Out of the rut

Finally, I think I'm getting out of the rut of not caring about working out. I'm not doing the amount of exercise I was before, but I feel like that time's finally come. A training plan may start really soon and it will push me back into running, and I'm sure after a few runs, I'll be enjoying it again. I'll deal with my leg issue as it comes and may be investing in some massage therapy, etc.

We had a fantastic weekend! Church today was great! For the 2nd week, I've ran into an great old high school friend, and she's as sweet as she was many, many years ago. Plus friends that own our local coffee shop showed up too! Neat. We went to our Friends's son's baseball tournament, but unfortunately caught the end of it, then we all went to eat. We always have a great time with them! After a few errands, we took Grace to a park and she rode the train, got on her bike, played in the park.

I know this is boring. I'm exhausted, can't you tell? blah... blah...

Upright Bike 15:00
Elliptical 15:00

Bike (trainer) 30:00, 8.17 miles, 16.2mph


Tomorrow, I'm jumping in the pool for some laps. Miss it! Off to turn in. My eyes are practically closed and it's only 10:00.

Congrats to JavaMom for competing in her first triathlon! Woo hoo! You did awesome!


My Life said...

Look at those curls with the sun shining behind them! What a sweet little girl!

Yay for being out of the rut! It's sucks, doesn't it? (& I love the new tri-pic of you! Yahoo!)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

sounds like a great weekend...Grace looks adorable...all that running around and you still got in some exercise...way to go....

Marcy said...

I LOVE the new pic on the side!!!! You look so happy!! ;D ;D

Girl, don't sweat the lack of exercise. You've been SOOOOO busy. I'm glad that you're coming back out though :-) We want you back!!

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend :-) Grace is sooooo cute!!!

Wes said...

Church, food, fun, friends, and the cutest little girl on the planet :-)

sunshine said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And, congrats on getting back into it. Getting into a rut just kinda sucks, but it's always refreshing to get back into it.

Nice pics of the Navy Ball. I do love a man in uniform... :)

Keep it up, and I can't wait to see what your little muchkin is for Halloween!

Jess said...

I love the new pic of you in the sidebar! And the pics of Grace are so cute! Is it wrong that I want her hat?

Neese said...

I love that new pic on the side as well! It's like you are a kid again playing in the rain! But I realize it was something MUCH harder than that! Glad you are back!!

J~Mom said...

I love that new pic of you in the side bar! You look so happy! My race pics (the professional ones) are so horrible. :>X Half of the time I look drunk. LOL

I am glad you are back! Grace is so cute! Does she want to go out with Isaac?