New shoes (Mizuno wave elixir)

New playlist
Very cool to have different songs on my ipod. I haven't changed it in probably a year. Yikes...

oh, new running socks (thank you, Tar-get)

New fresh feeling

Tonight, I had my run and I gotta tell you, there's something about running in the cool temps and in the dark. When I stepped out, it was still a little light outside, but that changed quickly. I should have been wearing my reflective vests. I even had to wear my gloves as it was chilly. No spectacular pace, I enjoyed the rhythm I set and got comfortable in it. So much so, that the scheduled 5 miles was just too little to do tonight considering how I was feeling.

6.45 miles

Nice! I had some leg pain, but wasn't nearly as bad and I really focused on running form. I felt I could have kept going, but needed to get back, plus just wasn't really setup for a longer run. I had very little water this afternoon and no calories in me to make it past 7 miles.

Sunday, I will do a 7 mile run. I'll keep on climbing in mileage on my way up to my 2nd Half-Marathon! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend! Lisa has a 10K this weekend Wes has a 10 miler. Good luck, Ya'll and have fun! I know you'll both do great!!


Bob - said...

Hey Mendy...nice on the "3 NEWS" kicks, socks & tunes, what else do we need :-) oh maybe some more water -lol

Great run today & Enjoy ur Sunday run tooo!!

David said...

I knew when you walked in with a smile that it was a great run for you, and I'm very happy to hear it! It's about time you felt satisfied by a run. Mechanics play into running more than we often give credit to. Keep it up, and get on that...oh, which was it?...that half marathon...

Marcy said...

Sweet kicks!!

Oooo Mendy have you tried the Target socks before? Let me know how you dig em. I was debating picking them up or not. I get weird sometimes about changing things that I know work LOL

LMAO, I haven't changed my playlist since the summer so I'm right there with ya LOL! I guess if I was running everyday it would get old but since I'm a mostly a 3 day a weeker it's still good hehe.

Awesome job on the run!! ;D ;D

Jess said...

Oh! Pretty new shoes! Nice job on the run.

J~Mom said...

Very cool!! Love the new shoes! Let me know how they do!

Thanks for the shout out, that was nice!! :>) I don't know about this 10K's just a little too long for me to try to turn on the speed jets. LOL

sunshine said...

So glad you enjoyed your run! A nice cool run is so refreshing, isn't it?

teacherwoman said...

Nice job, Mendy!!! Love the new shoes as well!

I need to switch out my songs on my ipod...but am running low on good tunes for running... if you have a few that you absolutely love, let me know! I Would love to add to mine!