Lunchtime workout...

Sunday wasn't quiet the PT washout I thought it was going to be, as I did some core work at 9:30PM. See, I'm not motivated at all to run on a Saturday or Sunday evening. I had all intentions of running Sunday before Church, but woke up with the alarm and heard rain drops dropping on our window seal. Nah, it's raining, I said, even though I didn't look outside to see how MUCH it was raining. I actually like to run in the rain, but for a short distance, not 8-8.5 miles I had planning on doing. So, I hung it up and didn't do it... AT ALL all day. After Church, we ate, and headed home, let our food settle and toss the coin of which one of us was going running first. David won.

Grace was napping and I started doing our wine inventory. We got a new rack in last week that adds to the modular racks we already have, and now we need another one as we filled it up. We need to put it all in a database, so we know what we got and when it needs to be drunk. So, I'm actually pretty excited and got 1 of our racks inventoried. David thinks I'm a nerd... but we've needed to do this for a while, as we have some that have reached their age limit (some are 10 yrs old already) and unfortunately - need to be drunk. :-)

After Grace woke up from la-la land, her and I went to visit her Great-Grandma, and some of my family for a short visit. We returned and both David and I were starving... so, David mentioned Pizza. I declined as I'm convinced if I continue to eat healthy, I'll be 2 more lbs down on weigh-in day, Wed. So, we had salad - and we've sort of mastered the "big" salad at home - and they turn out delicious. I topped it off with a Honey Brown, and we were off to wash David's car. It NEEDED it soooo bad.

No, those are NOT my abs - But I WILL have them one day - soon. So, guilt sunk in and when we returned - I just couldn't not do anything exercise-wise today. So, I do core work (30min) once a week, and decided that since it was so late, I could get it completed for the week. Even though my 2 ft munchkin was trying to sit on my tummy while I was doing crunches... not fun.

Core - 30 min
2x15 Reverse crunches (lower abs)
2x50 Flutter kicks (lower abs)
2x15 side leg raises, each side (obliques)
2x15 side crunches, each side (obliques)
2x15 crunches knees bent (upper abs)
2x15 toe touches (upper abs)
2x15 crossovers (combo)
2x15 bicycles (combo)
2x15 crunches on ball
2x15 twisting crunches on ball
2x15 crunches, feet on ball, toe reaches

Lunch today
Bike 7.17 mi / 30:00

Treadmill Run 1.00 mi / 8:23

Nice easy workout today. I wore the wrong running shoes and my left shin is cursing me right now. But, nothing biofreeze and a bag of ice (tonight) can't cure. I am not worried about pace (yet) on the bike, and I'm still inside riding for now. I will be getting outside soon. I did wear my tri shorts so I can feel how it was to run in them. Not bad at all. They're very comfortable. I finished my workout with some stretches and 150 crunches.

So, as far as the tri goes - I'm officially signed up with the Triathlon clinic at the YMCA, which guarantees me a spot for the Greenville Triathlon 8/19. They actually sign us up during the clinic. My clinic starts 7/12, I think.

My friend, Robin, did her first Ultra Marathon yesterday - which = a total of 36+ miles, and not JUST 36 miles. It was in the pouring rain, through rivers (knee high), heat, trails, no bathrooms, etc. It was a tough run, but she completed it! Good Job on that Robin! Determination should have your name written next to it. You overcame sooo much and still came out on top. I don't know hardly anyone that would have kept going at all. You're a true inspiration to the sport!


Jason The Running Man said...

Wine Nerd!:)

Wes said...

I think everyone should be rewarded with a Honey Brown. Just sayin... Wine nerd? Huh, huh....

David said...

I'm going to have to up my training; I see a budding multi-sport athlete coming for me! I wish I was as focused for all the core work you do. Impressive, for sure. Almost as impressive as your resistance to delicious Mellow Mushroom pizza. Thanks...I think.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! You sound like my sister! Chick has her wine all racked and categorized. Me on the other hand . . .I couldn't tell the difference between a $5 bottle and a $300 bottle :-X :-X

I need those abs, mine are a little floppy as of late LOL. Just another reminder of how I need to get with the program and start up on the core workouts as well as a little strength training. I have the hardest time being motivated for it though :-/

Awesome job on the workout as usual! And YAY on signing up for the clinic!! I can't wait to hear about the Tri!!

runner26 said...

Cool blog! I love that you have a wine inventory!! Good luck with your continued training. Oh, and your daughter is adorable ;)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Mendy just say the word and we will all be showing up to help you drink some of that perfectly aged grape juice....ohhh was that too crass...I guess I'm maybe just a shade above Marcy in my understanding of one wine over another.
My Garmin seems to still be ticking after the mud licking this weekend. Thanks for the tip about sending it back in...I had a feeling...honestly as it disappeared in the mud that they would make it good if it came out not ticking. Crossing my fingers that it keeps working.

Great work out by the way..that looks like a routine worth following....thanks.

Anonymous said...

With a routine like that you will get those abs!

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J~Mom said...

I am so excited to hear about the tri clinic. Ok, that and how some of that wine tastes. :>)