Tuesday night at our Church Group meeting at our friends house, we had a question where we went around the room to tell what area of life we need to focus more on. This question came up a few weeks ago as well, and then, my answer was different. The areas were: Personal, Relationships, Spiritual, Career, Physical, and Financial. Honestly, for the most of us, it was hard to narrow it down to just 1 primary focus. Really, every area needs work in my life. The last time we talked about this, I chose Physical because I really want to loose some weight, and loosing weight will make me feel better about myself - then affects my relationship with my husband, - my attitude, - my confidence, etc. Now, I still feel this way. However, I changed my thought process. I don't come on here and talk about God and my spiritual journey that much, but I have one and it needs some work. So, I chose Spiritual. In the other areas, I need to put some effort in as well and I will.

My friend (who reads my blog every now and then) chose Relationships and when she talked about it, I could feel some of the same things that she was. She said that right now, she has a lot of good girlfriends, and to maintain those relationships, she needs to invest in them. It hit hard for me too because I've had some terrific friends that I don't continue to invest in, even if it's a quick email saying Hi!, etc. So, I'm going to try harder in this area too. So, while talking of girlfriends, here are my girlfriends from Church at a Birthday Dinner Celebration for Lenna. I hope they don't mind me posting a picture of them. :-0

We're not smoking. We're at The Melting Pot having fondue. My friend's Mother joined us too. What a great time we all had! Good group of ladies.

Yesterday, I went to the pool and had an uneventful swim. It went well for me. A continuous (what I call right now - endurance) swim of 30 minutes was the goal.

Swim - 1150 yds - 30:36

Today is supposed to be a run, but I will probably have to move it to tomorrow because my brother and I will be going across town to the Mortuary to see my family.

I learned yesterday that my plate here at work is full. I think I knew it, but I started to get flustered when someone would say "Oh, I need you do this too" and wrote it all down on my white board and then it hit me - I have 13 different projects (small or large) that I am working on. Ouch... and we're supposed to be slowing down for the holiday season. So, in honor of "The Office" day (known to others as Thursday) - here is a picture of my humble abode 8-10 hrs a day. It's usually more of a disaster than it is here. I cleaned a little last week. Hard to tell?


Wes said...

Good stuff. I like it when my friends "inside the machine" turn into flesh and blood via a meet up :-)

Your desk is way more organized then mine. LOL... An organized mess is the sign of a great mind! At least that is what I tell myself. And who's picture is that on the bookshelf? Hmmmm? None other than Grace!! :-)

David said...

If you want to see a mess, I can take a pic of my cell. It's a pigpen!

That was a great swim. 30 min with no breaks is quite a while to go, and smart to focus on time rather than distance at this point.

Oh, and though you mentioned nobody is smoking, Lenna sure looks stoned in that pic.

Eric said...

Your friends are so important in life. I've learned the value of deep, meaningful relationships with friends recently in the wake of their son's death. It's absolutely riveting and has shaken me to the core. Keep the friends as close as possible! You may need each other in crisis. That DOES include God, too!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO David!! Yeeaaahhhh sure you're all not smoking :P LOL JK!!

I know what you mean with the friends thing. Sometimes life, work, kids, and all take so much of your time that they get put to the backburner. Even getting a quick "hey what's up" e-mail is always nice :-)

OMG your desk is so clean! I'm LMAO at the stress dude. For some reason he looks like a "dirty" toy to me?!? I know it's not but there is something perverse looking about it. I'm a headcase I know LOL

David said...

Oh no, Marcy, it is what you think!

(she uses it to dust the desk, making him dirty)

The sombrero must have come from an "off-site" meeting, or a gift from Grace's bio father.


J~Mom said...

I really, really need to focus on spiritual things too. We had a Sunday School lesson on discipline and I was like yeah, I got the discipline thing down. I work out..blah..blah but they were talking about scripture memorization and prayer. Oops. I am going to a conference (Beth Moore-do you know here) in a few weeks and she always says the right things to really help me shift my focus. There is so much to balance, I think you are doing a great job!!

Now, on to funny things...we just started watching The Office and it is my new favorite show!!!!!! Did you watch it last week? I am still cracking up about "The Finer Things". I was rolling!!! Can't wait until tonight!! How pathetic. LOL

J~Mom said...

Do you know here+ do you know her?

Me and my typing....

Lori said...

That would be such a hard question for me to answer, too. I don't think you can ever be completely "right" in any of those categories.

Your cell is soooooooo clean! If I ever get brave (and clean up a little :X) I will take a picture of mine for you. It is scary.

Gotta Run..... said...

I totally need a "Dwight" in my office space!! That just rocks!!

Slow down girl! Maybe you can figure something out at work. Keep those legs moving and running. It will help with the stress.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like we're both going through some bus-i-ness at work! I hope to get my area cleaned up tomorrow!