Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon & Bike ride summary

Well, to be blunt, it was a complete disaster. Due to (Yes, I'm making excuses) the 3 weeks leading up to the Half being sick the entire time, that led to absolutely NO working out. Not just no running, but nothing else. I had no energy. After going to the DR just the other day, I got meds and started getting better. I didn't think at all about not running it - but maybe I should have.

The gun started the 13.1 sucker at 0630 am. We got up at 0430 and had gotten into bed later than planned due to the traffic getting to the beach, cause in S.C. Myrtle Beach is the beach. I set off into what I'd hoped would be a steady slow pace. I did know that I wasn't where I should have been physically ready for the event and to top it off, I had a 32 mile bike ride the day after. Yeah, that's a whole other story.

Miles 1 - 3.99
The first 4 miles are several turns to get down to Ocean blvd. It's okay, and really the sun was coming up fairly quick. I was enjoying it, not even phased that everyone and their momma seemed to be passing me at the speed of light. There is no corral start for this small race. I felt like I was doing well. I think I passed the 5K clock at 31 something, not sure. Of course, not my best but at this point - I was thinking probably a 2:30 race. Not bad considering all things.

Miles 4 - 8.99
We turn onto Ocean blvd and I smile knowing the next few miles are a straight, flat course. You can see the ocean on the left and all the millions of pancake houses, crappy motels on the right, and high rises on the left. Not a bad sight, really. Unfortunately, no more port-o-potties in sight and I needed one. At about mile 6, I see 3 off to the left and a long line for them. I join in. With waiting and going potty, I probably wasted about 5 min. Then again, at about mile 8.5 I needed to go again. This time some owners of a motel were standing outside smoking and watching all the runners, I asked if they would oh so kindly let me use their restroom. I go in, get the bathroom, she tells me I need a key. Crap. So, I grab the key off the nail in the wall, and drop it on their desk, which is behind the counter, so I had to lean over and find it before heading back again to the restroom. My motivation was going downhill at this point. I knew I'd wasted so much time with the pit stops that I wasn't going to do what I wanted. At least, I'd come in in 2:40, possibly...

Miles 9-13.1


We turned the right off Ocean blvd, took a couple of small turns and ended up on Kings hwy. I lost it. I pretty much just gave up. I walked, I ran a little, I walked, ran a little. I almost teared up at the sense of disappointment I was feeling. I was (no offense) with the walkers and I thought I was a runner. My disappointment led to heartache, and just plain self-pity. This time last year, I did a 2:19:19, a slow half for most of you, but created a record for me, one that I think I can't PR now. Just 3 wks ago on a Sunday, I did a 10-miler. After it was over, I got to thinking that if I continued to run good the next few wks until the race, then I could possibly PR. Then I got sick.

My legs were just very heavy, sore, and I was getting some spasms in them. Probably from killing them with no cardio level workout in such a long time, then all of sudden - this. But, I just didn't have then energy, nor the determination. It had all left me.

For the last half mile, I had my eye on my garmin watching, waiting to see the chute. I finally got to where we (halfers) cut off while the marathoners keep going and it took everything I had to run through the chute. I crossed and David was of course waiting for me. He had been there over an hr, already and all my other friends were there too. They all finished in times like 1:35, 1:50, 1:58, 1:59, and 2:33. Then there was me - 2:49.

So, there you go. I have no splits because I still forgot to set up the new Garmin to do splits. I felt a lot like Lisa after she finished the RnR Half. I told all my friends that I probably wasn't ever running again. They were all very supportive (from the outside) telling me, that I "had been sick", blah, blah, blah... "I ran it anyway", blah, blah, blah... but it doesn't (in my eyes) take away what happened Saturday on the course. Regardless of all the facts, I gave up during miles 10-13 and that's what's disappointing. But, I need to leave it all on Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach.

It's hard to come on and let the world (so to speak - well anyone that wants to read my blog) and lay it all out. But, I'm doing it, because it's what I need to do, to get past this. My fitness level has dropped dramatically. I am over-weight, under-trained, and just not in shape. Now, I just have to do something about it.

David's right - "stupid running".

