My crappy 5 miles.... :-)

Monday, I tentatively scheduled 10 miles, since I didn't do a long run on Sunday. I had ALL intentions of doing 10. It was a 2.5 out from my house, 2.5 back, and again. Well, 1.5 into it, I was feeling the heat, and really thirsty. I was literally dragging. The heat got to me, that's all I can say. Oh well... by the time I was back to drink my (only) 10 oz., I was beat. I can blame it on the heat, or my knee hurting, or me being too dehydrated, the wind, etc. But, it was just a BAD run. No excuses.

I honestly felt like donating my running shoes ... But,

Next run will be better! (It can't get any worse)


Neese said...

aw i think that just happens, next time you'll be in love with running again :) keep the shoes!

teacherwoman said...

We all have bad runs. And then we have awesome runs. It's the awesome runs that keep us coming back for more. On top of that, it's usually the crappier runs that we end up learning something new... about running... or ourselves.

jeanne said...

if it wasn't for the bad runs, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones, right? someone smart told me that once, and I've never forgotten it!