Reserve duty calls

Believe it or not, the Navy Reserves pulled it through and I'm sitting up in Virgnia Beach on the base in my barracks room. I left last Sunday around noon and got in town around 8pm, finally getting settled in my room at 9ish. Luckily, I didn't have to check into the command Monday morning due to it being a holiday, so I just explored the area. I went for a ride on the base, walked through the Navy Exchange and then went back to the gym. Other than working out, and working it's been pretty boring. To top it all off, they have no idea what to do with me. Until I get some of the required courses I have to complete in order to "work" there, I can't do much. It makes sense, I suppose but to me, it seems like a wasted AT (annual training). By the time I get the courses completed or even close, I'll be leaving thus having no real training. The people I work with are nice and trying to accommodate me the best they can. It could be worse, I'm sure.

One day this week after I got off, I got my bike in the trunk and headed out for a ride. I had to take the wheels off and I realize the more time I'm left alone with her to do things all by myself, the more I learn about her. I drove to the boardwalk and rode on the bike path for 30 min. I had to cover ground almost twice, and there are a lot of stops because of leisurely bicyclists, but no biggie. It was fun and nice to get it in before Hannah came to visit.

The other day, I went to the pool outside the Naval Station base, not the one I'm at. See, up here there are a lot of Naval bases. It is a 50 meter pool and I struggled in it. I'm just not used to swimming in that long of a pool. It's a very NICE pool, and huge. All the lane ropes are in and every lane was taken.

I went back out there yesterday. We got off early because of Hannah and I had nothing to do but workout, so I hit the gym for some strength training, walking (and even some running) on the treadmill. Which, btw, still bothers my shins. As much as I'm wanting to run, I need to give it more time. I did 40 min on the treadmill, running about 13 min of it. Then I went to the big pool for 1600m swim. I'm really enjoying that pool. It's super clean and clear and just so big. I've found the more I swim, the more I realize I'm better at the longer distances. I don't start feeling good until I'm at least 500meters (yards back home) into it.

This morning I was awoken to the wind outside my 4th floor window. The big trees were swaying a LOT. But now, an hour after being up, it seems to be calming down some then it picks up again. They expect a lot of rain and wind today, so when it clears up, I'll head out of my room. I don't want to be stuck in here all day. David said I should go shopping - sounds like a plan to me! I hope to ride my bike tomorrow.

Boring, boring - that's pretty much my life right now, but I gotta admit as much as I miss being away from home right now, the downtime is nice. Not having anything on my agenda but work and workout. It's nice. I've finished 2 books I wanted to complete and I'm just relaxing and may just watch chic-flicks all day today. Thank goodness this room has a DVD player and wireless. I'm all set.

I'll be leaving friday probably, depends on what time I get released. If it's too late, I'll wait and leave first thing Sat morning.

I hope all is well with all of you. Take care!


Unknown said...

I'm envious of your readily available 50M pool. I've only been able to swim in that size pool twice....during a race. It's different, but I think it's a better experience b/c you don't have to stop and turn so often. There's more time spent actually swimming. :-)

Bob - said...

Well I guess you will just have to enjoy your time of work and workouts ... you spoiled yourself by always being sooooooooo BUSY :-)

Have a great week before you know it you will be back to crazy Mendy's world :-0

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like an interesting week of AT. Have a great weekend, Mendy!

Lily on the Road said...

Nice to hear you're at AT, and safe from Hannah.

That pool sounds incredible...enjoy all of your work out time there, I'm jealous of the facility.

Jess said...

Well, at least you're getting plenty of time to workout!

Kevin said...

At least you have been able to make the best of all your free time

Marcy said...

David's got the right idea!! SHOPPING BABY!!! ;D ;D

Chris said...

Sorry to hear that your AT is not working out like you wanted. I know that's pretty frustrating. I AM glad you have been able to get out and get some fun in. And I would say that I am jealous at having nothing but

"Not having anything on my agenda but work and workout"

Take Care...