Some full-body strength & pool time

Today's boring, workouts. Fortunately for me, I went to the gym at lunch and instead of my usual swim, I did strength training. But, I'm glad we planned on swimming tonight because at lunch the pool was packed with little ones taking swim lessons, and only 1 lane was open for us fools doing laps. This sucks! Don't get me wrong - I'm glad the youngsters are learning to swim, but during lunch hrs - Now, I've got to tweek my workout schedules. Yadda, yadda, yadda.... I was told "It's only during the summer". I felt like saying, "Yeah, my training for the upcoming triathlon is only during the summer too".

Lunch - 45min - Full-body strength training

3x15 Dumbbell bicep curls (8lb)
3x15 1-arm rows (8lb)
3x15 front dumbbell raises (8lb)
3x15 dumbbell bench press (8lb)
3x12 incline dumbbell curls (8lb)
3x15 dumbbell squats (10lb)
3x15 dumbbell lunges (10lb)
31 push-ups
150 abs exercises

This evening, David and I went to swim. After we saw Scott and Robin about to leave, and they got to see David in his barely there blue shorts, we started swimming. We shared a lane, which is a mistake as it shows how slow and weak I am in the pool, in comparison. This was just a horrible swim I had. I just wasn't in it, and was struggling a LOT.

500yds - 15:57


Wes said...

Barely there blue shorts? Now that's scarier than a 1.5K deep water swim ;-)

Nikki said...

hmm...I think I need a visual on that Barely there shorts :p


So hes a speedo man?

THat sucks about the "only during the summer". Is there another pool?

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Nik is NOT joking. I know her all too well :P She'll probably save it on her comp for later use LOL Better yet it, will probably be her desktop pic if you give it up.

That STINKS about the pool. So is it first come first serve with the one free lane?

Marcy said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss too!!! ;D ;D You're doing great!!!

Gotta Run..... said...

That is it..... no more negative thoughts!! Scott and I watched your form while you were swimming last night and is was right on target!!! Give yourself some credit on a great job!!

Also, good job on the weight loss. Keep focused and you will continue to work towards your goals.

Scott said...

I thought you did great last night...your form is really smooth and methodical and it will pay off in the long run. Sorry we didn't get a chance to swim together...I was there a few minutes early and saw and open lane so I took it.

I agree..running does suck.


Talk with you soon.

Nikki said...

Marcy Marcy Marcy, I only save ass shots..ohh.. can I have an ass shot :p


Mendy said...

Thanks all for the compliments!!! Yah...

As far as the pool, I'm only swimming twice a week, so we will just work around it. It is a first come first basis. Last night was actually a good time to go - so we may do that. That way Scott can continue to see David in the blue speedos. LOL!!

I honestly don't even know how I look in the pool, so I appreciate it!