I'm a triathlete now

First off - crappy pics of how butt-ugly I am below - so take caution looking directly into the screen.

I haven't updated in a while - nor have I had much opportunity to get online at ALL, lately. I'm in Long Island in a Security Network class, learning how to hack. J/k.... Seriously, very cool school with a lot of information that will lead to a security certification for me, and not only will help my Naval career, but civilian as well. So, I've had time to check my email and pay bills, and that's it...

I'm in my room now, and hope to have some down time in the evening (Of course, after we tour "The City").

But, who cares - I'm a triathlete! Regardless of my sloooooowwww times!
Tri report:
1st and foremost - Had a BLAST. Loved it. It was very cool.
2nd - Didn't do well on time as I'd like to but, #1 was wayyyy more important.
3rd - I gave a funny face or smiled at every place they were snapping pics, and thanked every volunteer and cop.

Me - before the event, nervous, with my frizzy morning hair.

I didn't have ANY bricks in my training at all. In fact, I didn't train for this hardly at all and it showed. I did work on my swimming, and rarely got on the bike, ran 0 times in the last 2 wks, and haven't biked in Quite a while. So, take it from me - If you care about time for a triathlon you may be interested in - TRAIN for it. I didn't, as I had Chicago Marathon on my mind during training. Now, I don't. So, for all those triathletes that read my blog - you're going to go "huh" when you see my times, but please know that I am happy I finished it, and with a smile.

Swim: Wow, what an event. I got into the pool area when they were still calling out 350'ish numbers, then before you know it - I hear, "413", that's me. I hurried along the wall in the pool, and it was within seconds and I, plus James Brown (Yes, his name was that), were off. I was doing well in the first 4 laps, not really trampled over - until one dude swam on top of me in a pool swim. I went southern girl on his arse, and grabbed his foot to show him, you can't swim over me, making me sink in the pool and get away with it. Sorry, just not cool. He could've passed me like the other 30 in the pool, did that didn't give an accurate time. Oh well - It probably made me swim faster. That said, I think I was VERY realist with my estimated 100m swim. However, I had a lot of people passing me. Here's the deal: I swim the 400m (same pool as the tri) on friday, at an 11:18 for 400m. I was 3 secs off of what I put in for the tri, and had tons of people pass me. I actually did the swim in 10:14, and that's including my exit from the pool and running all the way outside, and through the timing mat. So, my time was way better than estimated. I give that an A.

T1 sucked. That's it. It was 2:10 - What, you may ask what I was doing - well, got everything on good enough and was on my way out of transition, when a nice guy informed me I had my helmet on backwards. Yes, you read that right... nerves, I tell ya. Oh and I gooed for the first time, and only gagged once. Yep, I'm one of those people that like to try things for the first time ON event day. Major NO-NO. Oh well.

Okay, as far as time I was right about on where I thought I'd be. I was 1:02, and assumed (had no idea, really) I'd be at about an hr. This was an extremely hilly course and for a girl that doesn't ride her bike that much, it pretty much sucked. I got passed by a ton of people, but really enjoyed the ride through the countryside and am happy to report that at no time was I off the bike for a chain drop or a bottle drop. Yahhhh for me!!!

T2: Much faster. Then again, not as much to do. 1:38 was the time. My shoelaces were all hosed up on my running shoes. Who cares?

Run: Sucked. not gonna sugar coat it at all. I was gassed. So, after going up this gravel hill then dirt hill, then over a tiny hill and through the fence, I walked. I like running, but not so much lately and I think that played into it mentally. My friend from work caught up with me and we played the run/walk routine the entire 3 miles and it showed in my time. But, I had a great time and her and I talked the entire time, like we were on a sunday stroll. Again, time showed.... 35:11. I've never done a 5K "run" with a time like that. But, I didn't care at the time.

Maybe, my next triathlon - I'll care a little about time. That's the thing - everyone I knew there kept asking "so, how'd you do". My answer "I completed it and had fun". See - folks that's what mattered yesterday to me!!!! When we left, I still didn't know my splits and really didn't care. A big thanks goes to my hubby for taking pics and basically, taking my place at the triathlons. We switch positions this time! He was very supportive and hopes I get addicted to the sport. We'll see.... My Mom and Brother, Daniel also came out to watch and said they enjoyed it. So did Scott and Robin, and they were a great cheering squad. What fun!!!!

I had a flight at 3:30 yesterday to La Guardia, NY. I had very little time to get showered, eat a bite, and go into work to tie up some loose ends before heading to the airport. It was a long day yesterday. Today was first day of my 2 wk class, and it was great! However, my legs are feeling yesterday. Instead of resting them today - after we got back to the room, I headed to the gym and did 20min on the bike for my warmup, then because the weather is BEEE UUU tiful here (WOW, like 70's, no humidity - take that SC), I decided to go for a run. I had 2 miles in mind, well because, I had about 20 min to get back and cleaned up before we head out to din-din's. I was feeling great, that I added some on and did 3 miles, and for the first time in a while - I enjoyed my run!!! I felt no leg pain, then again - it wasn't a long run. I loved it!

