While the mouse is away....

...the cats will play. Is that the saying?

No, not really. It's been a challenging week since David left on Wed with many areas to include, house cleaning and painting, working, spending 1 on 1 time with Grace, college class, and training. Blah... and now it seems I've got that crappy cold - again. It's GOT to be the weather here. In the last 2 wks, I've had a run where it's been hot then the next run, it's cold again. Very crazy weather, we've had. Enough of the complaining, right?

Wow, what a response I got from my last post (ehh... venting post). I feel a lot better about the whole situation. Thank you all very much for your responses. I've read them over and over, and they are just very comforting. I'm not a boastful person at all, but I'd like to be proud of what I've accomplished and in some situations feel as though I shouldn't express it. I know how much further in both endurance and speed I have to go before I can feel a wee bit satisfied, but also see how far I've come. You all are a great bunch of people to be around in this virtual disneyland.

I haven't been online much lately other than my college class, so I need to spend a little time tonight trying to read through blogs and see how you all are doing. I have been working out some as much as I can find the time for.

On thursday, I went to the pool for drills and started to work some on bilateral breathing. It will take some time getting used to it, but I was able to do 2 full laps of bilateral breathing at the end of my drills.

4x50 side kick
4x50 catch up
4x50 kickboard
100 bilateral breathing

total: 1100 yds

Friday, I went for a longer than usual lunch run. Everyone I work with was either on vacation or unable to locate, so I took an extra long lunch and treated myself to a stress reliever lunch. Like I mentioned earlier, it was hot to me. It wasn't hot, just the hottest day so far in spring here, and thus hard for my body to adjust.

Run 5 miles 49:30 (9:54/mi)

After Grace and I got home for the day, I brought the ole' trainer and bike upstairs and watched SpongeBob while on the trainer. Well, Grace watched it and I put my Marketing book on a stool next to the bike and studied while riding. I sweated like a pig! I think I jacked up my cateye a little, because the speed on it showed way faster than my ability. So, I don't think the pace is accurate.

Bike (trainer) 9.97 miles 35:00 (17.09 mi/hr)

Training contined saturday morning. Grace and I headed to the gym early in the morning for a swim. I did 100yd sprints. Well, I tried to. I am just so winded when I speed up just a little bit. 100yd swims are pretty close in time. After I finished with my workout, I got Grace and she got in some pool time wearing her new goggles. Dora, of course.

Swim 1000yds
200yd wu
100yd 2:14, 2:17, 2:16, 2:15, 2:17, 2:17
200yd cd

Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty icky and with a headache that I couldn't shake all day. My Mom came over to go to Church with us, then watch Grace while I ran my scheduled (my schedule, since I'm not on a running plan right now) 7 miles. I just felt horrible, and not really up for it. So, after Church, we went to PF Changs and had lunch, then did a little shopping.

Unfortunately, I slept like poo last night. I think I finally fell asleep around 1:30am, and didn't sleep consistently at all. I woke up with my tummy sore, and congested. CRAP! So, Grace and I slept in a little, then I headed to work (late). After a few hrs there, I took off to go home and get some rest, with the promise that I would write a paper I need to write for work. That didn't happen, and I am working on it now. Oh well.

IMO, my monthly totals ROCKED like Duran Duran and I am a crazy triathlete training nut. Not really, but you can see I am proud of it and hope the trend continues and totals rise!

Bike - 78.55 miles
Run - 50.04 miles
Swim - 8946 yards

This weekend is the big 10K, so as I go into Tuesday, I am trying to figure out how to get in 3 swims, 2 cycle sessions, and 1 more run between Tues-Thur. Friday will be a rest day and we'll be traveling to the low country. We're taking Grace and plan on letting her run loose on the beach. I absolutely adore Chucktown and look forward to it. Maybe, we'll take our bikes. :-)

David's returning from Sunny SoCal tomorrow night. I'm sure he's bummed... He'll be arriving around 11:30pm.

Can't leave a weekend rundown without showing off my little snot. She told me she wanted sugar for supper. Yeah, that's all I need.

Shhhh..... Let you in on a little secret -

David's Birthday is Wed!!

Time for me to watch House Hunters, study for class, write a paper for work, and read your blogs!


teacherwoman said...

Oh my, Mendy! You have totally rocked March and with all that you have going on... SUPERB!

Whatever kind of head crap you are getting... it is definitely going around. I have been "sick" twice in the month of March as well!

Your little snow it adorable! Sugar! HA!

Jess said...

Wow, you've been busy!

David's b-day is coming up?! Awesome. All the cool people are in April :)

Marcy said...

Dang everyone's B-day is in April! Jess' and I believe her husband (I think I read that this am LOL), Mr McG's, my Mom's. You know, all the bad people :P

You totally rocked out in March!! With your schedule I'd probably die LOL Awesome job Mendy!

Laura said...

Mendy, question for you about training for the bridge run. On the website, it says the bridge is a 4% incline. However, on the little elevation profile map they give, they show a rise of 187 feet over 1.55 miles, which is 2.3%. Do you know which it is? Those are very different levels on my treadmill :)

Viv said...

Wow, I am still in awe how much you do what you do. That reminded me of some 80's song. Oh well off topic.

Great totals for March! Your going to blow your next tri to pices. WTG with working the bilateral breathing.

Man, I wish all us blog tri peeps lived close so we can swim, bike together.

Grace is too cute. Dora goggles :-)
My kiddo told me today change Dora she is killing my nerves today. I wonder where he heard that..LOL!

Viv said...

Oh, and sending some well wishes your way :-)

sunshine said...

Whooo Hooo! Look at those miles you put in! Great job, girl.

Nancy said...

Geez, you know how to keep a schedule. :D Nice work. Love the sugar comment. Mine asks for the sugar packets at restaurants. Yikes.

Wes said...

You are hitting the swim hard! Way to go!! Your beau will be home soon!! Thanks for the tip ;-)

Gotta Run..... said...

Busy, productive weekend for you while David was gone. This sinus/cold stuff has been hitting so many people!! Yuck.

You guys have a fun time this weekend!! It will be a wild race with all of those people.

As for my little secret... I am not pushing it at all. :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! I'm stilling suffering through the sneezes, coughing and major headache....Thanks for the pic of the sweetpea! too cute!

I'm so jealous you're able to go to such a beautiful local....wow...

J~Mom said...

Wed. huh? Ooohhh That is great to know, I will plan a special post if ya know what I mean. LOL

Your numbers look AWESOME from March!! You really rocked it!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a full week. You've done awesome! Good luck with the 10k.

RunnerGirl said...

Wait, you mean there's something wrong with sugar for dinner?!

You're totals are amazing, keep up the great work!

Eric said...

Excellent work this week! You will get your breathing down as you keep swimming. Maybe try some hypoxic work with 50's or 75's. You look so much stronger than 6 mos. ago...don't you agree?

Great pic of Grace! Y'all have fun in Chaz this weekend!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Awesome March #'s!!!

50 miles, running, in one month. WOULD SURLY KICK MY ASS!!! Really my new plan calls for 15 -25 a week, in the end close to the marathon, I'm up to 36 one week.....so i guess I will be getting up to 50 a month....but there's no way with biking & swimming!!!

You are Pretty HardCore there Missy!!

I noticed the Mickey pic.....I love WDW.....its my most fav place in the WORLD!!! I wanted to do the half or full there in 09, btu looks like I'll be shooting for 2010, & makin it a vacation too?!?!