Stellar Month

IMO, I had a GREAT month of training and I rarely pat myself on the back, but I'm gonna give in and do so.

Bike: 83.31 miles
Run: 50.12 miles
Swim: 16,500 freakin' yards (Mar 8946 yds) = 9.375 miles

Yup that's right! I rock! Okay, this is SOOO not me. Enough of the self-praises.

I almost doubled the swimming from Mar to Apr, and I think all that crappy time in the pool is starting to pay off.

With all that said, I know I need to work on a few things in May:
* Increase the miles on my feet. I just need to run more. 3 times a week/at least a 6-10 mile run on the weekends.

* Continue my swim workouts. I like the long/drill/speedwork sessions and just need to sustain that. I have to do my long swim in the evenings now (well, until I speed up), and will continue my others at lunch.

* Biking - Well, just need to do more of it. I'm finally comfortable riding, and I just want to build off of that. Speed on the bike isn't that important to me, but I do want to improve distance and consistency. 3 times a week.

So, there ya have it. 3 times a week for each discipline. How in the world am I gonna fit it in? I'll figure it out.

I signed up for another Tri today. It's an Iron Girl event, therefore David is a spectator. It's in Georgia 6/29.
* 1/3 mile swim - 18 mi bike - 3 mi run
My kind of distance! I'm stoked.

I ran 3 miles at lunch today, and I've decided to take the rest of the week off of running. I've got a small injury in my right leg that's been bothering me for about a week (I know, I know - too long). It's on the inside of my calf, below it and it now hurts to walk, especially if I've been sitting for a longish period of time. I have Clemson tri in over a week and I don't want to do too much to aggravate it more than it already is. I'm going to ice and stretch tonight and skip my scheduled trainer ride tonight. I'll fit it in with my long ride this week somehow.


David said...

Fellas, don't hate be because I'll be required to spectate an all-girl triathlon. It's just one of those husband duties that come along with all the benefits of marrige.

You've had an awesome month, and we'll figure out how to make that leg better. Looking forward to Clem(p)son!

Kevin said...

Thats a great month of training. Sounds like you have a good plan set up. Consistency is so key.Its good that you are takin a few days off from running so you injury can heal before Clemson

Wes said...

Looks like I might have to give up my 5K swim to take Dee Dee to an all Tri-Chica triahtlon. The sacrifices I must make for my spousal unit :-)

Great month! Get that leg better girl!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Congrats on the GREAT month!!!

J~Mom said...

I was just thinking (after we hung up) how happy I am that we share this together. It is so awesome to share so much in common with someone. Imagine if I could get my game on and we could run the same pace...then we could complete that whole SOMA together! yeahhhhhhh you know you wanna!

Great month! Take care of that leg!

Nancy said...

STELLAR - you DO Rock. :D

Unknown said...

Awesome job!! Loved the pictures in the last post, too.

Lily on the Road said...

You go GIRL!!

Great job (as always)!!!

Marcy said...

WHOOO HOOOO!! You TOTALLY can toot your own horn ;D ;D AWESOME MONTH chica!! Fo sho! ;-)

Eric said...

HOLY COW! You're a GODDESS! Way to go girl. I wonder if David will need some company "watching" that race. hmmmmm? ;-)

I look forward to seeing you guys at Clem(p)son! Giddy-up!

Viv said...

Menday, take a bow!! You keep me goings :-)

Yaa, on signing up for the Irongirl. I am thinking about the one in TX. I am letting swims decide.

Jess said...

That is a great month! You must've been motivated because it was my birthday month, right?

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Swimming for "9" miles omg...I would be pond scum if I had to try and do that.

David you lucky sole...I'll bet you and Grace have a great time cheering Mom on.

Gotta Run..... said...

GO MENDY!!! I am happy for you. Give yourself praise. It is a great thing!!!

teacherwoman said...

STELLA Month fo sho! You rocked it! :) Keep it up Mendy!

Unknown said...

Nice numbers!! Way to go. I'm interested in reading about how you manage 3x each discipline this month.

soleslide said...

"My" pool will re-open in a couple of weeks and it won't be a day too soon! Am so green with envy just reading about everyones swim-escapades.

Michelle said...

What a great month! We had similar stats, except for the swimming part (Michelle don't play that, LOL!).

Hope your leg feels better so you can rock that tri!!!