My new charm

First off, thanks to you all for your compliments and encouragement. It's great, isn't it that we all can support each other like we do on our runs, fitness, etc. thanx... :-) I'm grateful!

Today is a rest day, thankfully, so no PT to report. I have my official Navy PRT tomorrow morning. I am a bit nervous as I always am (twice a yr). It's not a crazy fitness test, but I always worry that something might go wrong and I don't get the score I'm shooting for. As the former Fitness Leader for our center, I feel a pressure that I need to lead by example. I was the leader for over 4 yrs, and it was time for me to give up the title, for advancement and leadership reasons.

So, we have to do as much sit-ups in 2:00, as many push-ups in 2:00, and 1.5 mile run. Not insane, I know. But, the only drawback I see is doing it all by myself instead of with another 100-150 people. You tend to push more with others around. I just hope there's no wind while I'm running on an abandoned freeway. Yes, that's where we run 1.5, an out-and back. Seems forever.

So, I had lunch with the hubby and his work-wife, Michelle, then I went over to Dicks Sporting Goods to look at running clothes and brought home a new running "Charm". I'm so excited because she will help keep me hydrated while running. I do have a fuel belt, and it's great - don't get me wrong. However, I'm ALWAYS adjusting it, whether it's moving it up or down around my mid-section. Anyways, I read about this particular camelbak in one of my Running mags, and thought it might suit me better. I tried it on and actually ran down the aisle at the store in my dress clothes. I have several Camelbaks from my days roughing it in the fields while on Active Duty, but they're a bit bigger. This one is made for a woman's body, or at least it says so. I'll have to try it out this weekend and see how it does.
Stats on "Charm" - 50oz capacity. "The Charm is a great choice for women looking for a better way to drink on-the-go. Features a comfortable, curved harness, great colors, and 1.5 liters of hydration." Not that any of you care about the specifics, but at least it was a short description.

So, the only thing that sucks about a rest day is having to REALLY watch those calories since I won't burn as many off.... David, light supper tonight? K...


David said...

Mmmmm, salad with grilled chicken. I can't wait to eat that...again.

Marcy said...

HOLY! How much liquid does that baby hold? LMAO, I can totally picture you running down he aisles in that thing! Is it a PITA to run with? It's funny that you bring this up because just today I was griping about how someone stole my strategically placed Gatorade bottle on my run this afternoon. It's about time I get "something" to carry my bottles. My mileage is only going to increase so it's starting to be a necessity *sigh*

I think you'll do wonderfully on your PRT. I'm sure of it. You are sooooo READY for this thing. My God, this thing will be like cake compared to the workouts you do LOL ;D

Jason The Running Man said...

Funny you got that...I was just looking at hydration packs today. I'm with you on the fuel belt, I do like it but I'm always having to I'm not a big fan of taking the bottles out and putting them back in. Good choice!

No worries about your PRT you'll smoke it!

Nikki said...

See, now my dh has a camelback for bike riding(not that he uses it) and I tried it on...HUGE and thought I would look like a dork :p

I carry my water bottle because I HATE the belts. They ride up and up and up and soon they are right on your diaphram and well....I have enough trouble breathing as it is. I dont need a cinch around there :-/

I hope to hear how this works for you and what you like about it.

I will need one when I get more miles under my belt...its a slow process, but I'm going to check in with you on that water pack :)

At least if its kinda girlie then David wont steal your "charm" ;)

Good luck on your PRT!! well I take that back, you wont need luck as your going to rock it out :)

enjoy your salad ;)

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO Great minds think alike!! I JUST wrote that in my blog :P That's a good amount of water that baby holds!!

Wes said...

I got Dee Dee one like that, but its a 32 oz. blue one. I kind of roughed it last year through the heat, but this year, I'm packing my Camelbak a lot!! Good luck on your test! I know you'll kick bootay!!

Neese said...

"Fitness Leader", that's awesome!.. I will stayed tuned for your review of the "Charm"

Gotta Run..... said...

I have seen a few runners with hydration tools such as this one. Can't wait to hear your product report. I have only used this during and adventure race and boy did it leave some nasty rashes around and under my arms. Body glide for sure!!

This should save you during the summer on all your marathon training runs.

Jess said...

Good luck on your fitness test; I'm sure you'll do awesome. Better than me anyway. I could probably max out at 10 push ups!

Unknown said...

"Work-wife?" Now I know there is a story in that one.

I've had really good luck with Camelbacks for running. I actually have a couple different ones and there is nothing better for long, self-supported runs and bikes.

Have fun!

J~Mom said...

I really want one of those charms for bike riding. For running I use a hand held but that is a little hard on the bike. ;>) I hope your test went well, I know you aced it! WOOHOO!

BTW, I cracked up at the work wife comment, I totally know those exist.

Tiffany said...

I am still on the fence whether to get a CB or a hydration belt for Chicago training. My friend went running with me last weekend and had ice cubes in her CB and I heard them slushing around for miles... I might be leaning towards the belt!