Back in the gym... Hooyahh...

I can't just sit still anymore during lunch... MUST do something.

I went to the gym and did the following:
Warm-Up - 10 min Eliptical (83 cal burn, .77 mi)
Strength Train (high reps/low weights)
3x15 dumbbell curls (8lbs)
3x15 1-arm dumbbell row (8lbs)
3x15 dumbbell bench press (8lbs)
3x15 side raises (8lbs)
3x12 squats (8lbs)
3x12 lunges (8lbs)
20 Push-ups

2x15 twisting crunches clockwise, & counter (on ball)
2x20 hip raises
2x20 crunches
2x20 side crunches
2x50 flutter kicks
2x60 sec prone plank (these suck at the end of the workout)

So, didn't plan on doing any lower body going into the gym, but I did lower the weights on the squats and lunges. The squats felt fantastic, however, the lunges, I could feel the tightness in my calf, and just kinda took it slow. Great workout, but, didn't fit in all my core training I wanted to accomplish, because of time.

David had to go to the track alone today - I blew off our date. :-( I really don't need to be doing track until I'm more healed - thinking about doing track friday. Interested in seeing his times out there today.


Gotta Run..... said...

Once fitness is in your blood it is hard to rest!! The early a.m. run was so peaceful and I have felt great all day. Just do it girl!!

Do realize that your profile says you were born in 1932? You sure look young to be 75 years old. LOL!!

Jason The Running Man said...

Great strength work Mendy! I'm with you, I just can't seem to sit still at lunch anymore. Today I had a class so no workout at lunch but will be tonight!

David said...

Very smart workout: low weight - high rep. Way to go, even if you stood me up. :p

Gotta Run..... said...

Mellow Mushroom is was!!! YUM!!

Neese said...

oh goodness, you mean people do squats WITH weights! :-o

nice work!

Marcy said...

Awesome job!! Geez, would've never known you're injured!! Did you see that guy yet? Was it today? I'm so out of it!

Whoooaaaaaa, I hope you plan on paying David back in some form or fashion ;) hehe

J~Mom said...

Great job on your strength work!!