We went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant in Huntington, NY and then hit a 100yr old bar for a tapped beer. Stella was yummy. Now, I'm back and ready to hit the sack for another early morning. Tomorrow, we're going to Manhattan after we get out of school. Oh, yea, I got pointed class leader, so I gotta take care of everyone and be there on the other end of the phone in case someone gets all messed up in the city. What were they thinking???? That's alright - another bullet on my Naval evaluation.

I miss reading all ya'll's blogs and will catch up tomorrow while on my breaks in class. I really wish I had some free time to read and see what you all have been up to. So, sorry bout that. I will read tomorrow!!!

Night - night's... ladies and gents.


J~Mom said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!! You are a triathlete!!!!!!!

You know what, I would much rather read a report like yours where you had fun and learned and enjoyed it then a whiny post (like my last 5K-LOL). Times will always come later...and you had a very busy and craptastic few weeks leading up to this!!

You did it and you rocked!!!!! Your swim time and every thing look fantastic to me!!! I bet David was smiling ear to ear seeing you out there!


Michelle said...

Woo hoo!! Way to go!!

I'm so glad you had a great time. The final time when you cross the finish isn't nearly as important as the journey to get there. Congrats!!!

Oh, and I think you look so awesome in your tri suit!!!

Wes said...

Way to freakin go, Mendy! Those are great times on your tri! Races bring out the best in us, and it showed on your swim and your bike. Begin gassed on the run is an oh not so uncommon feeling :-) Your transition times were really good too! Better as a matter of fact, then mine after three tris!

Congrats again! Enjoy this amazing accomplishment and have a great time in NY.

P.S. Did Dave enjoy being the photographer, or was he chomping at the bit? LOL...

Lori said...

That sounds like an awesome race! I know the times weren't what you would have hoped for, but they look pretty darn good to me. Especially after the past few weeks that you have had. I love the pictures! You look fierce out there! :)

Jess said...

Okay, I left a comment here earlier but Blogger was fuggin things up, so I guess it didn't stick. Anyway, I just said "congrats"! That's a huge accomplishment!

Marcy said...

YAY Mendy!!!! CONGRATS!!!! That is AWESOME!! You can TOTALLY tell in your pics that you were having a good time, and really that's all that matters, right? Unless you're trying to make the Olympics or something LOL So when is the next one? ;-)

Have fun in NY!! It's been cooler these past couple weeks, nice change for you I bet LOL

Gotta Run..... said...

You ROCKED your race and i am so proud of you!!! I have a feeling that it will be the first of many.

Love the photos. Sorry we could not stick around longer. What a crazy busy day for us. Really enjoyed cheering you on.

Enjoy some running minus the SC heat. YOU DOG!!!

David said...

I couldn't be more proud of you, Mendy. You did great, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And how awesome that you put up the pic with your helmet on backwards! I enjoyed cheering, but next time I hope I'm cheering as a co-participant!

Congrats, triathlete!!

Jason The Running Man said...

YOU DID IT! CONGRATS MENDY! YOU rocked it! WTG! Yeah I'm missing the cooler weather, my friday run was in the 70's up in PA. 100 degrees here today, enjoy and be careful! Again congrats on the TRI!!!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Great job finishing your first triathlon! You are right, enjoying it was the most important part and given the amount of training you were able to do, you did wonderful. Have fun in the Big Apple, and I'm so glad to hear that you were able to run without any pain. How cool is that?

Unknown said...

Great job! You did it! But I have to ask... you "gooed for the first time"? What's that?

Love Ya!

teacherwoman said...

YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE! Way to go! Even though you didn't feel you were "ready"... you did wonderfully and "smiled" through it all! High Five chica!

Michelle said...

Mendy, were you trying the Gu gel?

That stuff makes me gag, too. Blech.

I don't think it's the flavor as much as the consistency.

Mendy said...

Goo is a gel that's easy to take in events like tri's and long runs. It's just a way to fuel your body quick without having a meal. It's a gel, and they can be (to me) nasty.

I had the hammergel (rasberry) flavor, and it wasn't so bad. I had it quick (in transition), so I didn't taste most of it, and the aftertaste was gone really quick.

I've tried the goo's before, don't know which one - and said I wouldn't again, but, you know sometimes you just have to adjust. It was quick calories, which I needed. Don't know if I would have wanted to do that right before the run though.

My Life said...

Congrats on becoming a triathlete!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Wooo HOOOOOO Mendy, Big Congrats and great re-cap and pics...and whatever on what u think ur pics look like, you look great and love ur attitude about completing ur first TRI.


Tiffany said...

Way to go!!! You looked great!! I miss yall.