Running the Reedy

Reedy River 10K was this morning. I really haven't ever seen this many people in our Downtown for a race eva! It's the first time I've ran it and I believe this was year 31 for this race. Amazing. There were about 4K people that joined in on the fun for the 5K, 10K, and the kids mile events. It's really an awesome sight to see so many people in one place that have that common interest of fitness no matter how they got there, or what their time is. I believe Greenville has a huge amount of runners/cyclists. Again, I'm biased though. :-) These people are making a difference and I'm proud to be a part of it.

We got there fairly early, enought to stand around on main for a while, get some free coffee, stand around some more. Ahhh.... The anticipation..... I was ready to get this thing over with.

The gun went off, and so were we. Over the last few weeks, and during the first mile of the race, I kept hearing about "McDaniel", aka the HILL. I know where McDaniel st is, and have been on it many times before in a car, but I just couldn't place it in my head where the hill was. Anyway, I hit miles 1 and 2, right at 10 min/mil, but it went downhill after that while the race went uphill. It was rolling hills for quite a while, not bad. I struggled mentally like I have been in all my runs lately, with the "I have to stop for a few seconds" feeling. I really hate this, and even more, I really hate to admit it. I walked a few more times, and around mile 5, we turned onto McDaniel and WHOA, it's horrible, at least to me and from what I can tell - it's hard on everyone. After brutal McDaniel, I ran the rest of the way in. I caught my family at the corner around 5.8, and Grace was ringing her cow bell for me. Sweet!!!!!

We finish the race at the entrance to one side of the Liberty Bridge (foot-bridge - pictured, pic I found online sometime ago). I crossed at 1:06:29 for a slow 10:45 min/mil. I'm happy I did it, but am not happy with the finish. I am having to start my running all over again, but know from this and from my previous runs, I have some training to do. Overall, it's a great race and beautiful course through Falls Park.

I crossed the bridge to look for David and Grace, and he got this pic. I'm in it, can you see me?

After the regular after-race activities, eating and walking around endlessly looking for people we know, we sat down for a few and watched Grace dance to the music a little. She's quite the little clown sometimes.

We ran some errands, which include a trip to Fleet Feet. I walked out with new Mizuno's. :-))) We ended our day with a trip to see a new baby from a couple in our Church group. How sweet she is! and then we had a great meal with great friends!!

Next up - Parris Island Triathlon (2 wks).

I'm hoping to end my evening finally with a little SNL, if I can keep my eyes open long enough and some reading of the blogs. I don't have a run tomorrow morning before Church so I think I'll stay up long enough tonight. Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


Lily on the Road said...

Good job!! Looks like it was a lot of fun ;-D

I'm on my way out for 19K.

Jess said...

That's a great time Mendy, and there's no reason to feel disappointed in it.

I could not find you in the crowd. Of course, I always sucked at Where's Waldo to!

Neese said...

Nice job Mendy! No way we could run together I couldn't hold that pace 6 miles!! :-o

Great report, and real sorry I missed ya'll I slept in and tried to rest for Kid Rock last night.

Bob - said...

and Grace was ringing her cow bell for me. Sweet!!!!!
ahhhh that is sweeeet....Congrats & I saw u in that pic, the one with the white hat right--lol seriously I dont think I saw you but dang it I had my face pressed to PC to look--haha

J~Mom said...

Mendy! YOU DID FANTASTIC!!!!! I thought when we talked on the phone that you walked a ton. Look at your time girl! You could not have walked much at all!

I am proud of you and I know that you have great things in front of you! You can do it!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow there were a lot of people at that race.

Your finish time sounds good to me!

RunnerGirl said...

Great job on the race! Saw that you got some new mizunos, I can't wait to run in mine tomorrow. I thought (briefly) of trying out something new this time around, but decided to stick with the mizunos b/c I love them so much.

Great picture of you and Grace!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on your race. I think you did awesome!

I had a hard time finding you in the pic because I thought you had one white...but when I saw the pic of you and Grace I found ya! hehehe.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Wes said...

I think you are still being too hard on yourself. You went through a tough time with the leg thing. Take your time getting your running fitness back. You did great in the 10K!! I love that Grace has a cowbell :-)

rxervin said...

Congrats on finishing the race!

You're in the upper left corner of the sea of people, right?

Marcy said...

YAAAAYYYY MENDY!!! You did FANTASTIC!! That time is nothing to be ashamed of, especially with all the hills. Oy, oy, oy!

LMAO at Jess, I could pick you out from from the start. Raisin' the roof!

Paul said...

Good work on that 10K! Cool race report. Love me some cow bell.

Nancy said...

You did great!! I'd love to have seen Grace and the cowbell. That would have melted me.

Nice job especially with the big hill. :D

Viv said...

YAA! You did wonderful, Mendy! That time is nothing to sneeze at no doubt. My head hurts a lil from squinting trying to find you. I love that Grace was giving you some cowbell...LOL! How ya feeling for the tri, nervous or ready to get it done??

P.O.M. said...

Good job! I love your hat :)

sunshine said...

Yay for new shoes! And... your little munchkin is so darn cute!!!

Gotta Run..... said...

wow... Paris Island is coming up quick!

I so hate that I forgot that the RR was this past weekend. I had planned on being a part of it at an aid station. Poor planningon my part!!

You did it... now just keep building from there. You have it in you Mendy!! Great job.

Unknown said...

Nice job with the race report!

Good luck with the triathlon training. It's now just around the corner.

Lori said...

I found you, too! I can spot you anywhere with the victory arms! Makes me think of h.s. cheerleading ;)

You ran a great race! Especially with that killer hill! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to hear how great you do at the tri in two weeks :)

My Life said...

I'm so sorry I'm just now catching up on you! Yahoo for your 10K! I know you weren't happy with your time, but 1:06 with hills?! Sounds great to me!!

Can't wait to hear all about the Triathlon!