Good Friday

Isn't every Friday a good Friday?

Happy Good Friday to everyone and if you're traveling for the Easter holidays, be careful and have a great weekend! If you can't tell, I'm excited for the weekend. We don't have a jam packed schedule of events to do, but we do have some things on the list.
* Grace is gonna see Grandpa. She doesn't see him that much.
* The ladies in my family are having lunch tomorrow. This happens every few months.
* We're having Easter lunch at my Aunt's house out in the sticks on Sunday.
* Church is gonna be awesome and I've invited some people to come with us.
* I'm running 7 miles for a "long" run with all hills. Totally different route.
* David is doing the group ride tomorrow.
* House projects are getting completed even if it is just 1 project. We've got to work harder on getting these things done.

Yesterday after work I ventured out into the world of crazy East Butler Rd. drivers for a 5 miler and instead of doing hill repeats, I'd thought I would just do some long gradual hills within my run. Back behind where David works, there is a hill like that of about .5 long that's just draining (to me, that is), and the wind felt like it was kicking like karate at about 15 mph. David informed me that it was more like 10. Oh well... it felt worse. All in all, it was challenging for me and I stopped a few times to stretch my calf, then had to stop for lights and freeways and such. But, the run was done, and my splits were pretty consistent, except for the last mile. David says I'm sandbagging in the beginning of my run if I can shave off that much time for my last mile. I'm pretty proud of it, and feel that I'm starting to improve my running. It feels good that maybe soon, I'll be back where I was a few months ago.

Run 5 miles 50:21 (10:04 /mi)

I think the reason I pick up the pace so much on my last miles, is I see our neighborhood road for the last mile, and I'm ready to get back. But, yeah, it does look like I'm sandbagging some of the pace in the beginning.

I really need to take a rest day soon and prefer to do it over the weekend. But, I need to do a run and ride plus Pilates. I gotta figure it all out soon, and do double days so I can fit it all in. Today is swimming at lunch. David will be there doing his laps, then get Grace in the pool so she can go swimming. She's very excited about it!

We got our race packets for Cooper River Bridge 10K in the mail yesterday! Woo Hoo! It's official. We got 2 sets of T-shirts for the race. Once from the company I work for, who's a huge sponsor for the event and the official race T-shirt. So, now we don't have to go to packet pickup at all. I think they are expecting 45K participants for this year! I read that the coolest part of the run is when you crest the 2.5 mile long bridge and you can see all runners, thousands of runners in front and behind you. I'm so taking my camera with me. I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wes said...

Ummm... Looks like a negative split to me :-) That's a good thing!! Have a great weekend!!

Lily on the Road said...

Have a Very Happy Easter weekend with your friends and family.

good going on your run yesterday!

The wind here is soooo strong today with a chill of -20C, I have 13K today and 26K on Sunday, hope the wind dies down by then.

Have a nice weekend, God Bless

Viv said...

Mendy, enjoy your wonderful Easter weekend with the family!! Kick your legs up one of those days, chickie!
Those miles are getting speedy, WTG! Especially with those hurricane winds ;-) Any, slight wind is hurricane wind for me, in addition water on the ground = flood..and well you get the picture. I love that last mile quick one, I am supah guilty of the hurry back home. That 10K is going to be fun!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run! Happy Easter!

Ashley said...

YES, every Friday is a GREAT Friday ;) Hum, Missy... if your last mile is 9:26 you are FOR SURE sandbagging. Nothing wrong with a good warm up mile, but then pick it up a bit. Also, don't always worry about overall mile splits. Try to do, for example: 400 yard pick ups (or 2 min), where you push to an uncomfortable pace - then back off for say 3 min. This will make you faster! (and it gives your mind something to focus on) google: "fartlek"

Paul said...

Happy Easter. I always start my runs easy and then build towards the end. Keep you from going out too hard and then hosing up your run. Good work!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I'm not whining, but I want a race packet!

I'll be busy with the family & my Gramma's here so we're going shopping today after work......I was reading 7-18 weeks recovery for a stress fracture. In a NON-negative voice,
UHM, HELLO, WTF???? that's like 2-6 MONTHS!!!!

In a very positive voice I should be able to drop 8-30lbs!!!! I do need to drop 30, but 7-18 weeks----

I am however considering getting a swim cap & goggles looking at Java Mom DRIVE with it all on, makes me wanna get then too---I think she looks cool.

I can't really swim, but I would look super sweet!---from the neck up anyway :o)

have a great/safe holiday!

P.O.M. said...

Happy Easter!
Looking forward to lots of chocolate :)

Laura said...

Hmmm, was I supposed to get my packet in the mail? Because I didn't, and I'm leaving for work in Boston on Monday, and am going straight to the race from there so I won't be home in between. I hope I can still do packet pickup!

Eric said...

Have a great Easter weekend! You're going to have a really good time in Chaz for Cooper River as long as you don't consume too much brewed hoppy beverage the night before!

Marathoner in Training said...

You and your family have a great and save weekend. Glad to see you are doing outstanding on your running, If you keep those splits up you will be shattering your PR's without any problem.

Unknown said...

Tell David it's not's grit and determination at the end. ;-)

Have a wonderful and safe Easter.

Jess said...

That sounds like an awesome 10K! But 45K?! That's as many people as Chicago's marathon! That's too many homies in one spot.

As per your final speedy mile, I too am often faster at the end, but I think it's because, especially on shorter runs, I'm feeling good and warmed up at that point. But it also helps to know there's an end in sight.

Have a great weekend!

Marcy said...

Ooooo you ole sandbagger, you!! LMAO JK! I just wanted to say that :P I agree with Wes, looks like negative splits to me!

Sounds busy busy for you guys! Hope you have a great Easter chica! :-)

Bob - said...

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!!!

Neese said...

I "ran" Cooper in 2006. It's a beautiful and exciting day. But if you want to actually run it and maintain pace make sure ya'll get there very early and get a good spot up in the line. Unfortunately we were late and had to make a quick stop at the loo and got behind the walkers. There is no protocol such as "all walkers to the left, so runners can get by" so we were dodging and weaving the first couple miles and finally just gave up.

I hope THAT didn't sound too negative nancy lol... just wanted to give ya'll that heads up..otherwise it's an awesome event and who doesn't love Charleston!? :)

Happy Easter :)

Unknown said...

Nice job on your 5miler - very consistent and you rocked that last mile!

Happy Easter!!

J~Mom said...

I don't even know what sandbagging is. LOL

That looks like one super speedy 5 miler to me! Nice job!

Chris said...

You know, I do the same thing. Kaite always aks me how/why I get in such a hurry when I am on the last two miles of a longer run or the returning route of a long bike!

Congrats on a great 5 mile pace though.

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Nancy said...

Sandbagging? NAHHHH, you are tough and you are ready to be home! Seriously though, I suppose it depends on the type of run you are trying to accomplish. You probably shouldn't be able to do that in a tempo run, but otherwise, it doesn't sound too bad. Of course, who you gonna listen to, an amateur non-runner or DAVID?? :D :D

Tell David he can start critiquing my runs. I can take it. :D

Hope you had a nice Easter.

sunshine said...

Look at you! Another great race on the horizon!!!! Be ready to rip it up!