Time to get serious!

Here goes. Time for embarrassment and to show my weak points.

I've been talking about trimming down for quite some time now, but, with almost no action. I can say almost, because I haven't quite ate everything in my site. I have "watched it" sometimes. I need to loose about 25 lbs and this is going to be my journey. This blog is going to keep me accountable for weight-loss, then to train for Chicago.

For starters: I've GOT to get back running. My running has taken a huge backseat to everything else in my life lately and truthfully, as much as I don't want to admit it, I miss it.

On the same level of importance, I've GOT to start watching everything I eat, so I will be recording everything I take in, so I can see where the breakdown is on paper (or in my spreadsheet).

It is so hard to admit to people I care about, family, friends, that I keep falling off my weight loss wagon, but, I do - constantly, and now is the time to really care about this more than ever.

June 1 is when my Marathon training starts and I want to be toned, fit, and I will. I will loose 25 lbs starting NOW and have until then to reach my goal or at least close to it. Since I haven't been successful at keeping myself accountable, I'm using my blog to do it. Maybe it will help - maybe not, but, I'm willing to try. Even if noone reads it, I will still feel like I'm being held accountable.

As far as PT today - Swimming 500 yards at lunch and Run 1.8 after work (would have been longer had it not been for the rain - I didn't know if it was going to just start pouring or not).

Well, that's it, I suppose. I am going to try to report daily, just to help myself stay true.

I have to admit that at dinner tonight at Mellow Mushroom (a fantastic hippy pizza place here in town), it was hard not to have pizza, but I had a fantastic salad!


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In the sky, above the clouds said...

Hello! I was just doing some google searches when I can across your blog. And I just had to leave you a note because I am in the same boat! I've started to lose weight more times than I can remember and it seems like right when I really start lossing something goes amuck and I gain it all back, maybe even with a few extra lbs as a parting gift! Blogging does help. As long as you blog and are honest with yourself. So good luck and I can't wait to hear how things go.
By the way what Marathon are you training for?