Christmas download

Howdy Ya'll! Hope everyone's Christmas was great. Mine was. We had a great time watching Grace open her gifts, and my gifts, and David's gifts, and anyone else's she could get her hands all over. She also liked emptying everyone's "Socks". She really is at that age to thoroughly enjoy it.

We had my family over: Mom, Mom's boyfriend, Brother. David cooked a fantastic meal and we had some incredible wine. It was relaxing and a nice time.

Santa brought Grace a kitchen, a Dora tent, Dora castle and a bunch of other smaller items. She ran hard down the hall once she saw the kitchen.

She had such a long day of opening the gifts, that she fell asleep in her tent.

As for me, I received some books, music, movies, and a new Dooney... David really knows my purse taste, thankfully! :-) It's big enough for me to carry all that I need plus all of Grace's stuff she hands me when we're out. Me likey.

Since Saturday, we've painted 3 rooms - our bathroom (cocoa), our room (olive), and Grace's new room (lavender). She outgrew the room she was in, so we've been moving furniture, boxes of stuff, my treadmill out of that room and into her old room and vice versa. It's been a disaster as all the stuff is everyone including our hall, her bathroom, our room. I plan on finishing it all up this weekend, plus decorate her walls. It's been tiring!

I haven't run in a week, but David and I both plan on doing 2 hrs each tomorrow morning of running and let that be our last long run before PF Changs. We leave 2 wks from today. Hard to believe. I still haven't called Garmin to return mine and hope that they hook me up. So, I'll just wear my old watch and just do an hr out and hr return.

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm glad the season is over with. I am now ready to get everything back in the attic, the house projects completed and life return to normal. Well, that's about it for now. It's LATE and I'm turning in. I still need to catch up on blogs and plan on doing that tomorrow after my run. Forgive me for being so matter-of-fact and quite boring. I'm just tired.


David said...

You forgot the freakin sweet date night we had tonight, complete with wine bar (awesome Italian wine!), a funny movie (Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story), and back home for another movie, more fantastic wine, and snuggling.

Michelle said...

Nice holiday haul, Mendy!

Isn't it cool when they're at the age to enjoy it? Kara had a blast this year. She had us set out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa, along with a few drawings of hers. Santa left her a note in return and a present (almost all the other gifts were already under the tree). She loved it! So fun!

Neese said...

(lol David...RB always says "you forgot to mention.." lol. we can't cover it ALL geesh ;) :) )

Sounds like a nice Christmas, I'm drooling over your Dooney! holy smokes, love it!

Sweet Grace running down the hall for her kitchen, unforgettable, I'm sure.

Enjoy your run today!

Jess said...

I lurv the purse! Glad you had such a nice Christmas!

J~Mom said...

WOOT WOOT!! Love the purse!!

Glad you guys had a great day! Let us know how the run went!

Marcy said...

Wait . . . David cooks?!?! Does he don the chef's hat and apron as well? :P

Sounds like a fantastic Christmas chica!! I hear you, I am SOOOOO glad it's over :-/ Normally we don't take stuff down until the day after New Year's . . .this year I've already started :-X I just want my house like normal again LOL

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear Christmas was great! Love the purse.. I need a new one bad but can't decide!

Gotta Run..... said...

Your house sounds upside down BUT the end results is always worth it. Keep pushing on!!!

Love the pictures of Grace. Passing out in her tent is priceless.

PFChangs is almost here!!!!