Recovery Run

Let me just say you all are the bestest of the best! Thank you all very, very much for the comments. You all helped a lot! Seriously, I know I sounded like some ungrateful whiny 3 yr old (Yes, my 3yr old is whiny BIG Time) on my last blog entry. I'm very happy and grateful to be out there able to complete the half and know that there are not many people that do that sort of thing, plus ride the mileage I did the day after. I understand that and thank God everyday that I have that ability and some sort of fitness level to do that. I guess I was just down about how much fitness I lost, and I know I did it on my own. It's a little disappointing. I've had several people tell me and many of you blogged about how much I beat myself up. Yes, I know I do and believe me when I tell you all - that I am very happy to have done what I did this past weekend. I wish the cameraman would have gotten a picture of my smile coming into the chute after that bike ride. It probably was priceless. David could tell I was thrilled, not only to be finishing the (extra) long ride, but more so, have that sense of accomplishment of it and the day after running 13.1. I think that's one of the reasons we all do what we do.

And Lori, you're right - Virginia Beach is going to be our half!!! We almost signed up this past weekend. :-)

Lunchtime called for a recovery run. I wasn't feeling it, as my right calf is still very tight, but I know I needed to hit the pavement or ride my bike. At lunch time around where I live/work, it's better for the sake of traffic to run, IMO. Plus, the wind is just crazy: 52 degrees, gusts 23mph, wind 16mph. Oh well.

I ran an out and back, not my traditional 3 mile loop that keeps me on the same side of the freeway as my home, but I wimped out on doing the hilly loop and opted to cross the freeway and take the chance on getting hit by the loonies that enter and exit those ramps. Really, the area we run is full of some of the most horrible drivers. My right calf was very tight and other than the stops I had to make because of traffic, I stopped for a small few seconds a couple of times to massage my calf. The return leg was in your face heavy wind and it sucked.

3 miles - 29:39 (9:53 pace)

Tonight, I may be getting on the trainer to get in 35 min and I hope to go to the pool tomorrow for my first swim back in several weeks. Should be interesting.

Only 24 more days til my first tri this season. Time to turn up the workouts!

BTW - I'm going to be updating my blogger template. It's jacked up. I can't move the links button on the layout further down cause I can't even see it. So, I will be messing around with it some this afternoon.

Happy hump day ladies and gents!!!


David said...

That was an awesome run! You're a maniac, but in a good way. You seem so energized today. I wonder what's different?

Wes said...

Woo hoo! I like that shift to positiveness :-) I didn't realize your first tri is coming up so fast!!! Totally awesome!! Good luck with your training, and awesome recovery run by the way!

J~Mom said...

YAY!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better about the whole thing!!!!! 24 days, huh? Time to kick some hiney girl!!!!

Eric said...

WHAT? 24 DAYS? O.M.Goodness! Oh, I'm READY baby! You're going to kick some serious Marine Corps butt on this race! And David is going to smoke it! I can't wait! GIDDY UP!


RunnerGirl said...

24 days? Good luck!

And by the way, I don't run in Nikes either. I just bought the pod thing that works with the Nike+ and laced it into my Mizuno's!

Ashley said...

You're so right... we are very lucky to be out there: training & racing. Thanks for the reminder. Way to get over MB and set your sights on upcoming events!!! Yippee! Tri-season!

Marcy said...

I'm so glad you're in better spirits ;D ;D

24 days?!?! Holy Mother! I'm excited for this dealy! I'm sure you'll do fabulous ;D

Jess said...

Congrats on a solid recovery run!

Paul said...

Hey thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate it. :) I really like the new layout.

Gotta Run..... said...

love a new blog look.... I messed around a little yesterday and then hit the cancel button. Big waste of time but it has me thinking.

So VBHM is your next road event?

Pokey said...

NICE Mendy!!

Nancy said...

Nice job getting back out and also counting your blessings. You probably aren't harder on yourself than anyone else, maybe just more honest. I am pretty hard on myself too, but usually the process of writing the post brings me around to being more positive. Anyway, don't worry about it. This is your blog, do what works for you. We will always think you rock!!

Anonymous said...
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