It is what it is

I know. I haven't been around much lately. But, I got 'scuses. We've had a lot going on this week. I've been in a class all week for work, and although I'm excused from my cube, I'm not excused from my work. So, I have let a lot slide, and need to get back on track. It also doesn't help that I have my reserve weekend this weekend, but I think it will go eventful less and hopefully quickly. :-)

I took too many rest days this week, that I shouldn't have, but other things come up and from the mouth of a co-worker "It is what it is". Tuesday was an unplanned day off from exercise. As I went into class that morning, I started to feel some back pain in my upper right side of my back, right behind my lungs. I then started to notice that every time I took a bigger breath than normal, my back would hurt. As the day went on, it got worse to the point of, every time I moved the right side of my body, I would get a shooting pain. To spare all the painful details, I'll just say that after I got home, David made me lay down on the floor on my tummy, and he sat on my back and just pushed on the area that was hurting, over and over again. I was crying like a baby and thus, Grace was yelling at David "Don't hurt my mommy".... Poor lil' thing, she though he was beating me. Anyway, he gave me a muscle relaxer and I was out by 8:30 pm. I woke up Wed feeling better but not 100%. I still have some pain there, but it isn't bad at all. Thankfully.

So, Wed I went to swim and almost lost it at the pool. There were 2 lanes only available for lap swimming and I waited for 20-25 min for a half lane. I was getting ready to bail, but when I got my flick-flacks (what Grace calls flip-flops) on, someone finally got out. I only had a few minutes to swim. It's unfortunate, because I was feeling good and felt as if I could have gone another 750 yds, or even more. Too bad.

750 yds - 19:53

To top off the crap I went through, Grace woke up in the middle of Wed night/Thur morning with her ear hurting. So, David took her into the Dr yesterday morning and yup - ear infection. I was out with her yesterday afternoon and didn't get a run/workout in. So, after dropping her off at her own Disney World earlier (aka Grandma's), I got home to a cool, misty, low wind evening and headed outside. Glad I did, because I had a decent feeling 4 miler. So, thank you - new shoes!


Looks like a lot of racing going on this weekend. It's weird so many 4 miler races going on: Marcy, Jess and Michelle.
Also, for those half-marathoners out there, Lisa, Karen, and Tayrn. Good Luck and have fun!! I know you all will do fantastic!!! Can't wait to read your reports.

The only race I'll be running this weekend is to see how quick I can exit the Navy Reserve center on Sunday!

Of to some bloggin', and getting ready for my early morning. I hope to have a nice day tomorrow for some bike riding, and a brick. If not, it's trainer time! Blah....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Ciao


Marcy said...

Thanks for the shout out chica! I dunno the weather forecast for up in these parts aren't looking too good. Ice storm or something. We shall see what the morning brings ;-)

Man, I'm sorry about Grace. Ear infections are never fun. Hope she gets better soon. Hang in there lady!

Unknown said...

Good job on your run in the new shoes.

Sorry kiddo has an ear infection. I don't miss that part of those days...but they sure are cute at that age. :)

David said...

That was an awesome run! Maybe you should get sponsored by Mizuno and get a new pair of kicks each week. :-)

Have a great weekend. I'll be back soon.

Viv said...

Great run, & swim Mendy! Just gorgeous numbers!
I hope Grace gets better real soon. sorry about that back pain, I did had to giggle when Grace got upset though. They are so protective of us. I hope your reserve weekend goes by quick and painless!

Nancy said...

Life happens like that sometimes. You did good to still get some time in. Congrats for perservering. I'm glad David wasn't beating you up! Poor Grace.

Hang in there, I'll send you some good thoughts that the weekend goes fast for you. You are amazing for doing it!! :D

rxervin said...

Poor Grace! That stinks.

Keep up the great work outs. You're such a motivator to me.

PS-check out my blog. Lot's has been going on here, too.

Love Ya!

Wes said...

Stupid Blogger! Been trying to comment all day :-) You've been working hard, chica! Hang in there!!! That's really cool you managed to work in some me time too!!

teacherwoman said...

You have been super busy! Life gets in the way sometimes... sometimes we just have to make the most of it!

Nice job on the run! :)

Lily on the Road said...

I know that I left a comment on here, Bad Blogger!

Poor little Sweet-Pea, hope Grace is feeling better soon.

Hope you're getting through your time with the Navy...

Jess said...

Thanks for the shout-out. 4 milers are popular in March. Ya know, with St Paddy's and everything.

Good job on the workouts you were able to fit in. Hope Grace's ear infection is clearing up!

Neese said...

NICE splits on that run! Hope the reserves went alright this weekend and you can have a relaxing Sunday night.

Eric said...

Maybe David should go to Chiropractic school! :-P See y'all Saturday!

sunshine said...

Great splits!

Hope the weekend went by quickly for you and life gets back to "normal" soon.

Take care!

My Life said...

"it is what is is" got me through sooooo many days at work, I can't even tell you! Great motto!

Hope Grace's lil ear feels better!

J~Mom said...

I am back again to finish getting caught up! LOL

Thank you for the shout out!! Look at the numbers on that 4 miler! Smoking fast! I had to sit and wait for a lane last week and I got so antsy as it ate up time...grrr...your swim looks nice and strong! 750 is great! I only did 500 and my arms hurt today. What is it with these jello arms?