Weird to say this, but I'm glad it's Monday. I actually look forward to Monday's after my reserve weekends. I'm tired, exhausted, my brain hurts from taking a 2-hr advancement exam, and now I smell of chlorine while I slouch in my cubie. I'm drained, my mind is drained, and my legs hurt a little, too. I'm looking forward to getting things back to normal this week at work and at home, then comes another trip Friday afternoon to Beaufort, SC.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Grace. It seems as soon as she got her medicine, she started to feel better and hasn't complained about her ears since. She's on it for 10 days, and is taking it like a champ. Must be delicioso.

As much as I seem to complain about Drill weekends, it's really not that bad. I'm in a leadership role and it can be a little babysitting, but my department seems really squared away and self-sufficient. And, I'm busy the entire time I'm there, so it goes by pretty fast. I've got some responsibility thrown back into my lap over the weekend for the next few months. A job I gladly resigned from 6 months ago that I held for over 4 yrs. I think having that title for that long was holding me back from advancement, so I had to move on. Anyway, it's going to be a busy month for me to get ready to facilitate the Fitness test for the entire center next month. It's a mountain of paperwork, and tracking spreadsheets, etc. So, all in all - I enjoy what I do, Love the Navy, and am proud to serve my Country. It's just draining to work 5 days, drill 2 days, then back to work for 5 days, and this week, Sat is a triathlon.

Saturday was a planned bike ride with a friend from work. But, the 22 mph wind threw that out the window. I couldn't just not do anything, and the pool closed at 4. So, I opted for 35 min of strength training (including 3 planks :-) ) and 30 min of Pilates. It's all in the log.

My friend and I rode the Donaldson Center loop yesterday, and David even made it back in time from Atlanta to join us. His ride was leisurely, occasionally sticking his bum in the air to show us his spandex. We did the loop twice, and my bike computer decided not to work for the first 1-2 miles, then I screwed it up when we got back by hitting it again, before our run. So, I don't have an accurate time/exact distance. But, we estimated. Afterwards, friend and I ran 1 mile.

Bike (really reals roads) 14.6 miles ~1 hr
Run 1 mile (10:04)

Today I swam at lunch and it wasn't great. I had time issues again, but with my watch. During a lap somewhere near the end of the swim I must have hit stop, somehow. A great triathlete, swimmer, and Y lifeguard, Pam, gave me pointers on my stroke. Apparently, I was bringing my right arm all the way back but was cutting my left stroke short, bringing my arm out of the water in the middle, instead of following the stroke through. Who knew? So, after she told me to try it that way - It felt awesome. I could feel a difference, felt stronger during the entire stroke, and felt more level to the water. Amazing! I welcome her swimming tips. I think I sped up some too, but not sure. I will swim 1 more time before the tri this Sat, probably in my tri get-up.

500 yds - 13:06
250 yds - ~5:24

So, 5 more days before Big Parris Island Triathlon. It is a filled triathlon, capped at 500 participants and the first one of the season for the SC tri series. More importantly, (Yes, I'm biased), it's the 1st tri for team TYB Racing . There are quite of few doing the event so it should be fun! A few local friends doing the tri are Chris, and Eric, great guys! I'm a bit nervous, but feel more prepared than I was last Aug at Greenville tri. I don't think I'm totally prepared for this, but am expecting and WILL absolutely push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Tonight, Grace gets to get on her bike and ride. She's excited about it and of course, I'll take pictures.

Congrats to bloggers: Lisa, Tayrn and Karen for having an awesome Half-Marathon event that turned out very positive for all! Jess and Michelle had fantastic 4 mile races that ended with PR's and speedy times!!! You all are winners!


Marcy said...

Sounds like you've been one busy lady!

I'm glad that Grace is feeling better :-) You're right, it's hard when they're sick. Not just because "ohhh it's my baby she's sick" but the whole whine factor that goes along with it ROFLMAO! It's the McG Sister Whinefest in this house :P

I can't believe the tri is in 5 days!! Holy Mother! You're going to do awesome, I'm certain of it ;D ;D

Wes said...

Nothing like a little triathlon to help you rest and recover :-) Glad Marcy beat me to the first comment too!!

Jess said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

You are always so unbelievably busy that I can't imagine fitting everything you do in. Tell me, do you and David have ADHD?

Nancy said...

Oh busy girl. Stay healthy. You are amazing.

I swear I thought Jess was going to ask if you ever have sex not if you have ADHD. Oops. My mind is apparently in the gutter today. :D
On the other hand, it WAS Jess!! :D

Good luck on the tri - I will be pouring over the report for pointers!!!!

Viv said...

Thanks Mendy for serving our country! The really real road, hahaha!
Glad Grace is feeling better.How exciting Grace on the bike, how can the lil cutie not be a natural :)
I can not believe the tri is 5 days away, I am so excited for you. Please try to get some rest and kick those legs up between now and than.

My Life said...

Ohhhh I'm excited for you and your tri this weekend! The first post I ever read of yours was your post after your very first tri - and I was a hooked reader! :)

Marcy said...

Thanks for the lowdown chica! I looked and still don't see anything. BAH! It's funny because I saw your last template while I was surfing for a new one. I was like "oooo there's Mendy's old one. Ok these ones will probably work then" LOL I think I'm just going to sign up for an external widget that does the math for me LMAO! Thanks again!

Lily on the Road said...

Holy, I'm exhausted just reading about what you've done this week, yes, nothing like a Tri for R&R.

LMAO, I guess Nancy has been running with "sex" on her mind, from Marcy's previous blog.....too funny.....

Glad you were able to enjoy the view of the new spandex....

Good luck with the Tri!

Paul said...

Good luck with your Tri!! How did Grace's bike ride go?

Pokey said...

So excited for you Mendy!!!! You are going to be FANTASTIC at your TRI!

Glad Grace is feeling better too :)

RunnerGirl said...

Can't wait to hear how your tri goes this weekend, good luck!

David said...

You've been putting in the effort, and this is going to be a great race! Can't wait to cheer you across the line. :-)

Neese said...

best wishes on the tri!!
and, oh Mendy your comment had me about teared up, little Grace asking about Neese. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Have a great week and weekend :) xo

J~Mom said...

How in the world did I get so behind on your blog? Sorry chicka!

It sounds like your training is going great! I can't wait to hear about the tri!!