Moretti's vs Workout?

Jason (aka, my boss): Mendy, we're going to Moretti's (GREAT Italian restaurant) for lunch, want to go?
Mendy: No, uhh... Gotta get on the bike today.
Jason: You can ride your bike to Moretti's. (btw, it's like 1 1/2 to Moretti's from work)
Mendy: Nah, I'll pass.

Now, this is hard. I LOVE good food, and I especially LOVE Italian food and LOVE The Italian Flag pizza from Moretti's, but, for once - I didn't think twice about my decision which was.... going to the gym and did the following:

Bike 7.17 miles/30:00/14.34 avg pace
Run 1.10 miles/10:00/9:07 avg pace
40 curl-ups, 40 abs hip raises, 25 real push-ups

So, the bike - I chose to take it easy and selected the fat burning method since I'm still trying to shed some weight and I did have swim lessons this evening. I also chose reading material to be my new Running book, " Run Less, Run Faster". This is the book based on the Furman's FIRST program about running 3 days a week, which includes speed work (track), tempo, and long runs. I used this program (somewhat) for my half and enjoyed it. My plan was given to me by Robin whom I'm HIGHLY thankful to for helping me get on a good running plan for that race. I'm also using her Marathon plan which is based on FIRST as well, with slight modifications because of the tri. Basically, you run 3x/wk and cross-train 2x/wk, which is what I need for my upcoming training schedule in Jun because I'll be training for a Marathon and a Sprint Triathlon at the same time until mid August. Back to the book (yes, I get long-winded)... I got 14 pages into it and really like it, even though I know what the program is about - I'm interested in what it says. I like the concept....
"The underlying concept of the FIRST training approach is quality over quantity. Most runners measure their training by the number of miles run, rather than how those miles were run." Had I thought about this during my Half training, I would have pulled a faster time. Oh well. Reading made the 30:00 fly by.

After I got off the bike, I got on the treadmill. Now, if you know anything about ME, you know that I'm not a spontaneous exerciser. I have to have a plan, and if I'm out running with a group that wants to at the end of a run, add another mile or two - it screws with my head so much... I like to plan, and go out knowing what I'm doing that day, and accomplish that. SO - Yeah... I got on the treadmill and had a fantastic 1 mile run. I know this isn't quite simulating a Brick, because they were machines not my road bike, or pavement, BUT, I just wanted to see how it felt. With the advice of David in his tri's, I started off with a very short stride in the beginning minute, then picked up the pace and stride. Great (very) short run. I finished my visit off with 40 crunches, 40 ab hip raises, and 25 push-ups.

Right this moment, I'm beat down. I'm so tired from my day. After work, the family and I headed over to the gym to meet with our Wellness Works counselor, to get our fitness tested which include Bodyfat%, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal tests, and flexibility. I scored above average on everything but bodyfat, which I did improve on. It's just a SLOW process. I won't bore you with the rankings, scores, etc. But, I came out of the office smiling and onto my swim lessons.

PM: Swim Lessons (1250yds)

Great lessons! I did start kicking again, and what a difference it was - I had been using the pool buoy since I hurt my calf. I was pampered with the pool buoy. So, we did sooo many types of drills tonight working on arms, kicking, core, breathing, etc. We ended up completing 1250yds, the most I've ever done at a time. I am whooped though, and turning in in a few minutes.

So, David and I grabbed some supper, and I even contemplated about running home from the restaurant - for about 30 sec, ONLY 30 sec - and then thought I was CRAZY! Next time, though.

YAH!!! It's friday tomorrow!!! Night-Nights....


J~Mom said...

Great job with all of your working out today! When I stepped off the bike tonight I really wanted to try a short run. I can't yet but I can't wait to see what that even feels like.

I will be training for a sprint and a half at the same time as well this fall so I will follow your progress. :>)

David said...

You've improved so much in so little time with your swimming. I'm very proud of you! And I'm digging that we both have this new-found fitness freak mentality. Such a great example for Grace.

Marcy said...

Good girl skipping out on the Italian!! I would've had the HARDEST time passing that up LOL

I'm such a dip, I've been meaning to pick up that book! I passed on getting it though Amazon because the thinking was "Ugghhh do I want to wait the extra couple days for them to ship it to me when we have a Border's Bookstore down the street" And I still have YET to pick it up LOL I should have just went the Amazon route, huh? Hopefully tonight I'll swing by and pick it up. It looks like something I could work with considering that I only run 3X's a week and do cross training 2X's just because that's what fits my husband's work schedule the best.

I'm glad that your Fitness test came out good!! GREAT job on the workout!!!

Wes said...

I did my half using Galloway's three day a week plan, and I too swam and biked one day a week. That suits me just fine. Although, Galloway doesn't want me doing speed work my first year.

The whole purpose of a brick is to train your muscles to transition from one exercise to another, so going from bike to treadmill absolutely counts! Muscles were running, weren't they :-)

While I haven't seen you swimming from the beginning, looks to me like you are kicking buttocks!!

Gotta Run..... said...

I am a planner when it comes to running. I like to know where an how far I will be running most days. Every now and then I just make turns at will and just let my feet guide me. it can be fun if you are in the right mood.

Glad to hear that you are smilling from your Wellness appt. Keep on track and you will reach all of your goals!!! I think you are doing a great job Mendy!

Thanks for the shout out. you know I will offer and knowledge I have any time.

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job with all your workouts! You are really dialed in to pass up Italian and especially Moretti's! Awesome job!

Tiffany said...

Wow- super impressive passing on the Italian. I am full steam ahead on Chicago training now... can you believe it will be here in just over 4 months???

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Great effort on the brick Mendy...and the decision on the is so easy to be tempted isn't it.
Now that we know you are a planner and that we can mess with your know that we will....*S*