Yesterday was another early morning. We all got up so sore we could barely walk, or bend our knees. I swore someone beat us all with a baseball bat during the middle of the night. I couldn't believe we were about to ride for over 30 miles. The bicycle ride started an hr later than the run at 7:30. We all got our bikes ready and got to the stadium where the ride began. Online, the MB site said this ride was 30 miles. We get there on Friday night, pick up our chip and shirt, etc and the course map said 32 miles. Okay, so it's more than 30.... blah. I kept thinking I have not ever done a ride over 20 miles. How am I going to handle this? and the day after the half, that I didn't finish training for. We started off, David up front, of course. Larry, Shelley and I rode together. Larry leading us and offering for us to draft behind him. It's a nice flat course, sort of an out and back but some cut off the end, to make it (supposedly) 32 miles, not longer. Towards the end of the course, we hit some wind that made us go even slower. We were at the 16 mile SAG stop, munching and taking in some fluids, and the volunteers saw the leaders of the 32 mile ride pass us. They were already on their way back. We still had another 5-6 miles to go before our turn around. Then we see David pass. So close to the leaders. Yay! David. and we were off again.

20 miles into the ride, Shelley and I were counting down the miles. Her computer had us further than mine, so we were hoping hers was right. At mile 25, the both of us just wanted so badly to be off that bike, so much so, we were blaming the guys for pushing us to do this ride. At about mile 28'ish, we thought we were close. We were back on Ocean blvd, and David come flying up behind us. He had already finished and came back to ride with us in. He got beside Larry, and Larry quietly said to him "the girls are mad, and I know we have more than a 32 mile course here". They just didn't tell us that. And, I knew David knew how much further we had but wouldn't tell me. Probably a good thing.

We all rode through the chute together, side by side. In the end, David's bike computer said 36.16, and mine was around 36 also. Shelley and Larry had about 36.8 miles. So, who knows? But, I do know it wasn't a 32 mile ride. I just know it was slow and much of a joy ride... well, until we hit 32 miles....It was just a ride then.

~36 mile ride (2:47:25)

We didn't get into the house to settle down until 9:30 pm, after getting back, going back out in the rainstorm and getting the munchkin. I didn't even open my laptop. If you all want to see a good report, check out David's. His is much more positive. I hope to finally catch up on your blogs today. I'm missing ya'll....

I'm very sore, taking the elevator to my 2nd floor cubie. I can barely walk straight. My glutes on down to my calves are giving me hell. And, everyone is looking at me weird. On to finish off my sore rest day. Tomorrow, it's back to the workout grind. :-)

Since Wes hasn't got to see a picture of Grace lately, I thought I'd show her off again. Here she is at the end of Jan in her Jamaica getup Daddy got her.

Sorry report is so long. It's actually 2 reports... :-)


Eric said...

Blah, Blah, Blah! No's just another road race and there'll be more! Take another look at that pic of Grace and ask yourself how important it really was. You finished (Goal #1) AND you rode the bike THE NEXT DAY! YOU ARE still a FINISHER of both! Most people would have DNF'd if faced with all that you had thrown at you...or even worse, not shown up! Put a feather in your cap, young lady! You're a finisher, and you've got an awesome husband and daughter that love you! What more is there?


Wes said...

Woo hoo! {clapping} A Grace pic!!!! I was suffering withdrawals ;-) Such a cutie pie!

Ya know, chica! This is supposed to be fun!! After being so sick, a PR was not going to happen. I'm not trying to compare you, but do you know how man walkers beat us at Disney? Almost ALL of them! ROFL!! Yet, Dee Dee hangs her medal with pride on her rear view mirror, and she is a marathoner.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Find the fun again, and the overweight and out of shape stuff will take care of itself!

I do admire you for running anways. It is what I would have done!!

Gotta Run..... said...

Mendy... I am proud of all of the miles you covered. Sure this HM was not the finish time you had hoped for but now you a chance to map and plan for the next. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!!!! I have 100% faith that you will get everything back in place.

I beleive in you girl! GO MENDY!!

My Life said...

Ohhh don't be too hard on yourself. It was a rough month for you! And really a half marathon and a 36mile ride in two days?! Wow you!

sunshine said...

First of all, you had the guts to sign up for a back-to-back race ... something that would totally overwhelm me and I'm so motiviated by you and David for doing it.

You're right... leave it on Ocean Blvd. Some races get out of our control and we just have to remember the next one we'll PR! :)

Hope you're feeling better and after a nice ice bath and massage, you're ready to get out there again! CONGRATS!!!

Nancy said...

Dang, girl. You covered some miles, no matter how it felt. I know it sucks not to be at your best. Like you said try to leave it out there and train like the devil for the next one, it will be so much sweeter. Not that this will make you feel better, but...your crappy half is still way better than my only half. :D Some day maybe I will be able to keep up with you. Although I cannot fathom 36 miles on a bike. I think you rock (and you make darling little girls too!)

Hang in there, chin up!!


Marcy said...

