Happy Leap year


I'm so glad the weekend is here. At lunch, David and I scurried downtown for me to pick up my race packet, and like Karen and Eric were mentioning the other day, you know you're in the running community when you run into people you know either at the running store or, in our case - packet pickup. So, we spent several minutes talking to our near future Realtor, and David's teammate on the Tri team - he was volunteering. We also ran into Fleet Feet owners, whom are awesome people, and decided to stop in their store tomorrow. I just may pick up some trail running shoes. :-) I'm sure that made Robin smile a little. Afterwards, we stopped by Salad Creations for a nice OVERSIZED salad. Yum-O.

I'm getting super excited for my first 10K in a very long time. Apparently, only 1/3 of the people registered for the race tomorrow are participating in the 10K and the rest are 5K'ers. Our friends we went to MB weekend with will be there, plus G-Man. He will be finished with the 10K before most people are finished with the 5K, I'm sure. A co-worker is doing it, and I overheard him tell someone today "what training", I did 2 runs. He DOES want to go get Ice Cream afterwards. Hmmmmm.... I'm glad he did 2, rather than 0. right? Plus a couple from our Church group will be there too.

I hear we're having nice weather, and of course, what's a race in G'ville without hills, so plenty of those to go around. Anyway, I'm going to have fun with this tomorrow. Considering how hard all runs have been lately, I'm hoping for the best feeling in my legs to get me through. I don't expect any outrageous pace for my current condition of running fitness, but it sure would be nice to surprise myself. :-)

Yesterday after work, I got in another brick. It wasn't too bad, and in fact the trainer ride was a little easier than it was on Monday. I went up a little in time/mileage, then I tacked on a 2 mile run. What sucks about our runs, is we have to exit our neighborhood and it's all uphill, and those first few minutes after riding, running up that hill is exhausting. But, I got er' done. It was very cold, a little windy and I under dressed for the short distance.

Bike (trainer) 9.01 miles - 35:40
Run 2 miles - 19:39

Golf day is postponed. I'm glad too as I didn't want to throw my back out too much (cause I can't play worth a crap) right before I do a 10K. So, it's replaced with just a work meeting (outside the work place). Nice....

We're having a relaxed evening tonight. Today is my rest day. My workout *plan* is tomorrow's race, then at least a 15 mile bike ride Sunday. I had a brick planned until coach David informed me last night after I returned, I shouldn't be doing too many bricks, that my body isn't used to it. Instead I need to get comfortable doing the bike ride. Okay... if you say so. He does know more about this multisport thang than I do.

Ta-Ta - Have a wonderful weekend, Ya'll!!! and for those of you racing, don't forget to enjoy it!


David said...

You're gonna do great tomorrow. Then you can grind out a nice long-ish bike ride to season your legs to not care about the silly little short one at the tri. Better to have the 12 mile tri ride feel like nothing than to over-brick and have IT bands that feel like guitar strings!

My Life said...

Have an awesome 10K tomorrow - take pics!! ;)

Viv said...

I am scared of the bricks. So suaweet having a home coach at arms reach. my bricks come up on the schedule in a copule weeks. Can you ask your Coach David ;-) if doing bricks a couple weeks before the event during taper time is smart, or should I do a couple now?

Anyhow, you are going to do great at your 10K tomorrow! Best of luck to you, and like you said have fun. looking forward to the race report. Enjoy your weekend :-)

Paul said...

Good luck with the 10K!

Nancy said...

Hmmm, I resemble some of those remarks. Especially the one about the comments from the coach at home :D and the one about getting out of the neighborhood requires hills. Man, that sucks. I'll let you decide which one I am referring to. hee hee.

Good luck tomorrow. I'm considering a 10k myself this month.

Now....remember my pre-work advice! :D

Marcy said...

It's golf time already?!?! Dang!

Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully ;D Make sure David takes some pics (and of course BR one's too LMAO!)

Lori said...

You are going to rock that 10K! I'm so excited to hear how it all went! You really are so lucky to have such a great source of knowledge lying right there next to you ;) Just don't take advantage of him too much ;)

I also wanted to tell you....THANK YOU SO MUCH! You hit that nail right on the head with my issue. My run was going to be therapeutic...for my mind and I really thought I had to have it. It always helps so much to have words to put to the feelings I am having.

Lily on the Road said...

Good Luck with your 10K Mendy!!

Thanks for stopping by, please stay in touch, you're more than welcome any time. David has great advice, do your race then you can concentrate on the biking....gotta love those hills!

rxervin said...

You guys are so into this athletic thing. It's awesome. But I'm afraid I don't understand the lingo. "Brick"?
You've probably already run your race by now, but I'm sure you did grrrreat! Congrats!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the brick thursday! I am sure the race went awesomely today and I look forward to hearing all abou it! :)