My lonesome weekend in Va Beach

Has been.


Not as nice as home but still, I made it nice.

I had an epic weekend of doing not much, except a lot of working out. I can say I have definately made the best of my time here. I did some shopping as well.

Weekend in pics ~

Aircraft carrier (don't know which one, and this is a horrible pic too - people were giving me weird looks) Wha? haven't you seen another Sailor oggling over a carrier homies?

My Sa-weet scruptious 50meter pool for my visiting pleasure. Ya, I loves dat pool. I know I'm a little weird, but if you saw the thing we swim in and the fact that kiddos are peeing in it all the time - it's got a mucky, foggy water. This pool is clear, clean and all for LAP swimming swimmers. Yippee... I'm going back on tuesday.

What the crappola is this? The artwork of some drunken sailors, I guess. I saw this on my way to my car.

This is where I'm staying on the base. Typical military barracks - old, dingy, but still at least I have my own room and bathroom.

This is where we would have been running last weekend, had we hadn't been cripled. Va beach boardwalk.

My purty bike's resting place. Our bond has gotten closer since I've learned more about maintaining her.

With my birthday upon me this coming week (getting older), and all the time I'm spending alone - it's given me a lot of time to think about things going on in my life, and within my head. I guess as the older we get, sometimes it's a time to either reflect or regret and look forward to either some changes or improvements. One of my desired changes is my self image. It's bad, both inside and out and quite frankly - has been like that my whole life (I beleive). So I'm going to work on it inside first and hopefully the outside will come. That's just one of many thoughts going on. But, it's a starting place.

Although I'm sort of bored, I am getting in some great time in the gym. So much so, that I'm So So So sore right now as I sit here. I spent 1 hr 20 min in the weight room yesterday. I did too much and it shows right now. I'm taking a somewhat rest day tomorrow, just doing some yoga or pilates. I realized that I missed the weightroom. I used to have a consistent weight routine before I got pulled into this triathlon/racing multisport world. I need to do more, and get a routine planned. You know me -- I have to have a plan.

My time here has (to me) been somewhat of a waste. I'm not being maximized as much as I'd like during my 2 wk AT. It's been a little disorganized, but they are doing the best they can with their resources with me. Hopefully, if I come back here next year - it will be a lot different and I'll be able to get some quality training in.

I'm trying to catch up on reading my blogroll, but I'm tired, sore, and the VMA's are on so it's time to turn in. I'll have to continue reading tomorrow after work.

1st week of Sept lowdown:
Mon - bike ride 1 hr; Elliptical 35 min; Yoga 15 min
Tue - swim 40 min; Walk 35 min
Wed - bike 30 min; elliptical 35 min
Thur - Elliptical 40 min; abs 10 min
Fri - Walk/run 40 min; swim 41 min; weights 33 min
Sat - weights and core 1 hr 21 min; crossfit 30 min
Sun - bike 1 hr; walk 2 hrs


ECrunnergirl said...

Welcome to Va. Beach! I live here and love it! Its a great place to run/bike and swim! Hope you get a chance to hit the boardwalk for a run before you depart on Friday.....and good luck working on the self-image thing girl! Im doing the same thing myself....and like you Im working from the inside out....Happy BIrthday and remember...getting older means getting wiser and age is JUST a number! Best wishes from the beach :)

teacherwoman said...

I am so jealous of the clear blue pool. Makes me cringe to think of what goes on in my pool. eeks.

Ah, yes. I noticed it was your birthday this week. I hope you are able to celebrate!

Erin Leigh said...

That pool is gorgeous!! And LOL at the beer cans. Guess they didn't want to lose count???

What day is your b-day?

Right now I am doing a 4 day lifting program. I break it down into chest/tri's, back/bi's, shoulders/calves/abs, legs/calves/abs.

I usually fit in a mini yoga/core thing into one of the abs day (childs, inverted V, plank, cobra) I hold them all and repeat like 5x's. Since I hit calves 2x's I only do 3 reps on 2 machines and then use different machines the next time.

I was doing a 3 day program and then would do the abs/core/yoga thing on day 4 but I like it this way better. Now all the days are a bit shorter and I really concentrate on the muscle groups as I work out.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Wes said...

Sounds like the typical military B.S. I know you want to make the best of it, but it sounds to me like you are having to entertain yourself :-( Boo for the Navy. Good for Mendy :-) I am entirely jealous that you have such beautiful places to work out!!

You really are a sweet person Mendy. And frankly, that starts from the inside.

Just sayin...

Jess said...

That pool could even tempt me to swim!

Marcy said...

OMFG HAHAHAHAHAAA What in the world is that beer contraption? I bet it was YOU who made it, now wasn't it? You and the ladies having a little too much fun, eh? I'm KIDDING!! ;D

Unknown said...

Now I'm even MORE envious of the pool.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, did I hear it was your birthday this week?? Is that true? Well if it is...


Like your workout schedule, that is awesome...enjoy your time on the beach too, I'm so jealous.

Eric said...

Nice Effort Mendy! Make the most of that alone time by focusing on nothing but positive and your time will pass faster and you'll be in a great mood!

Have you been to Wallops Island? My dad used to work there when it was a NASA research base.

Gotta Run..... said...

That pool is Swweettt!

Always good to mix things up and getting away only helps you see some things in ways that is hard when you are in your normal routine.

Love the post. Keep at it Mendy.

Shannon said...

Enjoy your blog...I'm here in Chesapeake. Where is that pool?

J~Mom said...

That pool looks just amazing!! Glad you get some time just to you! I know it's hard but it's good! *MUAH*

Nick said...

That "artwork" is obviously the remnants of a beer can sword fight, the sport of champions. That pool rocks! How I long for 50 meters! My family is in VA Beach tonight visiting relatives and I hear that grandpa headed over to the “tavern on base”, if there is such a thing, twice today. Watch out for a blue Ford ranger pickup if you’re on you’re bike, he’s had a few. Enjoy your downtime (I know I am).

Viv said...

Way to make time workout time, Mendy! The pics gave such a great visual love it. I may become a fan of the 50m pool. It still indimates me. I hear on the ST I used be a big fan of it too and have strayed away knowing how important it is even to keep the the weight loss going. Missed Menday i have been so far behind with blogs.