My boring workouts plus March stats & April's goals!

I haven't blogged my workouts lately, probably because they seem, umm, boring to me. Here's a quick rundown:
A week ago, I left work early for a circuit training. Other people tend to leave just to leave - I go to workout. Love it! I have really enjoying doing cardio circuit, but decided to change it up a little.

Fri - 23rd - 5 min treadmill all out
25 squats (12lb weights) - 25 lunges (12lbs)
10 min elliptical
25 squats (12lbs) - 25 lunges (12lbs)
10 min bike (my change from the treadmill); interval setting
20 push-ups / 100 curl-ups

Sat - Rest

Sun - Jason and I decided to do a 11 mile run at Donaldson Center. Well, I decided to change our plans and run our awesome downtown. It was gorgeous. However, we planned to meet after I returned from Church. Well, of course I needed some fuel, so David, the munchkin and I went to eat Italian food, and get this - it was a buffet. That's all I need to say. We went home, changed really quick and headed out in different cars - David took Grace on a bicycle ride (she was in the trailer behind his bike), and I met Jason in the park. We started off and not even a mile into it, my calf gave me trouble, then 2 miles, it was the heat. Well, to make this a quick ending to the story, the heat was around 90, with the beginning of pollen season. What a horrible run!!! It was so bad, that we cut it short down to almost 6 miles. It was one of the worst runs I've had in a long time.

Mon - 26th - David & I went for a morning run with both of us doing about 2.5 miles. For now, I'm going to do a lot of short runs in preparation for my Navy PRT coming up. I want to be faster on the 1.5 miles. And, it wouldn't hurt to have a PR on a 5K soon! :-) Overall, excellent run, and it was on an empty stomach! Great run for burning fat. Love it!

In the afternoon, David and I went for a bike ride. David does these all the time and is very good at cycling, and especially around our area. We have lots of hills. Well, I was nervous going out because I haven't ridden around traffic much, and especially at rush-hr. It was nerve wrecking for me in the first 4 miles. Nonstop traffic, while climbing hills. I was a mess, acting like a baby, whining. Anyway, after I calmed down some - I ended up doing better towards the end of the ride, and despite me asking David several times to go get the car and come pick me up, I ended the ride on the bicycle at the house! 14 miles - Check! I'll do better next time.
BTW, My husband was a real champ encouraging me, and blocking cars from coming TOO close to me. Very supportive! I think I'll keep him. :-)

Tues 27th - We swam on our lunch hr. 500 yards. It was a slow swim too, I think due to the pollen. Both of us struggled.

Wed 28th - Spinning 60 min with Jeni. Great class!

Today - Run 2.4 on lunch hr. I actually did a decent pace, that I'm happy with. Want to get that pace lower though!

March Totals:
Running -> 51 miles
Spinning -> 4 times
Swimming -> 3 times
Circuit -> 3 times
Cycling -> 21.1 miles

Apr Goals:
Running -> 60 miles
Spinning -> 4 times
Swimming -> 8 times
Circuit -> 4 times
Cycling -> 28 miles
Pilates -> 2 times

Fun, Fun - Adios!

Oh, BTW - If you are an American Idol or Chris Sligh fan, check out the post below!

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Neese said...

Hi Mendy :)

I considered running that Furman 5k and attending the "track extravaganza" happening that weekend, but we've decided to head to Panama City Florida for that Easter Weekend to visit my father in law.

We will HAVE to get together sometime though for sure! Once I get over this cold/allergy thing I want to set something up.

Have a great weekend!