Lunch date today...

Swim Drills - 500 yds - approx. 20 min
Yesterday for my lunch, I decided to instead of swimming lap after lap (probably in wrong form - still), to do drills that I was taught at my last lesson. So, I did 100 yd drills, and the POOL TEMP is fixed!! :-)
100yds - Warmup
100yds - Kicking drill on back.
100yds - Used pulley to help with floating, so I could watch my arm form.
100yds - Kicking with kickboard on stomach. I was trying to keep my hips at water level while kicking in correct form.
100yds - I tried to do 4 strokes at a time, before coming up for air. I just struggled a little today with this. I did better during lessons on Thursday.

Today, I had a lunch date with my husband...
At the track! LOL. We both went there to work on speed. I did speed work all during my Half training up until feb, then didn't do it until a couple weeks ago. So, this was my 3rd week back at going once a week. David and I have never been on the track together working on speed. Even though we weren't running together, it was good to have my support system out there with me.

So, I plug in my last 5K (back in Jan - time 27:38) to McMillan and get a 400m time estimate range of 1:59 - 2:04, 800 time 4:02 - 4:13. On this calculation, I get a Half at 2:07:44, however, I did my half in 2:19:19. So, this goes to show I need to work on endurance more. I know that I'm weaker on endurance than speed, and just need to improve. I then plugged my Half in and got: 400 (2:09-2:15), 800 (4:24-4:36). But that time is more than what I'm doing the track work in. So, I'm going with the 5K calculations.

Warmup 800m (9:23/mi)
400m - 1:45 (7:03/mi)
400m - 1:47 (7:17/mi)
800m - 3:50 (7:40/mi)
800m - 3:57 (7:53/mi)
Cooldown 800m (10:02/mi)

From looking at the recommended times above, I'm well below both the 400 and 800. Last week's 400 best was 1:54. Today my 400 was faster. I went out too quick on both of them, so much so, that I think it hurt my 800's. The faster 400's could be due to my new sports bra :-), or that my hubby was out there, and I was pushing more than usual. Whatever the case, I plan on holding onto that 400 time for quite a while, well - until it gets faster!! :-) Unfortunately, that 2nd 800 suffered because of the 400's. I usually know how to hold the right pace for an 800. I went out too fast on them, and suffered. Oh well, run and learn. Next week, I think we have another date on the track. I'm looking forward to see how David's time improves because of speed work.

I'm spent... no energy to sit here and type and I have an important pilot test plan in my lab at 3:00...I better get ready for it. ughhh....


David said...

Yes a great lunch spent with the wife. I enjoyed it all; very fun! :-D Mendy will not allow me to say anything else.

Gotta Run..... said...

Now that is a way to spend a lunch hour. I am jealous!!

You know my thoughts on Speed Work. It is a love hate realationship.

Great job!

jay_say said...

Thanks so much for the comment... another dual famiy blogging... cool...

Wes said...

That's really cool that you guys get to meet for lunch. I'm 30 miles away from Dee Dee during the day. Learn to bilateral breath! It's not that hard, and breathing every three stokes is mo better than every four :-) Course, when I am swimming long, I breath every other stroke, but I digress! You are a speedy one on the track, aren't you? Maybe those calculations are just showing you that you have more to give on the run. Nicely done!!

Marcy said...

That's so cute!!! Totally wish I could spend my lunch hr like that! Although I'm unsure of what David said
"Mendy will not allow me to say anything else."
Hmmmmmm was there more to lunch than you're telling us ;) hehe

David said...

Marcy's a sharp one! ;-)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

OMG!!! giggling, wait til I tell Bonnie how much fun can be had doing speed workouts at the track...oh baby!!

All that said, your times were great...your cool down jog was faster than what I averaged on my 3 miles I just did this afternoon (11:55) makes me think I'm disgustingly slow.

I've got to find a track to work on speed and endurance...but I run with a couple of people that want to make everyone realize that speed can kill...they prefer to do everything at a 1 min run/1 min walk I don't want to get hurt but the competitiveness in me wants to move ahead.

Neese said...

I realize i'm one of the fortunate ones to be able to go home for lunch to have a daily "date", glad you two were able to meet and at the track TOO cool! :) Girl, all your workout makes me tired just reading it, recover well, you are doing awesome. (and I don't know about running to gether you are FAST! you need to be my coach! :))