I ROCKED my swim today!

After I was cut loose from work today at 1500, I quickly changed and headed to my delicious temporary pool. Goal was 2000meters. Once I hit 2000, I decided to keep going until I reached 3000. I was tired, people, exhausted, winded, and ready to stop. I definately pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, something I admit to not doing often, which BTW I am one of those that are content with it that way. I started feeling that the line in my lane was going diagnolly instead of straight. Anyhoo, I did it and finished 5 minutes before the pool closed. If I would have done 2 more laps, it would have been 2 miles. It felt great!! This was the furthest swim I've had to date (so far). I had the same pace for 3000m that I had on Friday for 1500m. Go figure.

I. Love. Swimming. Really, really do.

Yesterday, still being as sore as I was from the weights the other day. Stupid me... I just did some Pilates, and went for a walk at dusk. As I needed to cross an intersection on base, I ran across it and, freakin' A, I still have a bad shin. I've given them time and the TLC needed, so why do they still hurt? This so sucks.

Today and some of yesterday was spent doing courses to prepare me to work (well 2 wks a yr, anyway) in that particular command. It's a lot of security related stuff, stuff that would bore you all, but really peaks my interest. If I was on Active Duty, I'd love to get stationed there.

Tommorrow after I get cut loose, I am going for a ride. I have no idea how far yet as it all depends on when they let me go. I'll be spending the entire morning getting CPR re-qual, which I need to anyway. Hopefully, they'll feel a little sorry for me having to work on the 10th of Sept and let me leave for the day at lunchtime. :-)

Am I a nerd because I just watched the new 90210?



ECrunnergirl said...

You go girl on that swim....I wish I could say I loved swimming. Im jealous :) Swimming is my weakest area and I have to talk myself into it BIG time. In fact, I have the Sandman Triathlon this weekend....NOT ready ready for the swim :)

As far as where to ride...you did good to ride on the boardwalk. You can get some good time on the saddle but its hard to get your speed up as there are still some tourists wondering around (targets for us locals :))). You could also head towards 40th street (where the boardwalk ends) and cross over towards the Cavalier and head to the North End. Go all the way down to Fort Story (89th street) which is a GREAT place to ride...it has some hills and low traffic. Since you are military you wouldnt have any trouble getting on base. Lots of folks around here run and ride on base.... I think you would enjoy. Just go all the way to 89th street. You will see the gate. It winds around the base and you wont get lost no matter what streets you take. You eventually end up where you started. Have fun and good luck!!!!

J~Mom said...

OMG YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!! I did 500s today and wanted to do 1000 and didn't even have THAT in me!!

Shannon said...

Can I call you my hero already? 2000!!!!! is really awesome. I want to "love" to swim one day. But I really love to run and bike more. I ride in the depths of Chesapeake, their are a lot of long straight aways near me here.

teacherwoman said...

Okay, your swim in the pool was freakin' awesome! Way to go Mendy! I will use you and your drive in the pool to get me to push hard tomorrow in the pool! Wahoo!

BTW, why on earth would they make you work on the 10th of September... don't they realize what kind of "holiday" it is?!?! :)

Stefan said...

Sorry your shins are still bothering you, but way to rock that swim! Nice work!!

Jess said...

Great job, Mendy!

Lily on the Road said...

You are putting in some pretty awesome works outs girlie!

Have fun on the bike!

and no, the guys here in the office watch 90210, they think the young girls are *hawt*, letches...LOL

Wes said...

Definitely rock-in!! Way to go!! I love to swim too, but sometimes, going that long is just tedious. The right swim workouts just makes the time fly!

Happy Birthday!!

Marcy said...

OMG 2 laps short of 2 miles?!? Dude that's insane! You TOTALLY ROCK ;D ;D ;D

Happy Birthday chica! Hope you have fun today!

G-Man said...

OK - I'm a bit behind on my blog reading (so many blogs - so little time), but I have to ask...is it OK if I use this line: "What the crappola is this? The artwork of some drunken sailors, I guess"? I'm not sure when or where I will need it, but I MUST use it.

Happy Birthday!!


Unknown said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures .... like the one of the new little purse ..... yes Happy Birthday.

Sally Long
aka Ashley's Mom

Viv said...

Oy My that is a swim! I would say you are a swimmer fo sho'! Give those shins some time they will come around.


and no you are not a dork for watching the nex 90210..hello it's me i watch the hills on mtv and then discuss it with my 30 yr old friend who has no power like we know these people. i am the dork.