3 yrs ago today....

I was drugged up - and more than most women about to deliver. Yup!

Seriously, my pregnancy with Grace was fine until the last few weeks, which resulted in Gestational Diabetes and Preeclampsia. I had a complicated delivery with her that started early in the morning 3 yrs ago today. Both David and I were sick with congestion, coughing and the typical other symptoms, so pushing a 8lber out of me wasn't what I was up for that day, but after many hrs on the drugs, trying to reduce my blood pressure, and trying to deliver - we ended up with a C-Section and Grace was born at 8:30PM - weighing in at 8lbs-9oz. Big girl, she was and still is today. She's so sweet, and I love her more than words can explain. Today was more than just her having a small party with friends at the house, and opening gifts. She is such a blessing to me, and I thank the Lord daily for my healthy, happy little girl.


Here are a few pics of Grace over the years. Forgive me for SO many pictures.

Grace - 8:44pm 12/31/04

Grace - New Years Day - 1 day old

Leaving the hospital (3 days old)

1 yr old

2 yrs old


My baby and I

Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been online much lately with all the house projects, Christmas, and getting ready for Grace's birthday. So, tonight is relaxing. We're watching the Clemson/Auburn bowl game, catching up on blogs, spending time with Grace, and oh yeah - it's New Year's Eve, so drinking some champagne.

Hope you all have a safe, new year's eve!! Time for some beer and football.


Marcy said...

Awwwhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! Gosh, they get so big so quick. She's so cute!!

Yeaahhhh pushing out an 8lber is not fun. That's definitely something I'd NEVER want to do over, well . . .maybe if they gave me drugs in time the next time around. Wait, I don't want anymore children. Forget the idea all together :P

Happy New Year's!!!

J~Mom said...

HEY!! I had preeclampsia with Isaac!! I will tell you the big long story when you are here but I totally understand! I had to go in and be induced ( my blood pressure went way too high) after being on bed rest for 3 months. Blah. Not happy times until the little guy was born. :>)

I love, love, love the pictures!! She is a beautiful girl and you all are such a happy family!

Happy New Year!1

Neese said...

awwww I recognize grace from day 1 that sweet little face. Happy Birthday! and Happy Giving Birth Anniversary to you Mendy :D I cannot even imagine what that must of been like for you....

Happiest New Year to you all! xo

Wes said...

What? Where are all the pictures you promised :-) Happy New Year and War Eagle :-)

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Happy New Year Mendy to you Dave and Grace...Love the pics what a blessing & cutie pie :-) God is Good!

Look forward to ur journey in 2008'

Nancy said...

That's not a lot of pics, I was expecting at least 20! :D

Happy Bday, sweet little girl!!

I won't tell you how long my labors were, but I can only sympathize with the complications. Glad you are both happy and healthy.

Jason The Running Man said...

Happy B-Day to Grace! She's a cutie!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Grace! Hope it was wonderful!

My girl will be 4 on Jan. 19. Time sure flies! I had a c-section with her (and my son, later on). Maybe I will share her birth story on my blog on her birthday. :-)

Eric said...

Happy Birthday to Grace! Y'all are so cute! Have a great New Year! I look forward to seeing y'all soon!


Jess said...

Happy birthday to Grace! She looks just like her mama!

My Life said...

Love the post and all the pics! And I can't wait to *meet* you at PFC! You'll be there!? Yay! Sorry I've been so MIA and I'm just now realizing this! I'm thinking my goal time might be around 2:30... yours?

teacherwoman said...

What a doll! :) Happy Birthday Grace!

Lori said...

Happy late birthday to Grace!!! She is so beautiful Mendy :)

Pokey said...

Same story here too, Mendy! That pre-eclampsia is some bad stuff.

Grace is adorable ~ is she coming with you for RNR? I am looking forward to meeting you too...I've heard so much about you from Lisa!

See you next week!

Gotta Run..... said...

Were is my comment??? I am almost positive that I posted one yesterday. Weird!!!!

Happy belated Birthday to Grace!!! Time sure does go by fast! So when is baby #2 happening?? :)

One week until your half. I know you all are getting excited!!

Tiffany said...

Hey! Happy New Year! Happy birthday to sweet Grace! I am going to miss Myrtle Beach this year- have another darn wedding that day :) I was looking forward to doing the half or relaying it up. Pooo.

rxervin said...

Gawsh, it's hard to believe it's been three years already! I remember going to see you and Grace in the hospital after she was born and worrying about you and David being so sick! LOL!

Well, congrats on being a Mommy for 3 years! And happy belated birthday, Grace!

P.O.M. said...

SO cute. She is totally a mini-you!