't see me. If I don't make eye contact with them in the car, I make a dead stop. I don't trust those people! I've almost gotten hit a few times because of this. Anyway, I have been putting biofreeze (GREAT stuff without the stink that my ICY hot has) on my calf since thur. I sometimes put Icy hot on my shins before a run, because It makes the shin splits I sometimes get feel better while running. I haven't in a while.. and dare I do it in the house, hubby can't stand the smell. But anyway, Biofreeze - GREAT. However, not good with my mosquito bites on my legs. Sorta burns! So, take note! Biofreeze & mosquito bites don't mix.

Great run, a little harder than I wanted it to be, but, I'm okay with it. Gonna do track on Friday.

Okay - so I've done lots of abs once/week for the last 2 wks. And the day after, everytime I laugh - they hurt!! So, not good that I'm sitting here watching SNL (and it's the SNL in the 90's).


David said...

Made me feel like a slacker, but a gigantic DosXX at the Mexican restaraunt helped ease the concern.

Wes said...

Nice job on the improvement!! At least there is a method to your madness :-) I just get out there and flail away in the pool. The recovery round sounds so smart. Have David drink a few more DosXX and you'll be lapping him in no time ;-)

Marcy said...

Sounds like a GREAT workout!!! I've never heard of Biofreeze before, hmmmmmm probably something that I'll have to look into at some point or another LOL Glad to see you're slowly getting easing back into things ;D ;D

Gotta Run..... said...

What a difference on your swim times. You are doing GREAT GIRL!!! Give yourself a high five on your progress.

Glad to see you running again. I know you were ready to hit the road.

teacherwoman said...

I am so impressed with your two-a-days! Nice job!

J~Mom said...

Great job improving in the pool!! I need to try to time what I am swimming. I think I might ask Dh to time for me. LOL Since I get get the laps on my watch to work.

Unknown said...

Great job with the swim and the run. Any improvement is always good. I hope you get to feeling 100% soon.