(((HUGS)))) Mendy!! The fact that you had even finished that race is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!! You have nothing to be ashamed of, you've been SICK!! Not only that but even though you said "I gave up", you didn't. You could have very easily just ditched and walked off the course but you stuck with it and finished even if it wasn't what you wanted. All things considered (bathroom stops, sickness, etc), I'd say it was a good race ;D

OMG, 36 miles on a bike?! Ohhh my pain in the "area" LOL I would've been counting down the miles too!

teacherwoman said...

Hell, I have had walkers beat me at 5K's in 20 degree weather. Pat yourself on your back for finishing! Not every race is going to be a PR. I think you did wonderfully! *hugs*

Jess said...

I'm sorry that your half was so disappointing, but your friends and the others who got here before me are right: you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. You were sick for weeks, and, sometimes, we all just have bad races. You hung in there and finished and that counts for a lot!

And I can't imagine riding 36 miles the day after! You're hardcore.

Unknown said...

Nice job finishing both races. I certainly know where you are coming from about it not feeling fun. The most important thing is to keep doing something...anything to stay in shape and get in better shape. If that means taking a break from running and trying some other things for awhile, so be it. Then you can come back to running with a fresh body and a fresh mind. If you are fed up with running, it's much better to do something else than nothing at all. Like others have already said, this is supposed to be fun, so do something fun and different to get the spark back.

Neese said...

aw, I love ya Mendy. You'll get your groove back...heck I ran 2 yesterday and it was HARD after coming off this sick thing we've been dealing with...I cannot even begin to comprehend 13.1...but you did it and have another under your belt!

I think I'm going to skip Reedy this year and save myself (hahah like it matters) for Shamrock on the 15th of March at FU.

I will let you know about running..that will be great :o)

J~Mom said...

Mendy I am so upset that I missed your call. :<( I am going to call you tomorrow and give you a java style pep talk!!

You will come back and kick some serious arse but you mentally have to let go of this. You know what you are capable of and you have had sooo much going on. You can't beat yourself up over one race. Well look who is talking, I love to beat myself up but WE both know we can't do that. The important thing is that you got out there and you are healthy and you are setting the best darn example for your daughter that you can! Ok, enough of my rambling, I am so calling you tomorrow so we can chat! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...
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David said...

It was a very challenging weekend, but it was a good time, and I'm so happy to have done it all with you. And this is all pre-season stuff, so we can get it in gear for the real season.

Yay salad and chicken!

Laura said...

Wow, I just can't believe you did both the run AND the bike! No matter what the time, that is a great accomplishment!!!

Pokey said...

As the Queen of Crappy Races, I think I am qualified to say ~


You are a fantastic runner! Remember, one race doesnt define who we are (and a good thing for me, too!) had influences outside of your control, but you still DID IT!

Remember, there are some of us that still aspire for a 2:49 ;)

Ashley said...

Way to gut it out and finish... memories of this race will help your efforts this season. We've got many months ahead. Keep up the training! Go Greenville!

Michelle said...

Hey, you did great in the HM! Illness can really take A LOT out of your body. Trust me, I have been sick for five days now and it was all I could do to run two miles tonight. I also have had my energy completely zapped by this stupid virus.

I am proud of you for just getting out and doing it!!! You are a winner -- and a RUNNER!!!!

Lori said...

I am so impressed that you did that bike ride the DAY AFTER A HALF!!! OMGosh! And it was nearly twice as far as any ride you have had to are nuts!!! I have total faith that the VA Beach half is going to be "our" half this year! LOL It will really probably suck big time since it will be hotter than hades and even more humid :P, but it is going to be a great time! Love the pics, especially little miss grace!

Jason The Running Man said...

Wow, what an awesome job Mendy! I think you are underestimating your fitness level, not too many people run a half mary then jump on the bike and ride 36 the next day, great job. Grace is adorable and I love the hat!:)

Jason The Running Man said...

especially for not training right and being sick, just wow! :) Sorry I had to add that.

Sarah said...

Dude, do I EVER know how you feel. I went all the way to Maui to run a marathon last fall and it BLEW GIANT COOKIES. I felt so freakin defeated. And I had a crappy run this past Saturday that has prompted me to do the half rather than the full I was scheduled for.

But ya know? You just pick up and move on to the next thing. I'm proud of you for finishing!

Tiffany said...

Way to go!!! Don't be so hard on yourself- you are awesome :) I am sad I could not be there with yall-damn weddings. Damn!

Once I get back to running races, I am gonna need folks out there to tell me that a 5 hour HALF marathon isn't bad :)